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  1. Good question? Just another typical bull**** post from the web . Perhaps if it was actually true the nurses doing 12hr shifts would all be dead by now. Why is that friends from a certain country are so totally obsessed with their human rights- surely it’s quite sensible to wear a mask - what harm does it do complying with local rules
  2. A slight exaggeration- I believe the figure is 11- unless you provide the source of your 200 figure
  3. If the pond looks good - a feature in the garden - you could probably have some fish ( not Koi) certainly lilies, lotus - enjoy it . Everyone seems obsessed with the value of property- it’s not an investment-and somewhere to make your home. See it as that - then you will not worry.
  4. Actually I do - I persuaded my favourite tailor to run up one of those biohazard suits - it has sequins - with an individual oxygen supply Get a few strange looks . The situation in Thailand is fine - it’s the General clinging on to ultimate control and power - we will get to December - another announcement- the emergency powers have been extended. In the meantime people like myself will still be funding and helping out at the food stations .
  5. Gosh its really quite refreshing- normally 100+ posts - are they testing ad infinitum - no mention of Aliens, 5G , Illuminati, all the general boring conspiracy theories. if you lock down the entire country and stop all inwards flights. That makes a difference. Well done Thailand.
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