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  1. When people try and use figures from 40 years ago against those compiled recently, there is only one conclusion that can be drawn, garbage. Currently nearly 1.5 million unemployed, only 1 million in 1972 - now tell me the number of unemployed has not gone up - easy to distort isn't it.
  2. Sounds like progress, particularly if you have established communication with VFS, the biggest initial obstacle. I think their is a certain amount of manual cross referencing goes on which under certain circumstances may confuse them but they should have some procedure for unallocated payments. I think it is almost certain they have received the funds, just not tied the payment to an application. Good luck.
  3. Exactly, any exchange rate is a relationship between 2 separate entities. Brexit has weakened confidence in the pound so it appears lower against most other currencies. That decline would be exaggerated when related to to a currency that had strengthened, such as the Thai Baht. Only time will tell if confidence will return to the UK post brexit, still too much uncertainty for market stability at the moment. As it is a 2 way street we can only hope for movement on the other side. If Trump were to cause the dollar to tank the pound would look better, and as the Thais have significant dollar reserves the baht would weaken, the brexiteers would be cock a hoop and the UK would be no better off.
  4. Down to 20% from what exactly. If you told us what the real 1980 figure was, rather than just 146 countries, it may mean something. The only figure that actually means anything is the one stood in front.
  5. Another factor that has been bubbling for some time but tends to get ignored is investment returns. To many, profit is seen as a dirty word but the reality is that generating profits in GBP is not so lucrative as it once was. A strong yen, however, eats into the repatriated profits of Japanese exporters, weakening their ability to invest and, ultimately, putting the brakes on Japan’s economy, the world’s third biggest. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jun/15/brexit-is-a-huge-negative-for-japanese-companies-in-the-uk
  6. I wasn't aware that the remain campaign had been referred to the NCA, source please. I fully appreciate your point of view, after all human nature being what it is people would be reluctant to consider that they may have been "swayed". The crisis emerged after the Brexit referendum, leading to the finding against Vote Leave which has been referred to the police for busting spending limits Crucially, the cash was used to pay data firm Aggregate IQ and – a whistleblower and an Oxford professor argue – potentially enabled it to precisely target enough voters on social media to have swayed the Brexit result. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-vote-investigate-law-breaking-influence-manipulation-theresa-may-facebook-a8783746.html
  7. So what did you actually mean when you said "But that may well return in the near future." regarding my comment "The EU removed the paperwork for the spouse of an EU citizen" It is fairly obvious that if a spouse ceases to be the spouse of an EU citizen then the paperwork in respect of the spouse of a non EU citizen would apply. Bottom line, your cryptic comment meant nothing and wasted both our time. "
  8. They send the claim form out between 4 and 3 months prior so depending on when in May it may just be a bit late. If I remember right they say if you haven't received it by the 3 month point you should contact them, I think these days they prefer to do everything over the phone. There are 2 different claim forms, one for living in the UK and one for living abroad, the UK one being a lot shorter. Both are available for download from the DWP website.
  9. Nobody is interested in any investigation that may prove they were manipulated. Brexit means brexit, irrespective of how the result was obtained. Theresa May must launch an independent investigation into “foreign influence and voter manipulation” in the Brexit vote, a committee of MPs says today, amid growing evidence of lawbreaking by Leave campaigners. A highly critical report – which warns “democracy is at risk” from rogue practices on social media – turns its fire on the prime minister for the failure to probe their effect on the referendum result. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-vote-investigate-law-breaking-influence-manipulation-theresa-may-facebook-a8783746.html
  10. Bit cryptic, Are you suggesting the EU and Schengen legislation is being amended in respect of family members. Not that it matters a great deal some people decided to take away our freedom of movement.
  11. Something I have never come across, so your original query still stands, the comment I made was based on all contributions being taken into account before the pension started.
  12. I feel your pain, a couple of years ago I had a problem with VFS and a payment. I had made the payment and it had gone from my account but they rang my wife and said it hadn't been paid, the first time my wife just said she would check. A couple of days later they rang back again saying it still hadn't been paid, I took the phone and told them the money had left my account at a certain time on a certain date but it was like talking to a brick wall. It was a Friday afternoon going into a holiday so there was little could be done to the Tuesday. Sure enough Tue morning another call and I had had enough I just said if she didn't sort it I would be phoning the British Embassy. First time she drew breath, put the phone down and within an hour they had found the payment. Following that call I got an email from this address info.canbkk@vfshelpline.co , I know its the Canadian office next door to the UK but may be worth a try, logically the UK could be info.ukbkk@vfshelpline.co . Also the general email but may be a no reply CRMADMIN@vfsglobal.com This is the telephone number from the email, again may be worth a try. Please note our new helpline number is +66 2 1187007 Failing that it may be worth sending an email to the British Embassy in Bangkok but it would be best to avoid the word visa and refer to it as a customer service issue, more chance of it getting read. Try the following emails supawan.puttapong@fco.gov.uk (consular assistant) Bangkok.DocumentaryServices@fco.gov.uk bangkvisainfo@fco.gov.uk
  13. Irrelevant, my wife has done Schengen, Canada, China, Vietnam, all different. The £18,600 pa compared to the UK state pension is a good idea of how they think, but obviously not a problem to some. There is something not right when people married over 10 years have to justify taking their wife to visit family. The EU removed the paperwork for the spouse of an EU citizen but the UK are never going to take a leaf out of their book.
  14. That is an individual decision and little point starting a debate, been done to death numerous times.
  15. That's a new one on me, I wasn't aware that you could make voluntary contributions after you had started to draw the pension.
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