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  1. Does this mean we are friends again, or is this just a one-off reference to me as a third party? I do believe that of the many things I bleat about, one of those is the lack of equality amongst the partner countries in the UK. I don't think I have ever expressed satisfaction with the arrangement.
  2. David Byrne - Sympathy For The Devil I saw him in 1992 at the Edinburgh Playhouse and witnessed an amazing performance of this song - truly special.
  3. Thanks - I had no idea that pipe organs could require a team of people to operate them; very interesting.
  4. "By 1705, a joint Anglo-Scottish parliamentary commission had drawn up a draft treaty of union. The Scottish representatives were selected from supporters of the Hanoverian succession, followers of the Dukes of Queensberry and Argyll. Nonetheless, anger was mounting as it became clear that this was an elite stitch-up. In both Dumfries and Stirling the treaty was burned in public, and rioting broke out in Glasgow and Edinburgh. The writer Daniel Defoe reported a ‘Terrible Multitude’ on Edinburgh’s High Street led by a drummer, shouting and swearing and crying ‘No Union, No Union, English Dogs and the like’." A People’s History of Scotland: The Union of 1707
  5. Official unemployment is reported to be the lowest its been since the mid 70s - where are these people who are expecting free money, and are the going to relocate to the north west highlands?
  6. Average salary for a fish filleter is a little over £21k. https://www.checkasalary.co.uk/salary/butchers-and-other-meat-poultry-and-fish-processing-workers-food-processing-workers
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