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  1. I had some success with this Ultrasonic "Dazer". I would say it's about 80-90% effective on the test I made on the pack of dogs roaming on beaches that I go to. One time it did fail but for a reason, the dog I tested on was deaf It worked while walking and also I used on bike rides. Seems the dogs really hate the sound and go away. However, never I was able (luckily) to test it on a dog(s) that were already on aggressive attack mode. https://www.amazon.com/Dog-Dazer-II-Ultrasonic-Deterrent/dp/B000IBRI2Y
  2. In Finland this is front page news and they also write that according to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet a 3 year old Swedish boy was bitten Wednesday on the same beach. Luckily did not suffer serious injuries as his mother was able to grab him away. The finnish boy suffered more than 10 bites, in his neck, back and legs. Largest wound on his leg, more than 5cm long. He is still terrified of the ordeal and we can see that in the photo too... I think they should have done something about the dogs instead of rushing his hotel room with a punch of people for a photo... In both cases the dogs were following the parents and kids to the car. They mentioned in the article that according to Bangkok Post the dogs will be removed and locals have been demanding action for a long time already..
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