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  1. When you reach retirement age you will be awarded a pension based on your contributions. It is not until you start to draw the pension that country of residence comes into play. Even if you live in Thailand the pension is only frozen for the time spent there, I go to the UK every year and get the full pension for the time I spend in the UK.
  2. I got married, built my house, yellow book and took my wife to the UK twice long before I ever heard of TVF. Now on her 8th visa my original point was in respect of the new arrangements, not the fundamentals.
  3. That is a bit like claiming to know the length of a piece of string. Financial matters are an individual issue.
  4. And how would you explain the lack of condensation on a glass of cold water. Humidity this afternoon is 59%, forecast 61 tomorrow and back down to around 54 early part of the week, good bit lower than the yearly average of 77%.
  5. As I already mentioned, I have seen what appears on the "what to bring with you" on the website. I also appreciate that VFS may have neglected to update the appointment letter but I tend to err on the side of caution and will stick with the most recent instruction. The printing shop I use is 1 baht a page and will do it in seconds.
  6. I use the visa4UK site. How would anyone know what the ECO considers to be adequate funds, a bit subjective for those at the lower end of the income scale to be leaving stuff out.
  7. A simplistic and distorted point of view. Just like brexit they were faced with the government deal or a no deal scenario, and the 650 page government deal presented before the referendum was clearly not viable. Again like brexit, it cannot be assumed that 'no deal' is what people actually wanted. May have been a different outcome, again like brexit, if the Scottish government had published their deal after the referendum.
  8. More anti EU propaganda, I am not saying anything about the EU we get enough of that from the brexiteers. Contributions to the EU are the smallest item listed in the UK expenditure, yet described as "massive", and a mere fraction of what goes on debt interest which has absolutely no iota of benefit to the population, just gets ignored. What I am saying is it is fairly obvious that there are many that would rather just pour the limited resources into brexit rather than additional help to services desperately in need. How much did the government spend on "advice" on the shipping contract, just one item. The damage has been done, even if brexit were to be cancelled, "United" has been removed from the "Kingdom".
  9. Ignoring something that has been asked for is not normally a sensible policy but the fact you have done it without a problem is good to know. It cannot be denied that the barcode separator states previous passports. The documents you have listed are about the same as mine other than the fact I have 3 small pensions and 2 bank statements. You seem to have ignored relationship, in my wife's case, a further 6 documents, my marriage certificate is from the GRO in the UK and she changed her name last year. It is all about individual circumstances. This is the instructions from the appointment letter just received. YOU HAVE BOOKED A STANDARD VISA APPOINTMENT Please bring: - a print out of your appointment confirmation - a signed print out of your visa application form - your passport - a tuberculosis (TB) test certificate if you are going to the UK for more than 6 months - if you are under 18, a signed letter of consent from a parent or guardian - any other documents to support your application. I wouldn't read "- a signed print out of your visa application form" as being just the first page, the website would suggest that you may well be right but I am certainly not going to take a chance for the sake of 13 baht. There are 2 physical signatures on pages 2 and 13 that they cannot get online, something they may have dispensed with, or possibly overlooked. Will find out one way or another shortly.
  10. During the winter months the weather can be very localised. Up until 3 years ago the rain would stop in November and not see any again until around April, one year it was June, the wells had run out in March, lived on stored water for a couple of months before having to start buying it. Last 3 years it has rained during the winter months, had some a few days ago here on the inland side of Chonburi, and water hasn't been a problem. Last dry winter I spent weeks laying pipes all around the garden for a sprinkler system, haven't used it since. Temperature wise, it's the coolest overnights in February I have ever known, probably due to a lower humidity, the same temperature can feel warmer when the humidity is up.
  11. Question 18 on the application asks for details of all previous passports and since 2009 at least it was required that they be submitted. They show up as item 11 on the checklist of required documents that used to be used by VFS. This statement appears on the barcode separators that must be now used. "Any documents which are smaller or larger than A4 must be photocopied onto A4 sized paper. This includes previous passports and photographs." You must be doing something different, the application form is 14 pages on its own and has been since it went online and I cannot see how anyone can get away without using at least 3 barcode separators. So with the minimum of 1 page per barcode, which is highly unlikely, there would be at least 20 pieces of paper.
  12. Nothing like throwing in a bit of propaganda, say it often enough and hope people believe. Compared to the interest on the national debt, contributions to the EU are quite insignificant. Brexit will push the interest on the national debt far higher than any savings on contributions. So what if the poor have to become poorer, its brexit at any cost. Austerity is over, long live austerity.
  13. I have done a few train journeys over the years without too much problem and the new rolling stock is very good particularly the first class. You were right to go to the station, train bookings can only be made in the 60 days prior to travel and as there is only one first class carriage per train they book up early, difficult to do a return without going to the station twice. You can book online but as far as I am aware there is only one option 12go Asia and they charge a couple of hundred for doing it. The one advantage is you can book in advance and at the 60 day point they buy the tickets, their office is at the train station in Bangkok. I would have suggested going out to the airport and getting the Bell Transport bus to Hua Hin, a bit more comfortable journey. Travelling through Bangkok on the train is a bit like watching paint dry. Another poster has suggested changing at Bang Sue, which is well worth considering.
  14. I am in the middle of another application for my wife, her 8th, and its a bit like doing the first. They are fairly clear on what not to send but under the new system a bit vague on what to send and it would appear VFS are obliged to send everything presented in the correct format. Before, previous passports were just handed in and returned with the current passport. Now they show up on the Additional Documents barcode separator without any indication of what should be included. In the absence of anything else I just plan to include the main page of the other 3 passports. I would have thought in this day and age they would have an auxiliary database for permanent historical data, the Canadians have been doing it on relatives for several years.
  15. I know what you mean, I use Airbnb for just myself and the wife in the UK. Use them is Thailand as well, twice last year in Hua Hin for us and my wife's 2 nieces. A couple of years ago a friend of mine came down from the north and wanted to stay one night in Bang Saen before going to Jomtien and asked if we could try and find somewhere, 14 of them in total. We had a good look round and all the better places were were too small, more your size. We did in the end find a 5 bedroom house, a bit basic but they were more than happy to be all under one roof. Only 2000 baht and the company were more than happy to provide additional chairs,cutlery and crockery. We stayed in a small guesthouse a few yards away and had a great night with them.
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