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  1. So wheres the problem? we seem to bounce along OK with a dysfunctional Government here in the UK...
  2. It was something I heard on the TV or Radio, maybe I was wrong. As much as I hope she does not come back, I do believe anyone that has been educated in the UK would find it hard to make their way in another country where the customs and language differ to the UK, but there again she seems to have done alright in an IS knocking shop.
  3. I was thinking that as she was not born in the UK, thinking of the "by decent rule", but as she is mot probably a "Naturalized Citizen" therefore the child is probably entitled to British Citizenship. I do think that as long as a person who acquired citizenship by Naturalization and has (right to) another nationality they could have it removed for any "gross" act of anti British sentiment. I does seem unfair that British subject, who can trace there family tree back generations of British subjects, whose parents lived and worked in the UK, and they did also, but were for what ever reason born out side the UK can not always pass on there citizenship, yet seems this person not born in the UK, going to the aid of enemies of this Country, gives new meaning to "Sleeping with the enemy".
  4. And the exchange rate if you have not noticed... The only people you Berxiteers are kidding is yourselves...
  5. In January 2016 I was Paying little more than £1 per Ltr for diesel, now £126-136
  6. Tourist who can not go a day without getting pissed are no lose to Thailand, it will be a lot nicer place without them. plenty of tourists who drink in moderation, and can go a few days without.
  7. And have you seen them always looking over their shoulders??? Big Joke and his boys are rooting them out. If you have enough money to legally set up a company in Thailand then I would say you have enough money to retire and not have to work, The way put your situation I am assuming that you have very little capitol and are looking for a way to make a living with very little investment, It is not going to work, if you do set up almost certainly one day you will get caught, immediately arrested and banged up in a detention center, probably you would not be able to even collect your belongings before being deported, and you would be barred from returning. Only a few months ago fellow Russians were arrested a have been deported, made big news.
  8. Maybe he should take up politics, seems he has more of a backbone than many of trumps cronies.
  9. Is the urgency because if the kid is not born in the UK it will not have an automatic right to UK citizenship as the mother was not born in the UK?
  10. So, name the town or is this just another copy and past from the UKIP comic?
  11. They are changing the number of Constituencies down to 600 at the next scheduled GE in May 2022, not sure what will happen if we get a GE called sooner but that is highly unlikely to happen, It would be like turkeys voting for Christmas... given that 50 will be going anyway.
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