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  1. That's true - the SNP was predicted to get 52 MPs of Scotland's 59, but they only got 48.
  2. Gina Miller caused corona virus? And thus, how it will be for the next 20 years of England's relentless slide to the bottom - always the fault of someone else.
  3. I feel that the Simpsons meme is appropriate here, with Vogie writing repeatedly on the blackboard 'Scotland is not divided'. You keep repeating this lie, I keep explaining to you that it is a lie, you keep repeating it anyway. I appreciate that positive cases for the continuation of the UK are extremely thin on the ground, but please stop sitting in your own country trying to tell me what is happening in mines, especially since you clearly have no idea. Also this EU doesn't want them nonsense - you really should lift your horizons above the bitter, racist rhetoric of the Daily Express.
  4. Grow up, man. What is poor is your inability to articulate a reasonable response so you throw a hissy fit. The United Kingdom was never united, and it stopped being mighty long before any of us were born; now it is little more than an international bad joke.
  5. You are getting ahead of yourself there, transam - the millions will be asked in the New Year. For now, a thousand or so is enough to show which way the wind is blowing.
  6. Democracy is not a single moment in time. More Scots than not want their government to be based in their country. It is really as simple as that.
  7. I had a once in a lifetime holiday to Florida a few years ago - does that mean I can never return?
  8. While our corrupt and incompetent government fails in everything they do except the transfering of taxpayers' money to their friends' offshore bank accounts, this makes for a great distraction. Let's get the little people riled about even littler people while we continue to bleed them dry. The UK is a country of myopic, brain dead sheep.
  9. Well clearly the one we currently have is utterly incapable of managing this plus so many other crises - maybe try one fronted by a more competent leader?
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