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  1. So the Biontech vaccine out of china would be a no-no. Maybe you should be looking at a vaccine vacation. BioNTech and Fosun Pharma is setting up a 50-50 joint venture to make and sell the COVID mRNA shot in China, with manufacturing capacity to produce up to 1 billion doses a year, Fosun said in a filing (PDF) to the Hong Kong Exchange on Sunday. https://www.fiercepharma.com/manufacturing/biontech-fosun-pharma-eye-1b-doses-covid-19-vaccine-capacity-new-china-jv
  2. 5K/sq m would be at least 7/8 now if not more. It is 11 years since I built mine and I bought all the materials. They are all up a good bit, in particular steel which is about twice the price it was. Last week I bought some hollow section, it was 201 baht/length, just a couple of years ago it was about 140.
  3. And being held back by manufacturers like India. The 26 million AZ ordered by Thailand last year were due for delivery in Feb, but only 117K have arrived so far, from South Korea I think. Of course to many it is the government's fault they have not been delivered. Other countries are further forward because the got vaccines donated, mainly by China, or through COVAX. Thailand is too small to be big and too big to be small.
  4. Quite, particularly when there are splinter groups. Veeris Ammarapala, IEAT Governor, said that vaccines were one of the keys in driving the industrial sectors out of the Covid-19 crisis. Approximately 1 million people in industrial estates need to be vaccinated against the virus, and half of them have said that they agreed to pay for the vaccine up to 1,000 baht per shot. https://thepattayanews.com/2021/05/10/industrial-estate-authority-of-thailand-agrees-to-set-up-vaccine-center-for-distribution-at-industrial-estates-nationwide/
  5. There shouldn't be a problem going to and from Pattaya, the travel certificates were stopped a few days ago. You may get stopped at a checkpoint somewhere but immigration would be a valid reason.
  6. Yes there are always those that will scrape along the bottom, and seen a fair amount of the handiwork, you can put your hand through the cracks in the wall. It is a judgement call that the OP will have to make.
  7. I think I have done 10 visa applications now for my wife, although the last one was never used. I have never submitted any documents in respect of my wife's finances. As mentioned previously I write a supporting letter stating that I will meet all costs relating to the trip and attach proof of income and bank statement. I also point out that we will travel to the UK and return to Thailand together and we have insurance for the trip. I take it you will also be travelling together. It is also worth including in the letter reasons for the trip and where you intend to stay, but best kept to a
  8. Google building low cost home in Thailand. It is all about size, budget builds can be as low as 7/8000 baht a square metre.
  9. Yes I had seen info coming out of China a couple of weeks ago to that effect, Fosun are working in collaboration with Biontech. Even regular freezer temperatures makes storage more difficult than other vaccines and not the most suited to countries like Thailand. Interesting that the latest guidelines from the UK government never reflected any change in storage requirement, the US updated their guidelines in Feb. 6.4 Special precautions for storage Store in a freezer at -80 °C to -60 °C. Store in the thermal container at -90 ºC to -60 ºC. Store in the original pa
  10. If you go to control panel, hardware and sound, under sound you should see "manage audio devices" If you click on that you should see the TV listed. If it is not there then there could be a connection problem, might be worth trying another cable. You should also see any other audio devices that have been used also listed but inactive, such as bluetooth devices. Might be worth uninstall one and reinstall to check software.
  11. Exactly. I had a fairly bad reaction to yellow fever vaccine when I first got it in 1964. Do people think they should have discontinued the use of that vaccine. If it wasn't for the mass vaccination in the 50s, many wouldn't be here today.
  12. The Sinovac vaccine has been authorised in 32 countries and jurisdictions, with 260 million doses distributed, the SAGE experts said. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/5/6/who-says-sinovac-covid-vaccine-effective-but-some-data-lacking
  13. "But the recent broader seven-day averages of new cases in Thailand lately have begun trending upward again." That is not strictly true, until it passes the peak a few weeks back it is still in a plateau phase and today's figure will create a downturn. Whether that reverses and passes the previous peak, only time will tell. The UK saw a delay of 18 days between the peak in infections and the peak in deaths, on a similar basis the death figures today would reflect the cases about the 22nd of April, so we can expect to see a continued rise in deaths before they start to fall.
  14. You need to check which speakers are in use. If you click on the speaker symbol, normally in the bottom right hand corner and click on it. There should be an inverted chevron and click on that, there should be 2 options, the computer built in speakers something like High definition Audio, and the TV - AMD HDMI output. Select the latter when you want the TV.
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