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  1. The only nonsense around here is Brexit Boris and his fan club.
  2. Exactly. What many south of the border refuse to acknowledge is that many voted against Alex Salmond rather than against independence. The prospect of Alex Salmond being the leader of an independent Scotland did not sit well with many, myself included. We will see many change their allegiance to the tories because of Boris Johnson. A substantial rise in independence support amongst Labour voters has also been noted – perhaps as a result of pro-independence supporters looking to that party due to the rise of Jeremy Corbyn and his program. More than one in four Labour voters now support independence. https://www.commonspace.scot/articles/12863/demographics-independence-2018-edition
  3. I get it now, the fact that the UK is beholden to foreign motor manufacturers is not a problem, and the fact that the UK no longer makes its own aircraft for defence is not a problem, and the fact the UK is importing modern technology instead of manufacturing it is not a problem. But of course the problems with the NHS, schools, police etc are all down to Heath signing the Treaty of Rome, not forgetting the kippers.
  4. Quite a lot has been done over the years and got nowhere and as Bill says at this point in time it is like pxxxing in the wind. A defining moment will come with brexit when it is revealed what will happen in Europe as the current reciprocal agreement will come to an end.
  5. Are you seriously trying to make out that everything was in order prior to 1973, you must have a different interpretation on "state of emergency".
  6. Bit of a ridiculous post, your passport does not belong to you, for UK nationals it is the property of her majesty's government.
  7. Last week I had an appointment at the eye dept Banpheow hospital, the appointment was made about 6 months ago. There was no waiting, I went straight into the pre appointment checks and had to wait about 10 minutes to see the surgeon. He sent me to have the pupils dilated which took about an hour and then they took some scans, after which I had wait about another 10 minutes to see the surgeon again. He diagnosed cataracts in both eyes and recommended corrective surgery, and proceeded to the desk for appointments. This was the moment of truth, they whipped out the standard price list and the most expensive of the monofocal lens options was 13K and I agreed to an additional 5K for the operation to be carried out by the senior consultant which can only be done on a Sunday. I was then sent to have measurements taken for the lens. All in all about 2 hours in the hospital and with very little time not being seen to. Very efficient and treated just like everyone else. I live in Chonburi and am registered at 5 Thai hospitals and have found the pink card extremely useful, particularly the cancer hospital where the first time I went my passport had to accompany the documents as they were passed around the various depts. Now they do the same as the Thais, put the ID card in a plastic sleeve and staple it to the documents, much better arrangement.
  8. Not a great deal of hope on that. There is no lack of reliable data, the DWP is perfectly aware of exactly how many are being deprived of their full pension. "Downing Street said it would gather information where there was currently a lack of reliable data, but it would not make policy recommendations." https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-48958983
  9. Quite. The problems of today were born 50 - 60 years ago. Incompetent decisions by successive governments kicked the UK aviation industry into the long grass in favour of foreign made aircraft and opening a significant part of national security to interference by a foreign country. Bad management by UK government led to the demise of the UK car industry as such making the sector beholden to foreign manufacturers. The Eddie Shah dispute created a significant impediment to modern technology leaving the UK permanently trying to catch up. Brexit has given birth to the problems of tomorrow. The brexiteers are so desperate to get into bed with the US that there is every chance that in 10 years they will be eating turkey in November. The union is dead, long live the union.
  10. Of course only immigrants can be a drain on the country's resources, UK born and bred benefit scroungers that have never worked in their life are only exercising their democratic right. I should have realised that the scroungers that used to live next door in the UK were nothing more than propagandists waving the flag of project fear, foisted on me by the council elites in a brain washing exercise.
  11. Let me get this straight, discontented Europeans had something to do with the referendum and the referendum has no relationship to Boris Johnson or his policies. OK, Whatever floats your boat.
  12. Likewise. When going away just pay internet a couple of months in advance, don't have any water bills. All sorted.
  13. Fairly obvious from your comments that you have never applied for a Schengen visa in Bangkok. The only checklist the embassy front desk has is for appointments and applicants with a valid appoint are allowed through to the holding area. At the appropriate time the allocated applicants are allowed into the inner sanctum where there is a line of glass cubicles and applicants queue up at the cubicle they have been allocated. Each applicant enters the cubicle as it becomes free, on one side there is a hatch to the embassy and a member of staff that scans in the application into the system from a QR code. VFS has never been an option in Bangkok, although it may well be from the start of next month.
  14. I must have missed something, I did not realise that Europe took part in the referendum.
  15. I would agree with what you say other than the point regarding reliance on the overseas students. You believe that the university does not need that additional income. Fees for overseas students are unregulated so universities can effectively charge what they want so there is bound to be variation in universities across the country and consequently views will also vary. I would suggest that the universities with a greater than 10% overseas figure would struggle to maintain standards if the additional income from these students was taken away. There is many ways a business can go downhill and sub standard service is one of them. I entirely agree with your comment on the visa rules but the government has a diametrically opposed view to the universities, students are included in the net migration figures and the government has pledged to reduce net migration.
  16. Head in the sand. Brexiteers blame "too many foreigners" for everything, then turn round and deny it.
  17. It is against the rules to post lies, I did not post any figure regarding "UK kids thinking of going to Europe"
  18. I have done Germany,Spain and Malta, the latter 2 are done by VFS. The Germans do operate differently, they do not use VFS and they use an interactive application form named VIDEX. We were told at the desk during application submission that the visa had been granted and would be valid for 4 days, just enough to cover the 3 day trip. If you remember I took them to task with Solvit over the use of VIDEX for EU nationals as it did not allow for family members. Although the visa was very straightforward that was because I had followed their rules at the time, full set of documents including financial information.
  19. Thanks for asking the question, will be heading there beginning of Nov.
  20. It was distorted and misleading interpretations that got us in this mess in the first place. Incompetence of the highest order. Neil: “How would you get round what’s in 5c?” Johnson: “I would confide entirely in paragraph 5b which is enough for our purposes.” Neil: “Do you know what’s in 5c?” Johnson: “No.” https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/boris-johnson-andrew-neil-interview-brexit-gatt-trade-deal-tory-leadership-a9003121.html?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=Feed
  21. Nothing like a bit of distortion when it comes to immigration, after all it is what motivates brexit. You quote the Erasmus figure for the UK and another for the EU, there are about 30,000 EU students in the UK with Erasmus.
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