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  1. We normally drive to HH. Went on the Bell bus once and then caught the train south, at that time the Bell bus went into the bus station near the clock tower.
  2. The thread is about an enquiry into ministerial behaviour but some on this thread want to come to a conclusion without any standard being applied other than there own hypocrisy. Obviously you believe the sentence should be determined by who is accused and not the offence. Priti Patel is an example of the fundamental flaw, one solution for an English MP and another for a Scot. It is not a coincidence the the bulk of the anti SNP sentiment comes from the brexit brigade, they don't want to face the consequences.
  3. Thanks for confirming the point. One rule for the FM's relatives and another for the PM's relatives.
  4. Just got round to have another look. Cyberghost had 3 optimised streaming in the UK, netflix, BBC iPlayer and Eurosport. It looks like the BBC one has been disabled. I tried the netflix server and when I went to BBC iPlayer got the not available outside UK message. Probably now blocking anyone on a VPN, sorry not better news. Not too much of a problem for me, I get the BBC programs on Kodi and I just watch the BBC News channel for about an hour in the evening on TV Mucho, they give you an hour for free each day.
  5. In the 50s there were vaccines for whooping cough, tuberculosis, diphtheria, smallpox and polio being administered to children. Late 60's saw the vaccine for measles which by early 70s had morphed into measles,mumps & rubella(MMR).
  6. You ignore to say what happened to the judicial process and swords in Westminster. Did Priti Patel break the ministerial code or not? Has she sharpened her sword? Just another case of one rule for Westminster and another for Holyrood and you wonder why Scotland wants to leave. Individuals come and go, it is the lack of respect for the devolved nations that will eventually kill off the so called "United" Kingdom.
  7. There is a saying about leopards and spots. The 79 Group was a faction within the Scottish National Party (SNP), named after its year of formation, 1979. The group sought to persuade the SNP to take an active left-wing stance, arguing that it would win more support, and were highly critical of the established SNP leaders. Although it had a tiny membership, the group caused sufficient disquiet that it was expelled from the SNP in 1982, although its members were subsequently readmitted and many attained senior positions in the Scottish Government after 2007. Former First Minister Ale
  8. Complain about corruption everywhere else but ignore it at home. There is a name for people like that.
  9. Good attempt at deflection. The post I responded to implied some sort of benefit to the husband of a first minister and it wouldn't happen in the UK government. Do you really believe there was no benefit to the son of a Prime Minister, or do you not know who Mark Thatcher was and what he did.
  10. There is no dispute mistakes were made, happens all the time in politics. If procedural errors were a hanging offence why no investigation into all mistakes, particularly PM's found guilty in court. Did they mislay their swords? This saga has been blown out of proportion for political gain, a concerted effort to distract from the huge mistake of brexit. Bojo sees it as a get out of jail card. Fairly obvious many of the anti SNP are suffering from stage 4 hypocrisy.
  11. I had a vaccination card when I was at school in the mid 50's. Seem to remember things like polio, BCG, whooping cough, smallpox etc. being on it. Travel not much of an issue. Good job there was no social media and anti vax garbage around then.
  12. Selective memory, what about Mark Thatcher. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/mark-thatcher-files-stay-secret-to-spare-blushes-on-arms-deal-93vbpjxv0
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