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  1. A question- I personally have never stayed in a ‘hostel ‘ - all sounds a bit grim. Would the other people in the dorm be happy with the grunting and groaning - or did they try to be very quiet ? Or does this happen - and just adds to the hostel experience? I understand there are things called ‘short time rooms’ available at pretty well 24hrs a day - would have been much better ( oops would have cost money to this well healed traveller and his willing partner)
  2. Weird how so called celebrities are deemed to be so important- yesterday this was the number one news story on the BBC world service. Am I the only person who has no clue whatsoever who this person is?
  3. Thailand is not a third world country- if you come across a bike on the pavement- just let it go by- get on with your life and don’t worry.
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