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  1. What were her thoughts before she sadly passed away? I had three other family members in their 90's who all isolated during this period and died, non covid related. It was rather upsetting that their final months were lonely at home, occasionally speaking to family members from the front door to the pavement. That could have something to do with my grandparents agreeing with this lady.
  2. My grandparents at 87 & 89 completely agree with this woman. Being stuck at home during their remaining years, not allowed contact with friends or family, is not considered living to them.
  3. The thing is, they are saying all the right words, but we can see right through them. There's always going to be something else more important to them as reform is against their interests.
  4. My wife's a royalist so I have to be a little bit careful regarding what I say. She still in part agrees with the students but any longer discussions lead to her getting upset about her country. It's interesting at work also. The tension is as clear as around the time of the coup. The only difference being the yellows were rubbing it in back then. Shoe on the other foot and the reds in our office have been more respectful of their peers.
  5. A Thai friend of mine has been looking recently to buy a new condo for her son. She went to roughly ten places and no seller offered any form of discount on their advertised prices, continuing to hold the line that these shoeboxes are selling out fast.
  6. I don't think he really thought that one through did he? If his god is gracious and merciful then why did he have to kill in his name?
  7. I didn't voice out for BLM but that doesn't mean I disagree with it. I dislike the notion that if anyone doesn't actively show support they are considered bad or the enemy. I do get your point though, but what are they meant to do? Are there marches after terrorist attacks to join? I guess nowadays it's sharing a hashtag or two
  8. May be when it was written but religion and mostly people evolve, apart from for the extremists. Similar could be said for Christianity but I don't see many Christians following every rule in the book
  9. I wouldn't have a clue. I can only add that I've found the vast majority of Muslims to be very kind and genuine people, in the UK and Thailand. I don't believe my closer friends would be using a technique on me, but I understand a random person in the street may. I'm just trying to highlight that to a moderate Muslim, this terrorist is not a true Muslim.
  10. As usual, the actions of the extreme Islamists ends up causing more damage to the religion and it's people. I understand Muslims get upset when they see images of Muhammad but Buddhists also get upset seeing Buddha being used for decoration. It's the response from the extreme elements that is worrying. I don't have any problem with the vast majority of Muslims. I have close Muslims friends who have integrated to western society. They have not been happy with any of the terrorist attacks either.
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