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  1. That is no real benefit during the life of the visa unless you need to manipulate dates for some reason. If you want max benefit at the end, i.e. 90 days plus a 60 days you need to leave the country just before the end of the visa and having done a 60 day would mean forfeiting time at some point. Something I have been thinking about quite carefully for next year.
  2. Not to mention the cost of everything that has been thrown away. Britain is currently in the midst of a £92million feasibility study to investigate the possibility of building a rival to Galileo, which more than a £1billion in UK taxpayers' money is estimated to have been invested in. https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/1182206/brexit-news-galileo-rival-satellite-esa-european-space-agency-jan-woerner-eu-latest
  3. Bit contradictory, a decision on the extension would mean it has got something to do with the EU. Moments later, Mr Johnson told MPs he would “pause” the bill and that the ball was now in the EU’s court to decide whether to extend Article 50 to avert a crash-out Brexit on 31 October. “We now face further uncertainty and the EU must now make up their minds over how to answer parliament’s request for a delay,” he said. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-vote-deal-timetable-boris-johnson-mps-delay-general-election-a9167011.html
  4. Brexiteer tactics - go off at a tangent with generalisation. Obviously you can give dates for the 48 referendums that included all member states. That was the answer you gave to the question I put, but you probably thought it clever to answer a different question.
  5. Why? They were predominantly Labour which was of little interest and not adverse to encouraging militancy. In 1985, before CF's days, I went on a C of C mission to South Africa and the departure location had to be secretly altered to avoid the protesters that had been stirred up by would be politicians. My cousin worked in David Blunkett's office when he went to Education, not a pleasant experience.
  6. I am not failing to recognise anything. Now remind me how many "Unions", as in country groupings, ever hold referendums.
  7. The referendum was advisory and as such could not be legally challenged. Only parliament had the authority to question the result and I suspect that many MPs are now wishing they had.
  8. If you are going to quote me then show people where I said that, of course you can never confirm anything that has been made up.
  9. Your first statement is spot on Bill but unfortunately views on the resolution vary from damage limitation to severe damage. Everyday something else comes out of the woodwork so it is not surprising that uncertainty reigns, even in parliament. It has just come out that NI will have to "export" to the UK mainland, so what else is the government trying to keep to themselves. I used to live in what was known as the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire so do not pay much attention to the MPs. Personally I think the election should be held off for some time and allow Johnson to hang himself, only interested in his own aspirations.
  10. There was no vote in 1973, either by parliament of the people. parliament made the decision to join and in 1975 the government held the first ever national referendum to confirm government policy. You cannot compare the referendum with that held in 2016 as circumstances were completely different, people were well aware of how "sick" the UK was at the time. A state of emergency had been declared four times between 1970 and 1974. Now remind me how many times has a state of emergency been declared since the 1975 referendum.
  11. One day you will realise why they will never happen, the EU does not need sub standard goods and can continue to trade with the US and China as they do. The US is the UK's biggest trading partner apart from the EU, what makes people think it would be any better as an FTA. The US are pushing as they see the UK as an easy target without the EU protection. Free trade deals are never free.
  12. At the end of the day Bill it does not matter what we think of the politicians. Until there is a change in the constitution the UK is a parliamentary democracy rather than a people's republic. It would appear that those that do not like the result parliament of the last vote want to hold another vote, before the last one is finished. Party politics has made Brexit nothing but a string of inconsistencies.
  13. You could well be right, the Benn act was quite specific in that the PM must request the extension. The text of the letter is laid out in the act so on the face of it could only be construed as legal with the PM's signature. However the EU appear to have accepted the letter at face value and as far as they are concerned a delay is far more acceptable than rejection.
  14. Do not distort the integrity of the point being addressed. "Surely if a PM can't do what parliament has asked him to do, he should resign?"
  15. Do not thank me, you obviously missed the point in it being the signature of @nauseum, who is quite happy to keep having general elections until he gets the parliament he wants.
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