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  1. I do not do business of ANY sort with people / businesses that ONLY have: Facebook or any other free web page Free domain or sub domain Free email address. A website ( registered domain ) is ""some'' protection because you can research the domain history.
  2. I have posted this several times on a few places. IF you have a THAI BANK ACCOUNT and a AMERICAN Bank account the easiest way for ""ME"" to transfer money to Thailand is: Go INSIDE the THAI bank where you have your THAI bank account, go to a teller, give them your FOREIGN DEBIT or FOREIGN CREDIT card with instructions to deposit the monies DIRECTLY into YOUR BANK ACCOUNT - at my bank they enter the money as XXXXXXTHB in the card machine. Note: I use XE Currency converter as my ==> exchange cost GUIDELINE I have found this is the easiest way and most economical way for ""ME"". My last transfer for example: At MY Thai bank I transfered 21000 THB from my US bank ( to buy a new TV ) to my "households expense" account. XE QUOTE for 21,000THB $668.43USD ... Used as a rate comparison ONLY. MY COST for 21,000THB transfered and deposited $670.45USD. This includes all bank fees and exchange charges. (==>> done in under 5 minutes <<==) $2.02USD TOTAL charges. I have never had total charges exceed $5.00USD over the XE Exchange rate. NOTE: I have a Senior Citizen checking account in the US, this might be a factor, MY card is tied to this account. I went outside my Thai bank, withdrew 17,500THB at the ATM, now I am watching my new TV using it as a Android box 55 inch monitor ) as I wrote this a few days ago. DO A ....{{{{ TEST TRANSFER }}}}.... of 10,000THB ( I suggest this amount ) to compare ""YOUR"" charges. OTHER countries give it a shot. NOTE: YOUR foreign bank might have a ..transfer limit.., this was a factor the first few times for me.
  3. Depending on the IO "YOU" use, you can renew up to 60 days in advance. The earlier you renew, the easier it is to sort out any problems ( if possible ) that surface - you do NOT loose any time, based on anniversary date to anniversary date. Note: I do my 90 days 5 days in advance, ( 5 days to sort out any problems if any ) you do loose time...based on 90 calendar days.
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