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  1. I am with you on that. I am a great believer in trying to dispel a question before it gets asked.
  2. It was 3 days but that was just the way it fell, flew on the Monday, submitted the Tuesday, collected Wednesday and went to Vung Tau. It was very easy, I was in and out in less than 10 minutes, I had done everything including the application before arrival, follow what it says on the website and there shouldn't be a problem.
  3. Not going to happen. I got ME non O based on marriage in Nov at HCMC before extension and re-entry had expired. New visa will start day of application.
  4. If that were true, the UK would never have done any trade with the US. The US do not recognise any EU regulations.
  5. Bojo was so desperate for a blue passport he couldn't wait to take back control, or possibly prematurely lost control.
  6. Another brexiteer myth. In 1603 the King of Scotland wore the crown of both Scotland and England. Scotland lost control in the English coup of 1707, never something the people of Scotland ever wanted. Little doubt you will try and dispute the history books. Do you really believe that someone has ever said that the population of Scotland and that of England were equal? Of course you don't, just another attempt at distortion. Brexiteers just refuse to accept that Scotland should have any say, far less an equal say, in the determination of their own future. With superior numbers in population it is a privilege that only England is entitled to, autocracy in everything but name.
  7. Unlike you, the Scottish conservatives have not dismissed the SNP proposal out of hand. They are unlikely to lose many votes, that would mean you had to have many to start with. Carlaw said he thought some of the Scottish government’s proposals had merit, but did not elaborate. Asked if he agreed with the Scottish visa proposal, Carlaw said: “The answer is to have a migration system which is appropriate to Scotland’s needs. “Actually, we’re still digesting the Scottish government paper as well, which [we] believe had some quite sensible analysis of the situation and there were some sensible suggestions made in that too.” https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/feb/20/scottish-tories-urge-rethink-over-points-based-immigration
  8. From post 817 "In the fishing industry, not just trawler skippers but mates and share fishermen – experienced crew members – are all classed as skilled. So are fishmongers, fish filleters and fish processors. For all those jobs, and many more, employers will be able to recruit workers from overseas." A late friend of mine used to work on a fish farm and he was a skilled worker, skilled in the use of CNC milling machines, but didn't count for a lot when it came to tipping bags of fish food into the reservoir. He only took the job because it was seasonal, allowing him to spend 6 months in UK and 6 months in Thailand. One day the politicians will wake up to the fact that a large percentage of the work in seafood and fish farming is seasonal and effectively manual labour, whatever they want to call it.
  9. Another brexit myth, then they never did understand "cooperation". When the UK leaves the EU and the CFP, it will be considered a coastal state under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea ( UNCLOS), responsible for the sustainable management of the resources in its Exclusive Economic Zone ( EEZ). This requires cooperation with other states (in particular the EU and Norway) for the management of shared stocks, and a key part of this will be agreeing overall catch limits and their allocation between the coastal states. Zonal attachment [2] , as used as the basis for allocation of shared stocks in the EU–Norway agreement, is an alternative approach to the current CFP ‘relative stability’ allocation based predominantly on historic catch levels. https://www.gov.scot/publications/economic-impacts-scenarios-scottish-uk-seafood-industries-post-eu-exit/pages/3/ 2. Zonal attachment is a way of defining how the amount of fish to be caught from a shared stock should be divided amongst the coastal states in whose waters the stocks occur. The zonal attachment of a stock is the share of the stock residing within a particular country’s EEZ, weighted by the time it spends in a country’s zone over a year, if necessary. https://www.gov.scot/publications/economic-impacts-scenarios-scottish-uk-seafood-industries-post-eu-exit/pages/20/
  10. Good distraction. The item in question was regarding the seafood and you bring in suggested changes to the offshore sector. Don't worry too much, even the politicians fail to recognise the difference, as far as they were concerned the fishing industry wanted brexit, despite the fact that anti-brexit side of the industry is over twice the size of offshore in terms of jobs. Scottish seafood and fish farming is primarily located in rural areas but what is the problem with a bit of collateral damage, after all. out of sight, out of mind.
  11. 15.2 million votes of the 17.4 million that voted to leave were from England, or maybe you dispute that as well.
  12. I came down overnight from Bangkok. If you can get to Hat Yai for 07.30 you can get the morning shuttle for 50 baht, or there is the Bangkok train No 45 that comes through HY about 45 minutes later, although mine ran about 2 hours late. I think that one is about 250 baht. Another option would be to take the afternoon shuttle to PD arrives about 1600 Malaysian time and then the Bangkok train No 46 back to Hat Yai, that leaves PD at 18.00 getting into HY at about the same time Thai time.
  13. What does that mean exactly? Prior to the single market, the UK was free to make it's own rules but did little in the way of workers rights and consumer protection. You conveniently ignore that all directives issued by the EU are democratically agreed by all member states. The English did not like what 27 foreigners thought was a good idea so they threw the toys out of the pram.
  14. You are spreading garbage. Of course the EU are proposing the UK remains in alignment with the EU, because Bojo is asking for zero tariffs, and that is the only way it can be done. Bojo knows this and is paving the way to WTO and the inevitable tariffs with the blame on the EU for the failure and resulting price increases in the UK. As for arbitration, you are all mixed up. To sell into the single market goods from the UK would have to meet the requirements of EU directives and EU directives are under the jurisdiction of the ECJ. To sell into the US market, goods from the UK must meet the required US standards and US standards are under the jurisdiction of the US legal system, no different. Canada is in a trade agreement with the EU and any dispute under that agreement would be resolved under the agreed resolution procedure. If the UK was in a trade agreement with the EU, any dispute under that agreement would be resolved under the agreed resolution procedure, not sole arbitration by the ECJ. You should try and avoid comparing apples to oranges.
  15. Yes, I noticed the different colours. There were some black available for the following day but the day after that, the whole day was available in black.
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