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  1. anyone can see that is not him, whats up with you all, ME? i am off to SPECSAVERS he he, what a lying bar steward, and they have <deleted> like him in high ranks.lucky no one killed, like that poor young lad a few days ago .
  2. someone who hasnt been here making silly remarks, lived here for years and have never seen a drunk.
  3. i think anyone buying a condo for 5 million + wants their head read, near a BTS line i looked at a condo at ONNUT years ago, with trains running continuously for 18 hours a day, non stop, no thanks. now is see they are building condos at, NANA, with one nearly finished, one just starting, some wanting 7.5 million +
  4. just a heads up, this morning, went into the KODAK shop, on your right, just before the left hand bend at the start of beach road Jomtien, (before 7/11) 130 baht for 8 photos, better than the 2 for 100 at another place, might be useful to someone
  5. post 2,, care to read the headline again, ?? 3 SERIOUSLY INJURED, now one dead 2 serious
  6. stupid post 3, everyone one including thai has a right to wear gold, why was she showing it off,
  7. or, my girlfriend made me do it, she needed a new gold necklace he he
  8. i see ops going to immi, for a residence cert showing a TM30 (need for bike/car), well i have never had one, my landlord, went to immi 2.5 years ago to register me,on my first day , i did go to the UK for 2 weeks in aug 2017, (before this problem) done 90 days no problem, retirement ext no problems. shall is just rock up with no TM 30 ? thanks,
  9. why the TM 30, may i ask, i havent been anywhere, , why is not just my rental agreement ok, used that before, only my bike/car licence is up soon,, want to get it right. and someone posted no medical cert if going for a 5 year licence, ? i will be going to Jomtien office can some one confirm a yes or a no, thanks
  10. i am never out on my bike at night, its dam bad enough in the daytime, rip, can bet a million baht Thais will be out on Jomtien beach Sunday, (well EVERY weekend realy) drinking all day, all <deleted> up, then drive home, i wonder if the cops will be out in Jomtiem then, was going to say keep ya posted, but i know the answer already, not a cop to be seen on Sunday, cop car drives up and down beach road, with its flashing lights on, (what for)? never seen him stop anyone, and every weekend i see a kid no more than 12, riding a motorbike and sidecar, with all his mates piled into it.
  11. curious, , have just been talking to someone who reckons they pay 12,000 for a work permit and tax a month surely you mean 1200, no was the reply, can this be true or his he in a dam good job.any of you with work permits can confirm or shoo shoo his claims. to make a short story long, it was a friend was going to go down the work permit road, and he told him this. (newbie bar owner)
  12. what the hell are you on about, reading it again it seems you misunderstood my posting i was refering to the EU as the dictators, no project fear from me i am OUT
  13. yes i have seen an SUV being lifted , if enough people , still they wer.nt Thai
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