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  1. English is not my first language but every time they come with something like this they can be so unclear what they really mean. It does not matter if it concerns visa or now insurance but its never written in a way that I could understand.. Luckily, I do not need to care as I decided to live now in Malaysia but it really does not help Thailand to come with new unclear demands all the time.. Yes, asking for tourists and residents to have a valid insurance is not a bad thing at all but should be clear about it. Not really that difficult..
  2. After returning to Malaysia for a week in Thailand this starts to confirm my feeling that they are in panic. Or sort of panic as these guys are well taken care of. The "ideas" they come up with, like this, are a joke. It was really quiet and everyone I talked to said that it's going to be a really "low high season" coming. Based on information they got from their tenants, customers usually returning etc... Bath is scaring away people and some do not anymore qualify, or bother, with the new retirement visa rules. Chinese will not save their bottoms. Chinese tourist spend money with Chinese shops, operators and tour groups. If they do and go somewhere else they cause mayhem and misery. Rich Chinese go to US and Europe + other really exotic places to take some photos for their Wechat feed.. Indians? No comment. Once Thailand has lost these long term customers/visitors they will not come back if they find new nice places for their holidays...
  3. Something like this comes to mind again when reading what the Chinese do and don't... Stockholm criticised for awarding “impossible” metro contract to Chinese bidder www.globalconstructionreview.com/news/stockholm-criticised-awarding-impossible-metro-con/ Good luck for Stockholm. The real price will come up after delays start to appear and excuses to get more money to complete the project.
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