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  1. My bank usually makes a copy of my passport on the back on any form, check, etc. that I give to them... so there are loads of copies all over the place. However, I never ever scan and send copy of my passport with email because then anyone can print that copy.
  2. The Cyber Crime police have their office close to immigration at Changwattana (I think it's 1 or 2 floors above immigration 1).
  3. My sister came to visit me here in Thailand... she had a salad her 3rd day here... it took 6 months before the doctors finally cleared her to go back to work (she's a chef). So remember, always eat clean and cooked food!
  4. Huawei is the largest hardware/net producer in the world and they have more 5G patents than all American companies involved in 5G combined... of course US are scared of them... it's no longer Silicon Valley (and CIA, NSA etc) who are the leaders of the digital future!
  5. Well, I assume that most of the facts in history books (written by well established historical researchers) are accurate, however many times you have contradicting facts/statements between different scholars. What I was talking about was the history textbooks that I had in school had errors that even I as a 12 year old boy could find... sadly many history textbooks used in schools today also have errors or miss essential proven/recorded facts from our history.
  6. I don't know, but simply making that statement has a tendency to brand me as antisemitic. Anyway, when growing up my grandparents caretaker was a Jewish holocaust survivor (first Bergen-Belsen and later Auschwitz) who told me all about her childhood horrors, I have been to Auschwitz and other concentration/death camps, and I have studied WWII so much that even when I was in middle school and high school I could prove factual errors in our history textbooks... Still, people have a tendency to call me antisemitic for stating facts and criticize Israel... a country that call Dror Feiler, a Israeli-Swedish (Yes, he is Jewish and he served in the Israeli army...) musician antisemitic, as he compare Israel and how they treat the Palestinians with how the black population was treated in South Africa during Apartheid...
  7. It's a sweet smell in the air here at work, they have been harvesting (with harvester) around 2000 rai of sugarcane the last couple of weeks around here so it's really a sweet smell in the air!
  8. There must be a reason why Jews have been hated all over the world since the beginning of recorded history... buy saying that I would probably be branded as antisemitic. Same if I say that Israel is killing Palestinians, that would also brand me as antisemitic... since 2014 Israel have killed about 1500 combatants (if it would be in WWII Europe, then we would call then resistance fighters...) and 2600 civilians/non combatants (many of those being children), while a smashing total of 72 Israelis have been killed by Palestinians over the same time frame!
  9. I work in an agricultural college here in Thailand and frankly one of the the worst thing for my students are their parents and families! * Most of my students stay in the dormitory during weekdays and goes home on the weekends. In the beginning of this week (travel and preparation last weekend) there were national skills competition for agricultural students and sadly several students could not go... their parents didn't allow them to go during last weekend because they stay in the dormitory during the weekdays. * One student had a 1 year payed internship in Denmark, and each month he sent sent back as much money he could to his parents each month to help them to take care and develop their farm. When he got back home his father bought a brand new pickup truck using the money my student had sent back to pay every month... but as he came back home and went to finish his studies, there were no more money coming in... so basically my student worked for a year and thanks to his dad, all he got from it was a pair of shoes and some clothes and. * It happens that my students get calls (they are allowed to use their phones) during lessons, it's mostly from their parents asking about anything (many times it seems like they just ask if they have eaten yet or what they want for dinner...). One day I took the phone of one students and told her mother that she should either call before 08:00, 12:00-13:00 or after 17:00 (she could call 6-10 times during a 2 hour lesson). She went to the director and complained that I should not tell her not to call her daughter... in the end she took her daughter out of school?! And the list goes on and on with things like this...
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