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  1. A conspiracy theory that can't be disproved is not a conspiracy theory at all. Can you provide hard evidence it did not leak from a lab? Not opinion, actual evidence, the facts and reasons. Beware that viruses have leaked from labs before, including SARS-1 leaking from the Beijing Virological Lab, multiple times, eventually killing someone. Oops.
  2. There is nothing in the paper suggesting that the Thai bat virus RacCS203, the subject of the paper, was in anyway the source of the pandemic. In fact, they point out that it is farther away from the Chinese bat viruses and cannot even bind to ACE2 receptors, the hallmark of SARS-1 and especially SARS-2. They only discuss very broad similarities so no cigar. Sorry China. "despite the fact that the RBD of RacCS203 or RmYN02 failed to bind ACE2. Although the origin of the virus remains unresolved, our study extended the geographic distribution of genetically diverse SC2r-CoVs from Ja
  3. End of the line. Please do not leave items as you exit the train.
  4. Data in all graphs so far in this thread are from ourworldindata.com, an international source. These are for total testing for all of Thailand. The viral pneumonia pages only contain testing for their screening system that started in early January 2020, as I understand. Here is complete testing data in high resolution for the second wave only, no averaging.
  5. "2nd Feb they had 934 cases and did about 2000 tests giving an infection rate of nearly 50% which" Your numbers are off by at least a factor of 10. There were about 21000 tests that day. (check your graph)
  6. The graph I posted is exactly the same data as the two graphs you posted combined into one. This way, the data is perfectly aligned and related. But note: - The left axis is the number of tests per 1M. - The right axis is the number of cases per 1M. So each dot in the graph shows the no. of tests and cases on a given day. The dates are marked. To follow events, start at the blue dot marked January 26 (when spike starts to rise) then follow the blue line. It first runs to the right, then cases peak (right), and then runs back to the left as cases drop.
  7. Like everything else in immunology, it's not a matter of yes or no, black or white, is a question of how much. How well does the vaccine do? How much was it reduced. How effective at preventing infections, etc.
  8. Tracing is not limited to one group or program. They have been tracing everything from the start. They traced their first case on January 10, 2020. Its still on their websites. Why would they trace some and not others?
  9. Yes! The testing cart must follow the infected horse!
  10. Here is the full story, tests, cases, and timeline in one graph. The key to this graph is the sloped, dashed lines labelled 5%, 2%, 1%, etc. These lines are percent tested positive. As the outbreak began rising on Jan 26, percent positive tests rose from 1%, moving right up to 5%. After the peak, percent positives quickly dropped to 1% before testing dropped. ! If the drop in cases was due to less testing then the graph must follow the red 5% line, where 5 in 100 of test population remain positive all the way to the bottom. This is not what happened.
  11. So you don't know, correct? But they do. How? You must look at the number of positives per test. That tells you if real case numbers are being reduced. Positives per test has dropped from 5% (5 per 100) at the peak recent peak all the way down to 1% (1 per 100) now. Thus, totla cases are falling. These numbers have been posted several times.
  12. Last one to post, please turn out the lights. Looks like it's almost over.
  13. More media mumbling. The science question has never been can a vaccinated person spread covid, but how much does vaccination reduce spread and infection? From results of Israel's large roll out, the answer is a lot. 94% reduction in observable cases, and an early 70% reduction of infection. Another study shows 85% reduction in actual infections as tested by PCR. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-israel-vaccine/israeli-study-finds-94-drop-in-symptomatic-covid-19-cases-with-pfizer-vaccine-idUSKBN2AE0Q2 https://www.technologyne
  14. You are quoting fatality rates as percent of the entire population. Excess death numbers are a percentage of the number of deaths in said year, month, etc. Apples to jackfruit. These two numbers differ by roughly 8000% because roughly 1/80 people die per year. Death of 1.5 % of the population beyond normal represents an excess death well beyond 100%. DavisH is correct, you must compare alleged excess deaths to the maximum monthly variation of deaths over the last 5 years, in which case any wiggles in the Thai graph disappear. Seeing excess covid deaths in the Thai gr
  15. You'd be happy too to stop making up daily stories about vaccine arrivals. Next, Italia-Thai concrete efficacy. But why is a wannabe engineer the Health Minister? Ah, marijuana is medicine. Prayut: "But so many stoned?" Anutin: "So they'll never miss their money." Prayut: "And votes ... ?" "Ah, ha ha ha ha ha!", they both laughed.
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