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  1. I think I'm the only woman to reply so far, and it is likely that my opinion will not mean much. I have been going to CM for some 20 years...for a long time 4 months, the French Pyrenees winter. But about 3 years ago, I reduced to 3 months. In part because I began to find March too hot for me, and also because of the visa problems. And lately because I'm getting pretty old for the 3 plane trip and the long waiting hours. As far as accommodation. I stay in a GH/hotel. They keep my luggage whilst away (for free)> The place is VERY central to everything. My room is quite large and I have a real balcony. The rent is monthly (9000 baht -257 euros). The decor is great, garden and lifts. I pay water, electricity and cleaning on top. Many other expats do their own cleaning. Now friends/social life. Over the years I have made many friends. All native English speakers. The French won't have anything to do with me, because, although on the paper I'm French, I speak like an Anglo Saxon. So most of the gang are Brits, Aussie, and Americans. The Eastern Canadians don't like me, because I speak French. Such a lovely world. I've just suddenly realised that I'm the only female in the gang That means I'm often kept out of things. Wimmen don't understand anything!! I'm fond of them all. but I must not try and bring a man into the group. But I have other little lives.......... There's nothing that stops me doing anything I want.....golf, sight-seeing, travelling and so on. There are two things that bother me...I'm a very good cook and I wish I could eat my own grub, AND worse, I miss my books so much. I don't suppose any of the above will help.
  2. I thought he was born in Sukhothai (?). That's where a Thai chap lent me the only Potter I have ever read.
  3. I looked at the photo of him. You wouldn't get me into a restaurant with him at any price.
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