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  1. When I was a child in Sydney, the police had a boxing club for boys in Newtown (dangerous place). It kept many a lad off the street. I wonder if it still exists.
  2. Getting into a car with three strange men!!!!!!
  3. Ubon Joe. It's rather off-topic and you probably know already. If so, please excuse me. In France the Formulaire has to be done on line and it is now the appointment scheme. For someone like me (useless with internet) it's a catastrophe.
  4. Will someone tell me what the euro/baht exchange is please. Every time I check, and the latest was this week, it is always 33.4. Well that is the same as it was when I left earlier this year. I will be back end of November, but I still have time to cancel if it is as bad as you all say. Thanks in advance.
  5. Yeah! When this sort of topic comes up, I very rarely get past the first page. If I've read it all once, I've read it all a dozen times. The funny part, is that the operative word is 'read'. It seems to me, that I don't 'hear' these things in conversations.
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