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  1. You can vcearly see burning activities on the left of Bangkok. Kanchanaburi and Sanglaburi are sugar cane provinces since the present government invested heavily in the ezport of sugar.
  2. The reason of the smaze is probably pm2.5? The ignorance of the writer is hillarious. Haze is pm2.5, the question is what is turning the entire area from Samut Songkrann, Bangkok, all the way to Pattaya in the red zone. Even Ko Sichang has high values, so traffic is clearly not the reason. Who is burning what, and where? Wind direction for Pattaya is North West.
  3. Natai is lovely, lets just hope the airport and train connections will never be built. Pilai beach will be right at the end of its runway. This will turn Khokkloi in a huge city and will become a cesspool as well. I also moved to Phang Nga for air quality reasons. Thai Muang has about the best air the country on a yearly average.
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