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  1. No way, Russia owes him big time. But there again obliterate the can of beans before it spills...
  2. It is not American policy to shoot down civilian aircraft... Particularly after the Iran flight 655 incident.
  3. According to the OP the cop told him to go to the ATM... So if drove off has the cop reported him? Big Joke is supposed to be hunting down corrupt cops so could be interesting.
  4. What evidence? the word of a corrupt cop???
  5. He will have to cover his backside, what happens if the OP goes to "Big Joke" and reports the corrupt cop?
  6. Just a thought to those who say she was only 15 at the time and to young to be responsible for her actions... Yesterday a 16 year old boy was found guilty of rape and murder of a 6 year old girl, he to was probably 15 too at the time of the offence, should he too get a lenient sentence? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-47322658
  7. If the OP is not a Troll I think he needs to get a good lawyer... The cop could be facing some deep s**t and a good lawyer could stop the OP incriminating himself further and get his licence back, and as the cops has now lost all credibility I think it would be hard to make any DUI charges stick. Of course a good lawyer is going to cost a lot more than 10,000THB
  8. What you just drive through?
  9. JC beat her to it... Now would he be saying that if there had been a referendum in which over 50% voted for her not to be let back in???
  10. A not unexpected quote, can anyone verify this claim??? I suspect there has been no progress, it is just a game of who will chicken out first...
  11. IMHO If that police officer can explain away a reason why he told you to wait, and you drove off, he is going to report you, now two counts of DUI, the first when he stopped you the second when you drove away, I hate corrupt police officers but not as much as drunk drivers, hope you did not post here expecting sympathy from everyone...
  12. Silly boy playing with fire while sitting on a powder keg, he is likely to get more than just burnt...
  13. Was not one of the aims of Brexit was to dump the European Court of Human Rights???
  14. You are confusing Labour voters with the lower class Tories snobs who can not afford public school fees, many Labour voters are in social housing and can not move that easy...
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