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  1. It would be 7 years, not 5, the same timeframe that is embedded in the Belfast Agreement. 2. Subject to paragraph 3, the Secretary of State shall exercise the power under paragraph 1 if at any time it appears likely to him that a majority of those voting would express a wish that Northern Ireland should cease to be part of the United Kingdom and form part of a united Ireland. 3. The Secretary of State shall not make an order under paragraph 1 earlier than seven years after the holding of a previous poll under this Schedule.
  2. The "once in a generation" phrase was not written into the 2014 referendum, just a comment taken out of context to suit the unionist agenda. A great deal has changed since 2014 and the people of Scotland have every right to vote again on the issue, isn't that what democracy is all about. After all the people of England voted to walk away from the Union. Were the 65 other countries that have gained independence from the UK wrong to do so? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_that_have_gained_independence_from_the_United_Kingdom
  3. It not something that can be definitive, offices have a certain amount of flexibility so like many other things it varies. I did mine quite recently and they never asked to see my bankbook, only interested in the paperwork from the bank. My bank requires 2 days notice so just picked it up on the way to immigration.
  4. You have to show me where the government has ever said that travelling from other countries is covid free.
  5. You should read the whole article. "If they are unable to be confined at home, the Chiang Mai Provincial Communicable Disease Committee has established a quarantine facility for high-risk close contacts."
  6. Exactly what I meant. The land links would be Rosyth to Cairnryan, Dublin to Rosslare, and Dunkirk to Zeebrugge. The circle of life, outside England - one has to live in hope.
  7. Because "expat" has no definitive meaning to the Thai authorities - their country, their rules, learn to live with it.
  8. Yes that is the second leg, with Rosyth to Zeebrugge already in place, it only needs Cairnryan to Dublin to complete the circle.
  9. Exactly what many foreigners prefer to think, fortunately well short of reality.
  10. Do I take it you are trying to say we will get more baht for a pound? You seem to be forgetting that exchange rate is a comparison. If 2 entities are deteriorating, the one that deteriorates slower is the stronger. After 8 months of covid, it is fairly obvious who is going where.
  11. Many are already seeing the error of their ways, but the hardliners never will. They will still see success as poverty and unemployment steadily rise.
  12. The money markets take a different view of the Thai economy to the TVF experts, but of course it has to be them that have it wrong. I for one wouldn't bet on getting any more baht for my pound anytime soon.
  13. It wouldn't cross your mind your going to the wrong hospital. Do you really think that 100 baht for consultation is double priced, or 340 for flu vaccination. Obviously I was really ripped off having to pay 13K for cataract surgery. It is quite irresponsible to be spreading false information.
  14. Nothing like throwing a hand grenade into the fire. From the Belfast Agreement, but of course to the brexiteer, rewriting it would be the easiest thing in history. (b) the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and any Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland supplementing it, which neither the Assembly nor public bodies can infringe, together with a Human Rights Commission; (c) arrangements to provide that key decisions and legislation are proofed to ensure that they do not infringe the ECHR and any Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland;
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