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  1. not only lost a lot of money poor guy has lost his life, spend all your life building up a business and some drunken prick come along and burns it to the ground,
  2. i was in Bangkok Bank Friday and a clown parked smack on the zebra crossing, on second road Jomtien put his hazards on and then went shopping, gone for ages,
  3. ha ha same here, what i cant understand is letting all the bikes in to the event, when there is a huge empty car park, people too lazy to walk round using motorbikes to look at the stalls, with the narrow roads it was mayhem this afternoon, i was disappointed as this is the land of a million scooters , i did not see one stall pandering to their needs (me being one) the builds on some of those chop bikes , bloody death traps, no front brake ? so what does a thai mot say, front brake, ? not have, ok pass. ?? i was going to pop back tonight but think i will prop up a bar somewhere else lol
  4. i was never a visa runner but this new rule of keeping 400,000 in a bank doing sfa, so 25 thou into 400 thou thats 16 years extra for me, and i get to spend that 400,000, i be long gone before 16 years are up
  5. is anyone going to chance it as one post said Jomtien said 3 before and 3 after, the left hand doesnt know what the right hand is doing, who wants to be the first one to say to the io sorry you are wrong
  6. why do you say 2 months befor, it is 3 moinths before so 6 months in total as i have done for the last 5 years
  7. hi, has or does or has anyone toured on a scooter, was thinking a leisurely trip to Buriram, (and other places) any advice welcome, my bike, a 125 Yamaha GT , cruises at 80 kmph, no probs, also point me in the direction of a decent map please ,or recommend a good sat nav, ( a bit different from my 1000rr Fireblade, sighs) but i can carry all my fishing gear on this. more practical
  8. total scum fleeing the scene, that should be jail time straight away, they always come up with that old rubbish, * i wqas in fear of being lynched * routine
  9. yeah that will work *shame the village* next it will be you nailed to the front door, well thought out. NOT !!
  10. yeah yeah yeah, poor person trying to make a living. try shutting down MBK, oops cannot, too touristy, and they pay big bribe
  11. when i done my retirement visa last year it cost me 1900 baht, but this year it is going to cost (in real terms) 401900 baht thankyou stupid immigration looking at visa runs in the future, costing about 30,000 a lot better than 400,000. and it will be my money, not MY MONEY propping up the thai banking system doing bugger all
  12. brilliant when he said *always on the side of the people* hello !! how did this lot get into power,? by the ARMY seizing it, thats how, FROM THE VERY SAID PEOPLE , oh, such short memories some have
  13. so what was the good in blocking their faces, they will not get caught.
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