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  1. Why well done, ? the dictators from Brussels, weilding the big stick, to a guy who is trying to protect his country from immigration invasion, just look around at the state of europe now, ,thanks to the clown MERKEL., every country suffering , they do not integrate at all, with no go areas in most countries. have not paid one penny into society and get money thrown at them. PUTIN has the right idea.
  2. never met such a lying bitch, even her own lot are not on her side. and she still persists, despite being voted down twice, does she think it will be any different next time she is a REMAINER
  3. no one has mentioned an ED VISA, seems that is good for one year, anyone looked at this route, dam site cheaper than 800,000 ? could be a lot of 70 year old school kids soon, i got the short trousers, lol
  4. its not the 800,000 in the bank, every one is on about, its having 400,000 kept in a Thai bank, that is rediculous, imagine all those 400,000, happy days for the banks, no one seems to give this much of a mention.
  5. re, place of habitation, i took my lease agreement to Jomtien, (first page) the rest was irrelevent, (so i thought) ie, if i smash a cup etc,etc. anyhow the old biddy wasnt happy, she wanted every page, so i came back to my condo (not far luckily) got the 3 totally irrelavent pages and returned to immi, and she didnt even look at those pages. talk about a jobs worth.
  6. it will never stop, too much money invloved, last year, a thai agent, it was 12000, baht, Immi got 9000 she got 3000 baht, she had 600 customers thats a lot of 9000s.
  7. post 5, i paid one year in advance and got a huge discount. maybe of help to someone
  8. ha ha the armchair detectives out in force today, before reading the article, thaivisa at its best,
  9. i will be out picking mushrooms soon, just need to take an axe with me,some of them are buggers to get out of the ground ,,
  10. she might be in that situation one day and gets to see what its like, (being in an ambulance) and selfish drivers like her, failing to give way to an emergency vehicle, thick as two short planks if you ask me, she knew alright, just being the usual abnoxious, thai driver, who thinks they own the road
  11. weak weak weak this Treason May has been pissing about for best part of 3 years, now she wants an extension, worst prime minister in our history,
  12. ha ha * i wouldnt keep too much in a Thai bank* only about 400,000 baht for all retirees , what a farce that is.
  13. you want to see some of the squalor some of these bar girls live in 4/5 to a room (but rent free) from their bar, all of their own making, witnessed by me, i went back to a girls place once, new room/new building, only her living there, bloody hell what a **** mess, i bet she hadnt cleaned for 9 months.
  14. well they aint having my hard earned money its the ED visa for me or Cambodia
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