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  1. You can always find those opposed to the mainstream - and god knows, Question Time never fails to find people willing to criticise the SNP. Pro SNP supporters seem mysteriously thin on the ground when the impartial and unbiased BBC go seeking participants for QT. That aside, I am not sure of your point. Independence supporters are of the opinion that the material change in circumstances with Scotland's relationship with the EU presents a valid mandate to put independence to another referendum. This has consistently been the message from the SNP. That this lady objects is fine - she is entitled to object, but it is unreasonable of her to think that the rest of the country must sit on its hand for fear of upsetting her Unionist sensibilities.
  2. The sad irony is that for one seemingly so loyal to his country, he seems not to know that England extends north of Hadrian's wall.
  3. To be honest, I am not sure how to respond to your question. Is Scottish independence more important to me than the security of my family? No. Is it more important to me than the feelings of those who feel the Union is sacred? Yes. I remember in the dim and distant past an SNP slogan that went along the lines of 'Vote for us and we will resign'. I fully expect that the SNP would splinter post independence. Their uniting ideology is independence, but beneath that there are differing political persuasions. When their raison d'être has gone, I think we will see more traditionally aligned parties emerge.
  4. I feel as strongly about Scottish Independence as do those who have long called for the UK to exit the EU. As with Brexiters and Brussels, I genuinely believe that it is in Scotland's interests to take full control of its own affairs. But i think you misunderstood my previous point. While they are clearly the most viable option on the table, voting for the SNP does not mean that it obliges me to subscribe to every utterance that their leaders may make. As Thatcher once said, "Scotland does not need a referendum on independence. She just needs to send a majority of nationalist MPs to Westminster to have a mandate for independence."
  5. Then, if you wish, I can expand it further - the SNP is not Scottish Independence. They may be the most visible vehicle and the most likely to lead us there, but they neither own it nor define it. Like many independence supporters, I am not a member of the SNP and am not bound by their words or definitions in respect to it.
  6. I accepted a once in a lifetime opportunity once when I was 29. Guess what, a couple of years later another one came around and I accepted that one too. Something that is repeatedly overlooked - Sturgeon isn't Scottish independence; she doesn't own the rights to it. Whatever she may or may not have said is irrelevant.
  7. Elections for the Scottish Parliament use the Modified D'Hondt method, specifically intended to ensure no party could achieve an overall majority. The fact that the SNP once had a majority and still have an almost majority dispels any notion that their star is waning. I must admit to laughing out loud when I read your prediction about the next GE but it shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that you know absolutely nothing about Scottish politics. Your Scottish friend is either lying to you or is equally as clueless. Chart source: https://www.electoralcalculus.co.uk/polls_scot.html
  8. End of United Kingdom is now 'more likely than not,' says Nick Clegg In his first print interview - in the New Statesman - since leaving politics and becoming Facebook’s head of global affairs and communications in October 2018, the former Deputy Prime Minister said: “It seems to me that the clock is now ticking for the end of the Union of the United Kingdom.
  9. Do you mean me? While it is true that I try never to miss an opportunity to pour scorn upon the Conservative Party, the relative numbers of voters was not really my point. Did it really escape you?
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