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  1. 38% of all British who travelled abroad did so without proper insurance. 22% admitted to travelling with no insurance at all. https://www.express.co.uk/travel/articles/955239/holiday-travel-insurance-10-million-tourists-without-proper-cover
  2. don't let them know it's obvious, just like Chinese citizens know what the government is up do.
  3. Who'da thought a 15 meter lighting rod on top of a mountain would attract lightning?
  4. That which someone said that some guy from some company said that some government bodies or other would do something, didn't happen. Hopefully tomorrow.
  5. Just days after an ultra top secret Russian nuclear powered, infinite range cruise missile exploded sending the local population scrambling for anti-radiation sickness iodine tablets. Putin is a funny guy.
  6. The sooner you vacate, the better for everyone ! Prawit: It may take time, let's watch and see.
  7. You seem to understand little about Thailand and the many types of people residing here under different circumstances, nor how Thai immigration really works. While you may wish to follow your own advice, it's not appropriate for the general public as a rule.
  8. doesn't work. job nice dane https://hospitals.dit.go.th/app/login.php This works. https://hospitals.dit.go.th This works, goes to above.
  9. Wiki on the American NAZI Party:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Nazi_Party "Rockwell founded the organization as the World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists (WUFENS), but renamed it the American Nazi Party in 1960. International affiliation: World Union of National Socialists Rockwell's second in command, Deputy Commander Matt Koehl [...] also began emphasizing the positive aspects of National Socialism and the glories of a future all-white society.
  10. Probably not. They will likely grandfather some older long stays who would experience the most hardship. They did the same with financial qualifications years ago when they raised them. O-As are mostly newer retirees. Before O-A class, retirees used the same non-O as marriage.
  11. You should have it anyway, regardless..... At my age, with many minor pre-existing conditions many of which are congenital, I will spend 100000s of baht every year and receive absolutely nothing in return. Zip. Nada. Money down the drain. Why should I have that? I did start at 50, long before, always had top coverage until AXA cheated me badly for the third time. I have insured myself for 15 years all in private hospitals for an average of 30,000 baht/year covering a number of surgeries and other conditions, including a coronary stent last Wednesday! (amazing stuff) If, I were paying 100000s of baht yearly for useless old man insurance that covered nothing, I might not have been able to cover my coronary stent Wednesday!
  12. No surprise a lefty hate group uses their own hate speech in their name, doesn't make it so. I could call you a peaceful loving guy, that does not make it true, or false. I am equally against righty hate groups, the hate has to stop. Our masters are stealing us blind as they have us screaming nonsense at each other. Overpriced health care increased a trillion dollars per year since they had us start screaming about bathrooms. We could go to Mars and back 50 times a year for that money.
  13. Absurd point of view, how can a retiree retire if he/she never worked? Anyway here are the official 'expat' numbers for Thailand. Foreign Expats by regions 2010[30] Region Population Percentage Total population 2,581,141 100.00 Unknown 2,147 0.08 Central Asia 2,749 0.11 Western Asia 6,634 0.26 Africa 8,166 0.32 Central and South America 10,608 0.41 Australia and Oceania 13,233 0.51 Northern America 46,279 1.79 South Asia 78,454 3.04 Stateless 117,315 4.54 Europe 200,564 7.77 East Asia 249,204 9.65 Southeast Asia 1,845,788 71.51 More here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Thailand ex·pat ดูวิธีออกเสียง informal noun noun: expat; plural noun: expats 1. a person who lives outside their native country. "a British expat who's been living in Amsterdam for 14 years"
  14. what if you told them at that point u dont have cash ? The first step will be to ask you for a credit card, which they will not charge if you return to pay the bill on an agreed upon date. But all this varies depending on hospital and circumstances.
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