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  1. that was the name i was given, knew it was a fogettable name, so is it a go go and a rock bar, he got a misses in tow not sure what she will think if its a go go.
  2. i hear there is a rock pub in beach road, anyone got a name please and what soi is it near, was told its run by (Angels), is it any good, only i am meeting a mate from the UK tonight, meeting at Rock street bar ? 8 pm meet up, <deleted>, i dont go out until 10 pm , thanx. KC
  3. when i said my money was in the UK and that where it will stay thankyou, some dipstick came on to say there is nothing wrong with thai banks, and hear we have it, that is 3 in the last 30 days
  4. a great shame they are the forgotten majority, that no one hears about, forever looked after by family. probably the wrong word to say burden, but its so true , many bread winners unable to provide
  5. i see a few in JOMTIEN,, 7/11 - Family Mart profits through the roof,
  6. does anyone ever read these posts through before replying, doubt it, the poster knew he was dead,
  7. why dont they lock the <deleted> doors, my gold shop does, they let it be known as you go in, so any thief with more than one brain cell will go for easier pickings elsewhere. or even have a sign on the door, saying THESE DOORS WILL LOCK AFTER ENTRY , that would put off any thief
  8. arrogance at its best, so why dont the cops MAKE him show up then do what is right (sorry then i woke up)
  9. i see no problem said the ostrich (think about it) about sums this lot up lol
  10. the law says a month in jail, WELL CARRY IT OUT THEN ,none of this *i am so sorry <deleted>* they need a shock to their system. that will teach this pos a lesson, as said before one day it might be him in an ambulance, and the way these merc drivers think they own the road, it wont be very long , forget the fine,as this is nothing to them, let it be known from now on, its a few weeks in the cooler, they will think twice then
  11. of course there was more than one, only time you see one on one is when they are beating the <deleted> out of their girlfriend/wife, and a- holes standing by videoing it,
  12. we got the world JET SKIS coming soon so i expect, they will be descending here in their hoards to do a clean up, shame there is 52 weeks in a year not 2 as they seem to think
  13. ha ha, yes see it most days, Russians walking around Jomtien in their speedos, (no class) and the *knowledable* guy lives 400 miles away
  14. not only Pattaya, just take the bus from BKK to Pattaya, look out of the window, 100+ ks of rubbish you will see, all done by Thais, they just dont care.
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