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  1. So far the feedback on them is not so positive then. I think the basic idea behind them is good. For a whiskey with mixer, the stainless steel ones would be a nice gift. As a beer drinker myself though, I'm not educated enough on the finer whiskeys and the associated faux-pas. If I don't hear anything positive about them in the near future I best rack my brain for something else to get him. Thanks for the responses guys
  2. I'm thinking of buying some whiskey stones for my friends birthday but I'm finding it difficult to figure out which to buy or if to even bother. He drinks top quality whiskey so I think the stones would be better than the stainless steel ones. Has anyone here used them before with a decent whiskey, such as blue label being an average bottle? Would they change the flavour a lot due to the slight temperature change? Any recommendations on material or where to buy for a sensible price would be much appreciated.
  3. Here's my current set up. I initially put them close so it was tidy. It's gonna be fun this weekend trying to remove the easy pass bracket from the clear 3m film. I'm hoping the heat from the mid day sun will soften the adhesive enough so it will come away cleanly with a bit of string.
  4. Thanks Crossy for taking time with the pictures, that's a great help. If your easy pass can be read from there, then I'll move the easy pass in one fell swoop. I've had a few failed reads due to the interference so I'm used to detaching the easypass. The staff have always been friendly enough to deduct the money from it so fortunately I've never had to do a reverse of shame.
  5. I have a clear tint on the front window, standard 3M. I've had the easypass for about 5 years now too so the battery might be running low. Does the easy pass need to be centered for the tollbooth to detect my car or does it have like a 45 degrees field of detection? I'd rather know before trial and error at the booths which could upset the drivers behind me.
  6. Hi Guys. I've had a dash-cam for a while now and had it placed behind my rear view mirror (drivers side) but every time I go through a tollbooth, it interferes with my Easypass (behind the rear view mirror, left side). That being the case I have to detach my dash-cam every time I go through one so there is no interference. I just want to check if anyone else also has had this issue and how they overcame it. Is it just my dash-cam? Do the electrostatic stickers help at all? or is there a set distance that i need to keep them apart? Thanks
  7. I've just been out and the roads are empty. Maybe that could be the reason in fewer deaths on these days.
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