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  1. Wish they'd do something about the small bike riders to start with..
  2. Yeah those late red light runners are dangerous.. but not the bikers' fault. I always speed off first so I have an empty road ahead instead of having to slalom through dozens of bikes. But of course look carefully left and right before crossing the intersection. "not really. It's just that it's harder to be an annoying <deleted> in Bangkok traffic on a big bike because many gaps are too tight." I disagree with this one. I ride daily in Bangkok (both big bike and scooter) since 5 years and I've only ever had one big bike cut in front of me, compared to the hundreds (if not thousan
  3. Assuming the light changes green, what's wrong with that? The bigger problem is those cutting corners in the intersection, running red lights etc - which are mostly little 110cc motorbikes. But yeah, cops sit in their box and don't give a s**t. On average big bike riders ride much better than the small motorbikes. Of course there are exceptions too.
  4. Yeah I've added the YSS g-sport rear shocks and their performance fork kit. It's an off the shelf product but allows for many adjustments. The shop that installed them adjusted them roughly for my weight, but I might go to a proper suspension specialist in Bangkok later to get it set perfect. It was a very good investment as I'm quite heavy (95kg) and the stock suspension kept bottoming out. I recommend to purposefully practice locking the rear on different road surfaces in a safe area and you'll get the feel for it. I slide the rear almost every day in a couple of corners in my soi (not b
  5. I would recommend contacting Set by Sar in Bangkok via Facebook or Line and explain to them exactly how you want your bike (e.g. focus on acceleration, top speed, or both). They ship parts even overseas, they're famous in Asia. If you want you can PM me your Line ID and I'll share the contact of a person at the shop who speaks English. You could order by post then have any local shop install them for you in CM. Yeah, the ADV doesn't have ABS on the rear but I much much prefer it that way. I often slide the rear into corners, a bit like riding a supermoto. You can see a video here from Frid
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