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  1. And I would expect that there are strict controls (depending on the crop) on their use.
  2. Guess they don't export it to China and get a high price for it?
  3. Some of you (still advocating the use of pesticides/herbicides or whatever) sound like you've been in Thailand too long. You're thinking like Thais. Not learning from other countries. See my post, #49, point, 2.)!
  4. What a dumb assed statement! 1.) If they are selling alternative substitutes then the farmers can still buy! 2.) New Zealand & Australia enjoy tremendous sales of food in China because of their CLEAN product. And enjoy a commensurately higher $ return for doing so. AKA valued added marketing! The current suppliers of pesticides in Thailand ONLY have a concern for the money they may lose! Greedy self-entitled grubs!
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