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  1. We cannot start threads in the World News forum unfortunately; but your loyalty to Johnson continues to be admirable.
  2. Of course what is going on in Westminster is relevant - the very people who are baying for the head of Sturgeon are in the party that is utterly saturated in corruption. Their naked hypocrisy in blindly ignoring it is totally relevant as it exposes their actions for what they are - attempts at political point scoring. Attempts, as it turns out, which failed spectacularly.
  3. So not the only party gaining popularity at all? PC also on the up. But you missed my second question - do you think that the nurses' 1% is a fair and reasonable offer?
  4. I wonder does Douglas Ross regret his failed attempt to topple Sturgeon? I wonder does Johnson regret appointing someone even more inept than himself to lead the Scottish chapter of the Nasty Party?
  5. Seriously? Can you link to that, because I genuinely struggle to understand how anyone could look at the tories and not feel repulsed. 1% for nurses and millions of pounds to friends of Matt Hancock? Do you approve?
  6. That is very generous of you, Vogie. I am sure that the people of Wales will be blown away by your magnanimous gesture. Caps will be doffed up and down the valley.
  7. To think that even 5 years ago, support for Welsh independence was barely in the 20s. How on earth can the UK save itself now? I see nothing in the offing that will swing opinion back towards Westminster rule. The UK is only going in one direction, and that is towards its long overdue demise. Westminster warned as poll shows record backing for Welsh independence Survey for ITV News Tonight reported ‘dramatic uplift’ with 40% backing independence and most support amongst young people
  8. Nowhere in the OP does it say anything about falling sales. Can you link to it?
  9. Sorry, I was being facetious. All through the Brexit debate, when Corbyn was leading the Labour Party, our Brexit loving friends on TVF relentlessly brought up the fact that Corbyn had met with the leadership of the IRA (in attempts to negotiate a peace deal) and referred to him as a terrorist sympathiser. At the same time, the government of Theresa May was being propped by the DUP, the political wing of the terrorist organisations in the OP. And despite the fact that these terrorists are responsible for more deaths than the IRA, not a peep of criticism was heard from
  10. That is not the topic of this thread. It is just the topic that keeps your head occupied for a worryingly long time.
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