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  1. And will likely do it again. I've spent the great majority of my long life outside my country in many places, including growing up. Been in lots of 'in the news' places. I was in the Soviet Union in the 60s. Peoples' freedoms vary widely around the world, it's not black and white as you suggest. Even in the USSR freedoms varied. Russia was quite bad. I also have long connections to China, Chinese, and even it's history. The problem is not China, it is the CCP.
  2. Don't need acts when you can just roll tanks in the street. The West also has acts protecting my right to say that. How about China? Can people in Hong Kong talk about rolling tanks in the street?
  3. You and the CCP share the same weakness, that they believe their own propaganda about how the free world thinks and functions. This is an unavoidable result of the tyrannical oppression of ideas and freedom of thought. They become locked into their own ideological prison. They mistake the West's apparent confusion for weakness. That confusion is simply the noise of free ideas advancing. Precisely why totalitarian regimes never seem to change. Even Lee Kuan Yew said the West will always survive because they are so adaptive. This failure of the CCP to understand the free world will be their downfall. China vs. world? World:1 China 0.
  4. Said a pilot whose profession instantly spread the virus to the far corners of the earth! I believe the rational may be because someone read something about UV. I would think chlorine would kill the virus. Into the pool! Make swimming mandatory.
  5. You mean the case Mueller investigated for years and years? Involving Flynn? If discussing Mueller makes you nervous wait till you hear criminal charges are now expected on his team.
  6. There is a global (real) conspiracy to make money on pharmaceuticals in the most unscrupulous ways. Another area where America leads the way.
  7. Do you know this website is discussing scheduled trials and ones that are now under way? This is not the number of completed trials, I see none that are completed. Many trials will take months. The large study recently discussed here (TV) and in the media was not a trial at all. It was a computer study of hospital records of ordinary patients under random treatments in hundreds of hospitals. I think 'week ending' refers to the graph, date indicates last day of that horizontal period.
  8. Basically comes from the bark of a tree, Quinine. Used for everything throughout the world. Yes quinine is still used to treat malaria.
  9. Every hill and stone on Mars is named after a memorable location. Similarly, diseases are named after their origins or discoverer. It's a memory device for history and science. But COVID? What's that? Just another Chinese attempt to smudge history that will cause great confusion for future researchers and students alike. COVID? COVIT? COVERIT? Oh, you mean Bat Woman's Bug!
  10. But trump believed them. Possibly because they lied? Not to mention you also believed them.
  11. Understanding the facts behind the pandemic and China's actions to date, the Republican approach, if that's really what it was, seems a most reasonable one. I didn't see a reference to a memo so the article may just be political. Not a good way to get at truth these days.
  12. Lol. facts. Nonsense. IF China lied to the WHO, then obviously they would lie to one little American sitting around China.
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