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  1. My last few years in Thailand I suffered greatly from arthritis in my knees but still dragged my ass out of the country to keep up my Visa status. The van to Cambodia was always the toughest for the extension and always tried to get the seat by the driver for the extra room. I have no sympathy for over staying people and the penalties the Thais put on them.
  2. If he likes it so much in Thailand then instead of deporting him, throw him in jail for five or six years, after that deport him, I don't think he will be in such a hurry to get back.
  3. I don't think a Kenyan could teach much about "western" anything and I would doubt his credentials if he had any at all. All of us "expats" have been around long enough to know that there are places to get phony credentials and they look quite impressive.
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