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  1. After saying they have no vaccines, permission to buy, and won't make reservations, then this? "Please note that giving your own personal information regarding vaccine reservation to invalid agents or media channels can lead to felony which is against the law and regulation." Jail! Forget the MOPH saying "We don't care about aged and venerable foreigners at this time", private hospitals warn about felony charges for talking about it? There is some really deep doo doo going down in the background about vaccines. Anutin, is that you?
  2. ... imported, smuggled, imported imported, smuggled smuggled smuggled. Ah. Probably came across the border like the UK variant, maybe to the same group of folks.
  3. Apply a 7 day average and figure again, what do you get?
  4. Thai officials would not say "expats", they would say khon-dang-chat which means foreigners. They also assured foreigners they were working on taking care of them as soon as more vaccines are available. MOPH spokesman Rungrueng Kitphati told foreigners to "Please don't worry."
  5. And or other issues further down in the database labyrinth. Though I must admire how quickly they are moving on a national scale. Maw Prom Chonburi had another update this AM.
  6. One blue and one pink, both residing in Bangkok long term. 1. Open app, go to bottom entry that says "Apply for new account", press 2. Enter 13 digit code in line 1, enter our mobile phone for OTP in line 2. Press line 3 button to verify the information. 3. Goes to information page explaining what and who the app is for (60+, conditions). Then says if you are not sure about using Maw Prom, call Maw Prom hot line no. etc. Can only press OK, back to prior window, no way to escape loop, no way to proceed. OTP code never comes.
  7. I think I know what their bug is. They do a simple 3bit checksum on the 13 digit ID. So, they must do a checksum on the rear laser code. But when they wrote the software they assumed the JT9999999999 (12 places) format. But the pinkcard code is B9999999 (9 places). So their checksum fails on many but not all laser codes depending on the exact digits. It looks like you fixed the checksum by adding a space. !! A Space technically adds 4 to the checksum. Other codes may need to add 1, 2, or 3 spaces, and some numbers may not be fixable. ... and I may be wrong
  8. I just tried the new version 0.1.4 Chonburi Maw Prom app. It fails as before on both my wife's and my 13 digit IDs, immediately when trying to open an new account.
  9. Can you take a guess what percentage of these people are in Chonburi? BTW, I just pressed the Chonburi Maw Prom app and see the following announcement: New Version Variable ! Version 0.1.4 Update I will give it another try.
  10. Yet some people continue to report success using the shorter pinkcard laser code, while others fail. Mine failed before that 'change'. Why is that? The logic doesn't stand. Why on Earth would professionals use a lost or stolen laser control code or other axillary code, common on security cards, to allow/disallow database access to users? A bit irrational. Especially as they do control access according the official control fields in the 13 digit ID, i.e., the 6,7,8 for foreigners. I would want a logical theory and evidence before trying to discourage people.
  11. Search for: หมอพร้อม or Chonburi Hospital You can cut and paste the Thai word. On my computer it is 1st or 2nd App that comes up. It's the big dark green one.
  12. All information, especially detailed info is useful. Using Maw Prom is like solving a hard Sudoku. Another poster said he successfully used the Chonburi ap from Bangkok. My wife and I can't.
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