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  1. I asked the same thing. Why not call yourself the number is 1178. Maybe you will get the right answer that you want. I told them I been doing extensions of stays for 13 years. So I hope she realized it was before 31 Oct 19.
  2. I just called 1178 and was told that it does apply to anyone who enter Thailand on a o/a visa. I told them that it was 13 years ago. She put me on hold and talked to her boss and returned and told me that it applies to anyone who enter Thailand on an o/a visa.
  3. It does say "This order is effective as of 31 October 2019. It is on the bottom of the first page (of the police order).
  4. The police order states it is effective as of 31 Oct 19. Anything before that date does not need the insurance.
  5. If you take the time to read the police order it clearly start a non 0/a visa. Read the police order in English and Thai here:
  6. I like to know why Thai visa is not gettings in touch with Gen Sompong Chingduang and tell him some of his IO in Chiang Mai and Jomtien immigrations are given out wrong information on who requires to have health insurance effective 31 Oct 19. These idiots need to be fired for putting out wrong information.
  7. Unless someone shot at the police they should have never fired on the truck no matter what they were thinking it was. The one who killed the kid needs to get the death sentence.
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