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  1. If you spend a lot of money to see plastic rubbish evetywhere, you wont come back.
  2. Those in charge need to stop this. By not acting they are selling out the country and ruining it for future generations.
  3. The real question should be: " is Thailand still a pleasant country for the Thai to live in?". Answer this one, and you have your answer. The locals are really not that much different than its visitors.
  4. Thailands smog and plastic issues are getting a lot of global media coverage. Half the country smells to burned plastic at 5pm, beaches are filled with rubbish, farmers burn their lands , and so on. I have been here for many years and pollution problems are only getting worse. Hardly a holiday destination anymore.
  5. I have lived in India for a couple of years and find that Indians are super friendly when dealing with people in their own caste. Indians in higher castes, however, tend to treat the lower classes as dirt. I wonder how they will treat the Thais who are servicing them, like hotel staff?
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