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  1. Krirk University(?) need their "prestigious" asses kicked!
  2. At least he didn't run away! Tried(?) to help and then reported to Police. Better than what many other drivers do.
  3. That is very sad to read. RIP Bua-ngern Boonwong. Condolences to family and friends. And may they "string up" the truck driver when caught! Sometimes I think (although not politically correct) 'tis such a pity that lynch mobs are out of date!
  4. DUH? Is this guy sucking up to Thailand or what? Thailand cannot fix it's road trauma problems, the southern criminals/insurgency, annual flooding, pollution (among many other problems) and he thinks they going to help fix the WTO! What planet is he from? He needs to do some study! Canada's cold weather has frozen his brain!
  5. I don't know about this being racism - more than likely religious extremists (and it seems that many 'religions' do have them). They could be racially based but not necessarily so. While we have 'religion' we will have violence. History has shown that.
  6. Effective, simplistic "farang" ways NOT acceptable to Thai authorities. They will re-invent their own wheel!
  7. Offer Govt some money for one of their old tanks. Even the lorries will give you a W I D E berth! And you won't notice a motorbike/scooter if it hits you.
  8. Govt care factor = ZERO. Govt response = ZERO. Govt culpability = 100% One can only guess that the elite and the Military/RTP don't make any money out of diminishing the road trauma?
  9. Huh? Drink it b4 you get on the bike - so many do. You feel less pain when you can off. (facetious)
  10. Certainly NOT the overweight ones! They're the ones always involved in Police "crackdowns", bought about by sitting around on their butts!
  11. And what about all the abuse he "hid" by shifting offending clergy around so that they could/would not be called to account for their crimes? He should be comforted by the fact that he can go to a confessional (or whatever it is called), ask for forgiveness and be on his way again! Something very rotten here! He will die and still think he is going to his "heaven", despite his despicable crimes.
  12. Yup - you lifted them up and the enemy ran away fearing those unknown "creatures"!
  13. A "man" who lied continuously to his people and the world (for 4 or 5 years) wants to protect that? Huh? Is nothing sacred?
  14. Catch that dog - it just went thru the tunnel!!
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