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  1. Brexit based on a myth "the grass is greener on the other side", misleading information and dammed right lies, it was doomed as soon as TM published her deal last November they have been kicking the rusty tin in circles ever since. Boris should do the decent thing, revoke Article 50, we can then have a general election and he can go and lie-down in that ditch... All parties can put it to the electorate what they want to do with Brexit, revive it, put it to another referendum or just put it down to a bad experience.
  2. These Temples are part of the community, the community feeds the monks, it is only right that the books should be inspected by the community. Probably they are in good order, but if not do not be surprised to the Abbot getting in a Limo with blacked out windows heading for the airport.
  3. Nice timing, could this be more about censorship and preventing talk and speculation on certain news story? What next, blocking links to international news media?
  4. I thought Venezuela was a sovereign nation? What the "F" has it to do with the Americans who can drill for oil and who can not?
  5. What really upsets you Brexiteers he is as speaker preventing the Government from "railroading" parliament, Yes, he has views but please show where he has ignored Erskine May...
  6. The remainers Brexiteers still can't grasp what is happening...
  7. He told May the exact same thing, he is not making the rules up, he is referring to Erskin May
  8. So Boris says, “Then I will huff and I will puff and I will blow your house down!
  9. Partner in crime with Boris, Lied about £350mil for NHS and he knows the there is no chance of us leaving by Oct 31st.
  10. Don't worry about the leafs falling, they will bounce back...
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