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  1. Ah ha - so the Brit has been living there for a while and now completely immersed in Thai 'driving culture'?
  2. That is NOT what I said! Are you being disingenuous? I was about to make the effort to move to Thailand and coming from a western nation (where approximately 26% of our citizens were born overseas) and they happily fit in, recognise their own culture but also enjoy ours. It seems that the Kingdom has a problem with 'caucasian/farang' and are not really welcoming to them - nothing to do with me needing/wanting 'farang culture' above all. Apart from all the regulatory hassles, seemingly constant rule changes and outright corruption, I figured I don't need the worry. I'll stick with visiting from time to time and enjoy their culture while there. So much easier.
  3. They don't care. The Kingdom will never be a multi-cultural country in any way whatsoever. Certainly insofar as 'farang' (Caucasian) is concerned.
  4. They don't care or don't want to understand! Too often, higher order thinking does not happen. "..moral obligation.." what is that? Patting oneself on the back (in order to move forward) for "idiocy", can only lead to condemnation. And they got it and deservedly so!
  5. And tanks (and perhaps useless planes for a useless aircraft carrier?). The military have a history of shoddy purchasing but, hey, someone's making a few baht because of it.
  6. As Tom Jones would have sung: "It's not unusual..." Some drivers are just oxygen thieves and bloody cretins! Such a pity they could not wipe themselves out without involving other people!
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