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  1. Thanks for the reply, cheers! No need for medical certificate for me then
  2. Thanks very much for the reply. Think I will just go there without the medical certificate first and see what they say, if it's needed I will nip up the road and get one. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Great save me some time and a bit of money! Cheers.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I will also use my yellow book for the renewal. 90 Baht not a bad price thought it would be more than. Thanks very much.
  5. Hi and thanks for your reply. I had a 1 year, then a 5 year. So now this will be my third time to renew my licence. I presume it will be another 5 year licence. Yes, I should prepare 2 copies of everything. Hoping I wouldn't have to sit through the video, but sure i will survive! Thanks again!
  6. Hello I will be doing my 5 year driving licence renewal next month. Just want to check I have the correct documents prepared. I know I could just walk in there and ask them, but I'm a bit of a lazy ass . I will be renewing 2 licences, motorbike and car. This is what I presume will be needed: - Application (can be filled out at the Transport Department) - Passport Copies: Main page / Visa - Extension / Departure Card / - Residency Certificate - Tabien Baan (Yellow book) - Medical Certificate (I think can be obtained at most hospitals for 300 or 400 Baht) Anything else? Or is this what is required? Also do I have to sit through a video? When I first got my licence this wasn't necessary. If anyone has recent experience of this matter and could inform me, it would be greatly appreciated. If not i'll just have to get off my lazy ass and go to ask them Thanks so much!
  7. Hello I need to extend my marriage visa and wanted to check if the documents are the same as before. Last year was my first time applying for this type of visa so just wondered if the process is the same. I will be apply for the visa in Chiang Mai Immigration at Promenada. If anyone has recent experience of applying for their extension on the basis of marriage some insights would be well appreciated. Documents / Requirements (I think??): - TM 7 Application. - 1 Photo (4 x 6 cm). - Copy of passport, main page, visa, TM 6 arrival / departure card. - Copy of marriage certificate. - Copy of Kor Ror 2 (long tabien) from Amphur office. - Copy of house registration (blue book / tabien baan). - Copy of wifes ID card. - Letter from bank to prove 400,000 Baht in bank for at least 3 months. - Map location of house, hand drawn. - Photo's of marriage / at house / in front of house and so on................ - 1900 Baht to pay for visa. Questions: - Does the photo (4 x 6 cm) have to have a specific back ground colour? - Does the Kor Ror 2 (marriage registration) have to be within 6 months or will an old one be ok? Also do you have to get a new Kor Ror 2 from the Amphur office where you originally registered your marriage? - Does my wife have to be with me? - How long before my current visa expires can I apply for a new one? - I remember last time there was a waiting period, "visa under consideration". Does this waiting period still apply second time round? If so roughly how long? Thanks so much and sorry for so may questions, just want to make sure i have everything I need as I really don't want to make two trip to the dreaded immigration office!
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