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  1. Sigh.... I think some people still can't get it into their heads that this isn't a good time to be a tourist. Anywhere. Period. Sorry, but travelling for leisure is something for the back burner for the moment. Yea, yea, lucky me, "stuck" here in Thailand because I have a wife and kids here, so I have no choice but to extend my visa every darn year. I have things I needed to do back home, urgent matters but the situation is what it is. Until this China virus thing dies down, expect the long haul. I was slightly optimistic earlier on but since this month I surrendered and accepted that we're all in for the long haul. I honestly don't think tourism will be back normal soon. Maybe by mid-2021 we might be some semblance of normalcy but I believe it will be at least 2023 before we are back to business as usual unless China unleashes another round of whatever.
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