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  1. No. I had it sent to a UK address and it is being forwarded on to me. I do have my Thai mobile no. on my internet account but always log on to the internet with my card reader.
  2. I am referring to online banking log in PIN. I do not use it at ATM
  3. My 5 year renewal comes up 1st May. Current one has a 4 digit one. How do I update online with my new 6 digit one. I can only access my a/c online with current card until end of this month. Can I access it online with old card on last day of this month and change to new 6 digit PIN which I then start using in May.
  4. My debit card expires end of this month and I have received a new 5 year one. Can I still use the same 4 digit pin number for ATM and card reader or will I need to set up a new one?
  5. I see him regularly at Bangkok Christian. He saved my life nearly 2 years ago with major cancer surgery. His medical ability and manner in treating you post surgery is second to none. I was very fortunate to be recommended to him by Sheryl.
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