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  1. You are pointing out with your quote that Thailand has a long way to go to make Thai people aware that everybody has a need to help in making a clean livable environment . I agree with you . Too many have little regard for others . For example , parking there car and leaving there engine running to make the cab cool enough for the occupants. Discarding and burning of there rubbish . Farmers burning off when they know it is illegal . Driving vehicles with excessive emissions and noise .
  2. Only can be a plus for Thailand having a foreign company choose Chiang Mai to promote clean energy . I am surprised that it has taken me six years to be aware of the project when I live in Chiang Mai .
  3. Thai people change there colors when driving on the roads . I can not say 100 percent of Thai drivers , but after being here six years I say with confidence the majority fall in that category .
  4. Very sad story . Alleged is not proven , Who ever the lawbreaker is should have an additional charge of manslaughter.
  5. Thailand Government would excel themselves if they offered the vaccines to what ever the persons nationality or type of visa and no visa at all for that . Not possible to make a decision on how they will distribute the vaccines from the article . Best to relax and see what develops in the next month or so .
  6. If you are on the top floor of the building it could be possible to use a hot water tank that would be far less risk compared to a instantaneous hot water service without an earth .
  7. You want to subject refugees to the likes of these criminals? Forfeiture of pensions and rank , I doubt that would ever happen . Too many around would have trouble sleeping .
  8. Cruise ship named Estonia sunk in 1994 . Most of the survivors had been drinking before the ship went down . A doctor made a comment at the time saying the alcohol is the reason that they survived so long in the bitter cold Barents sea waiting to be rescued .
  9. The estimate of 10 million tourists seems way to optimistic . Very difficult to make predictions . A tourist minister should be more conservative with the numbers . I personally think that if the tourists numbers reach 5 million it would be a surprise . The 300 baht fee for entry into Thailand is not going to help matters, but if there is some medical insurance involved it could be positive .
  10. I use a carpenters bench saw to cut the branches up after pruning and remove the small twigs with leaves on . It is time consuming yet affective . Neighbours take the wood away to use as fire wood for cooking .
  11. A lot of ignorance in what people all over the world throw in there rubbish bin . Just a little thought and there could be a lot of money saved and the world would be a greener place .
  12. 95 percent of household rubbish can be recycled . Plastic bags and plastic wrappings is all you should be left with . That can be stored in bags until you can dispose of it without burning . Glass , steel , plastic bottles and cardboard can be recycled with a reward . Waste food can be turned into compost . Quite easy to do .
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