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  1. Would love to see a photo with the deck.
  2. Hey thanks, at the moment I use it everyday. My thought too I may put a bigger in-ground pool in when I have learnt all the pros & cons 1st hand. Did you upgrade to a sand filter or stay with the cartridge system ?. The sand filter seems to almost pay for its self in a couple of years, compared to the cost of replacement cartridges.
  3. Ok so I went for 4 x 2 meter above ground pool. Don't need to swim just somewhere to cool off when it gets too hot. The cartridge filter pump that came with it does not seem very strong. Works fine for 4-5 days then slows down. On checking the filter it is not very dirty, but when I replace I have full pump pressure again. Even washing the old one out does not seem to remove any dirt. I was thinking of getting a sand filter pump and fill with glass media. Any advice from pool owners please.
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