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  1. i don't see why not. it is not about your Thai bank but about whether your card supports visa or mastercard. if the atm supports the same service you should be fine. i used my Thai bank card in Vietnam but it was a long time ago. Certainly in Cambodia you can. It will be the same international system. also you need to watch out for bank charges from either the atm or your Thai bank or maybe both.
  2. were you a good little boy and did you stay in your home for the last 90 days? or if you did travel and sleep in a hotel did you remember to report either online or in person to your local io? tell us more. personally after my last experiences at cw i am <deleted> scared of going anywhere. posted under the influence of johny walker reduced by the generals from 225 THB to 199 THB for 200 ml. every body happy.
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