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  1. Patong is just full of fascinating sights that even after many trips here, still bring a smile. Last night we had dinner in our favourite Bistro in Nanai Rd, just south of Soi Banzaan. As Xylophone said, the big Chang "hotel" looks deserted and even the traffic is less than ever. A girl on a scooter went past with a big fluffy white Chow? dog sitting with its paws up on the handle bars, it's bum against the seat and rear paws in the footwell. The head of the dog was much bigger than the girls and she was peering around the side of the dog. Just a lovely scene with both of them smiling on their ride. Across the road at a little restaurant a patron had a large, pretty cat sitting on the next table grooming itself while he ate. Just down the road a delightful little dog sitting on another table with I think the owners of a little eating place. Both animals looking beautifully cared for. Being male I watched a well endowed young lady in a low cut, short red dress, go up the road and then she sat in the bar next to us just in my line of sight. Lets say she had ample thighs and it passed through my mind that 15 years ago you would rarely see a girl that big here, but now it is common. She wasn't unattractive, just an "upsize" model. Walking home down Soi Banzai we passed the lingerie and sexy outfit shop on the left and my wife and I looked wistfully at the delightful array of skimpy garments. I remarked that in 5 years time they will have to make them all a couple of sizes bigger. She replied that they already do, there is now a larger range of bigger sizes available in Patong shops now. Where have all those lean little honeys of yesteryear gone? Further down at Banzaan market my favourite Pad Thai cart was missing so the family must be having a well deserved night off. Then we threaded our way through the Chinese blocking all the paths so rudely. Really, there is always something of interest happening here, it never gets boring.
  2. I for one, thoroughly enjoyed many of the contributions on the "Patong is dead" thread and I am disappointed it was closed. Xylophone especially made some really insightful and balanced comments with very interesting detail. Having visited Patong for increasing lengths of time over 20 years I can say with confidence that the old Patong as we knew it is definitely dead and the new Patong seems to need some life blown into it. This is the lowest numbers of tourists we have ever seen here at this time of the year. What were your favourite sights in the old Patong? We really miss the pain in the ass (literally for some) of Soi Crocodile. It was always flamboyant and vibrant, many times annoying, but the dancers were always an interesting focal point for tourists new and old.
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