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  1. Yes Sheryl, the international one. AA actually quoted about $60 dollars a year cheaper than April’s home site. The first suggestion from AA was David Shield for US 1.25M versus 1M annual coverage for April, no deductible and cheaper than April. Everything else seems to be the same. David Shield wanted a blood test for over age 60 (cholesterols and a few other things checked) You ever look in to them Sheryl? $2076 first year, age 64
  2. Hi Sheryl- Since you have gone with April, was the “second opinion” in their policy? Thanks for all your research....I have an email in to AA for help.
  3. I have Cigna now with the company I work for...big group plan that pays 100% overseas (workin the Middle East) around $36 a month lol. Got quoted around $230 month for after retirement on the website
  4. Heh Sheryl....I will check out April. I somehow had it in my head you had gone with Cigna?
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