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  1. A significant part of the bill was probably the stent, which is only available from major medical providers overseas. I needed 2 stents in one spot in my upper left leg in 2013 that I had done at Mongutwattana hospital, my usual first choice as I live nearby. The doctor initially quoted me about 200,000 baht (~US$6500). Even so, I dutifully complained a little hoping it might get me home faster. When the final bill came to only 140,000 baht, I asked the doctor why? "Oh, you said it was expensive so I found a really looong stent to cover both spots." Stents are usually about $2000 to $4000 depending on how much profit everyone takes.
  2. It's been quiet...... too quiet...... Then in 48 hrs, a top princess is thrown into the dead center of Thai politics, a shock to Thai like no other, fake military orders for mass military expulsions, generals reported in Germany, coup rumours, fake news of tanks entering Bangkok, complete disarray. 48 hrs. He's back. Just hope he's out grown guns, RPGs, C4, and mass urban pyrotechnics. Maybe he's gone digital, AI.
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