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  1. Not quite. Not with medical insurance. I thought like that about it with phone insurance and household insurance but when it came to Lymphoma treatment, it was clearly way over what I'd paid for medical insurance over 10+ years.
  2. hmm, Maybe I wonder whether a gofundme would get me the 800K baht for a retirement visa. I suppose it depends how good the story is, how it's presented.
  3. Reminds me of when India changed rules in 2010. ...Way worse than this, too.
  4. What about extremely high load demand, like aluminium smelters, for instance?
  5. So is it "denier" or "denialist"? Familiar. Those who question what they were indoctrinated in. Refer also to murtaad, apostate, heretic.
  6. He wasn't an ex-monk when she met him. They decided that he should become an ex-monk, live with her instead.
  7. Please show me somewhere where the price of electricity has dropped over the last few years. (As in, the consumers' electricity bills. And i don't mean people that reduced their dependency on the grid by installing solar power stuff at their houses and so on.)
  8. They were not taught to think of it. Actually, the population growth is the underlying reason for most social problems, economic issues and so on. ...There are more "issues" than ever before, that people talk about, motivated via the media, but the population growth is the "elephant in the room." ...The closest they get to it is when they talk about the idea of a universal basic income.
  9. The accent can get pretty bad, but at least they know what pommie means. ...And at least the accent desn't change every 100km or so. I went oop north to Burnley, Lancashire, and after one or two beers in the poob, I couldn't follow what they were saying.
  10. The spire was built sometime in the 1800s. I suppose there was some sort of spire before that... ...Anyway, that's what happens. Many cathedrals and so on have burned down in the last 500-1000 years or so. And rebuilt, sometimes from nothing - iow, replaced. So, c'est la vie.
  11. Who/what is behind it and why are they doing it? Ok, never mind the first question, that's complicated, but what is the reason for it, what is the purpose?
  12. Is that why they do it more in other countries? - Like in Bulgaria, puking in the street and falling off hotel balconies. ...I'm pretty sure it's well-known in those beach resort places in Spain too.
  13. Don't need a doctor. - Except that the doctor might put you straight, and you listen to the doctor. Just make up your mind to do the right thing, change the mindset. Yes, contraceptive pills work but usually not end of story. * Drink more water. *Make a habit of it.* Throughout the day. It doesn't have to be a glass each time. If you don't like it, put a few drops of lemon juice in it, makes it taste better. * Eat vegetables and fruit every day. Less bread, chips/crisps, pastries, etc. Instead of oily/fatty food. The acne will stop after a few weeks.
  14. Refer to the constant moaning here about Thais not wanting farangs.
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