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  1. Like an Australian said to me years ago, the drought will end just a question of when .
  2. You labeled anyone that has an opinion different from your own is a sociopath. Example the word farang and the ordacity to criticize Thailand . Thank you for your reply.
  3. I am rather offended to be labeled a sociopath as I do consider the word farang is racial abuse. I also do my share of Thai bashing as you call it. Constructive criticism can help any society.
  4. Just the reason why the South American Centre forward playing for Manchester united wants to go home.
  5. Not the first country to not give a choice of covid 19 vaccine . That does not mean it's correct .
  6. Unofficially the borders are open . Thai employers more than ready to employ the unofficial border crossers. Not much said about them yet they have contributed a great deal to the present covid situation and very ready to criticize the European dwellers of Thailand as being the main danger.
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