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  1. I'll await announcements from the province's then before I start jumping with glee.
  2. I only know of one station that sells benzene in my area. I sold my second car because it was getting too difficult to find the benzene for it on longer trips.
  3. So does anyone use the premium fuels?
  4. I can make my 700km round journey on one 35l tank but the drive into town and short day trips means I have to fill up again on the way back. At present 700 baht for that distance is very good to me. I'll have to count the vehicles in the ditches next time. Unfortunately on my last trip some poor guy on his bike was hit at speed and became another statistic on the roads here.
  5. I expected E20 to work well and I wish it would for my car but I used it when I first got my car several years ago thinking I'd save money. Unfortunately my calculation at the time for cost per km was better for gasohol and with a small tank the distance was important to me. I also felt like when I pressed the gas pedal it was more 'air-like'. I rarely put E20 in now but when I do I get the same response from my car. It's frustrating if I'm pulling out at a junction, some guy sees me and speeds up while my car is still thinking about moving (slight exaggeration but that's how it feels). U turns are even more risky.
  6. If I was stuck in nose to tail traffic like that every day I'd lose the will to live. I am looking forward to a 350km drive down south once the provincial borders open up again though. Id be tempted to use V-power for that journey as an opportunity to clean the system a bit and test the fuel economy. As another poster mentioned I may use 2 or 3 times a year to treat the engine. I understand whatever I put in though will not allow me to keep up with all the pickups going 150+ after Prachuab
  7. I thought 91 was to leave the forecourts a while ago but it kept being sold so I continued buying it. Once it disappears I'll most likely use the standard 95. E20 just never gave me any power when I needed it. I wouldn't say I'm a boy racer but people drive very aggressively in my area so even for city driving I need something under the right foot. I prefer to use Bangchak as my local is self service. I don't like sitting in the car with no Aircon (engine switched off)
  8. Well my car is red so... The conditions are rather punishing here in Thailand for cars so it interested me that it is meant to be better for the engine and responsiveness. I sometimes say my car has a turbo (it doesn't) due to the lag from putting my foot down to moving. I personally felt this was reduced with the v power (psychological?). To have that extra bite would be nice for longer distance drives when having to overtake so many trucks and not inconvenience the speeding pick-ups and Mercedes flying by. I've not had the opportunity to do any long distance driving yet though.
  9. When I mentioned most, I meant internationally. I couldn't find Thailand's RON rating list. Like you I tend to avoid shell garages as they make it so difficult to see which pump sells which fuel. My local shell has a red diesel sign above every pump and the colour of each pump handle is not clear to me as they are different to my usual Bangchak (self service :)). I went to shell that time to buy some coffee from D'oro as that's the only one near me. I am wondering if to occasionally use the v power again though, but if the posters who have used it say it's a waste of time and isn't any better for the car then I won't bother.
  10. I know some members on here report that E20 works very well for them both in power and mileage. For my car, even though it says E20 on the petrol cap, it's underpowered and uneconomical. With a fuel tank of 35l I want to get the best mileage from the tank, within reason. 91 is my go to fuel but I usually fill the tank with 95 once a month because I feel my car prefers it. I find it quite amazing that Thailand only has RON 95 V-Power as when I searched the net I thought it was meant to be 98.
  11. They tried to get me to buy the E20 that I don't like. They could have been laughing though as they knew the price. At the time I didn't know nor care. I didn't want much fuel in anyway as I had a 70baht off voucher from Tops for Caltex that I needed to use before the end of the month. The Caltex is out of the way a bit. I went there yesterday and they just said they dont accept the vouchers. What a rip off that was.
  12. I randomly stopped in a shell garage a few days ago and they were out of/didn't have gasohol 91 at the pump I was at. I asked for the 95 instead as I was lazy to move but they said it was V-Power (so I assume it's different) and that I should use E20. I have an eco car but I don't like E20 so I got the V power, to the laughter of the attendants. Can any car use v power or is it just for high performance cars? Does anyone use it and is it worth the extra 30% in price? I felt a bit more oomph off the line today but I don't know if it was just psychological.
  13. I don't mind the person in front reclining their seat a bit but I hate it when they do it instantly, all the way back as soon as possible. You know it's going to be a long 10-13hr flight in that case. Makes it more difficult to have a gin and tonic, move out of the way for people wanting to stretch their legs and watch the entertainment system when it's bang in your face.
  14. Thais dont sit on the beach like this though as they'd get dark. Whenever I've been to the beach they're on sunloungers or taking a sunrise/sunset stroll and nobody wants to be near other groups of people anyway.
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