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  1. 12 hours ago, richard_smith237 said:


    At the beginning of all this there were reports of Doctors reporting alarming increases in the rates of viral pneumonia - I wonder how valid those reports were. They seem to have disappeared from the internet. 


    In other countries the Covid-19 related deaths seems to have been over-reported i.e. 'someone died from Covid-19 have being eaten by an alligator', whereas in Thailand someone who dies from Pneumonia if not tested for Covid-19 has died from Pneumonia. 


    The collection of data varies country to country. Thailand also reports road fatalities in a strange manner (those who die in hospital are not counted the official stats which are half that of the WHO estimate). 


    I wonder of the data in Thailand is being manipulated or massaged to fit an agenda or if we are actually seeing the real data and Thailand, although a statistical outlier, has somehow managed to control this. 



    Pneumonitis is what finally kills the Wuhan virus victims. And if they have not been tested/confirmed for the virus, then pneumonia it is.


    Pneumonia stats look more 'acceptable'. 🤐

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  2. 21 hours ago, GuyFawkes said:

    In the curfew of May 2010 my very close friend needed to go to hospital.  It was a matter of life or death.

    I called the hospital - not in Bangkok but well known in its location Thai city - and was told that because of the curfew they could not go out until 5 a.m.


    Sadly my friend died at 4.20 a.m.    His last request was for me to hold him in my arms, which I did.   It was the most harrowing thing to watch him slowly slipping away.  I will remember it until my dying day.

    That is terribly sad.


    Surely frontline services. medics, firecrews etc., would be exempt but TIT!

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  3. 26 minutes ago, khunPer said:

    A reverse osmosis system makes clean water, if you take care of maintaining/cleaning/changing the filter, but it also takes minerals out of the water; a filter system with a UV-lamp also cleans the water effective and kills all bacteria (UV light also kills virus), however again, you need to clean and and change filters.


    With installation cost price and ongoing filter prices in mind, buying drinking water in large containers might be a better option. Several grocery-stores sells large containers (cirka 15 liters) for about 15 baht (or less) only, and many supermarkets have 6 liter containers for around 30 baht.


    A small filter easily cost 300 baht and up, and if you have a three-filter system, and need to change filters just once a year, it's easily a cost of 1,000 baht; however changing every six month is often recommended. 1,000 baht equals up to 1,000 liters – if bought in large containers – or almost 3 liters a day, if semi-annual filter-change it's more than 5 liters a day. Even in 6-liter containers from a supermarket you can have about 1 liter a day for the filter maintenance only.


    I had a well – which we don't use anymore due to limestone, rust, and being too close to sea – and filtered the water with large sand and resign filters. For household boiling water an active carbon filter often can take any (bad) taste away, and the boiling will kill bacteria., so that could be a "boiling hot" water solution. A single small filter house is about 500-600 baht, and an active carbon-filter can cost from cirka 250 baht and up to around 400 baht. Expect to change carbon-filter at least once annually, better twice. You might end up with paying 1 baht – or more – per liter water, so the larger container option is still worth considering.


    Thaivisa news-section had an article about the RO-filter machines you can bring your own container to, and fill up for a 10 baht coin. Around 90 percent of the tested machines had bad or none filter maintenance; just a reminder about that the running costs shall be included in the calculation, it's not only the price of the machine...


    Good advice and I would add only one criteria - make sure you are getting bottled water from a trusted supplier e.g. Coca_Cola or one of the breweries.

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  4. 2 hours ago, AgMech Cowboy said:

    My wife had installed an RO-Tank under our kitchen sink from Mazuma Water Solutions. I do not know if she bought it at HomePro or direct.  It is serviced by Mazuma Service (Thailand). We got tired of the plastic bottles filling the garbage/rubbish every week so she bought a couple of dozen re-useable bottles. I know she or the technician has to come periodically to service it, but it saves a lot of hassle buying water and toting it about.  BTW, we have a 5 gal water cooler, hot-cold dispenser and bottles, but this is so much better we cancelled the delivery service. 

    Best choice, next to distilled water but that may be mising essential minerals for your body - then it is a case of taking supplements. Distilled is boiled water and the collection of only the steam is what is used.


    Your UV kills the bacteria.

  5. 2 hours ago, Mung said:

    They can stop contagious people from spreading it, symptomatic or not

    That is the only real use for many of these masks.


    Practice good hygiene -wash your hands (to an area above and beyond your wrists) with soap frequently and always before touching any part of your face. Be aware of the surfaces you touch - the virus can live for up to 9 hours on hard surfaces but for very little time on soft/absorbent surfaces.

  6. On 10/29/2019 at 4:02 PM, Chazar said:

    Much of this has now been made  illegal, flying over  villages is  not  allowed, in fact its gotten ridiculous..............my drones  have been in a  cupboard gathering dust.


    1.Must not fly in a way that may cause harm to the life, property and peace of others;
    2. Must not fly into restricted area, limited area and dangerous area announced in Aeronautical Information Publication – Thailand or AIP-Thailand and also at government buildings and hospitals unless permission is given.;
    3. Take-off and landing area must not be obstructed by anything;
    4. Must keep the Unmanned Aircraft in line-of-sight at all times and not rely on the monitor or other devices;
    5. Must only fly between sunrise and sunset when the Unmanned Aircraft can clearly be seen;
    6. Must not fly in or near clouds;
    7. Must not fly within 9 km (5 nautical miles) from airport or temporary airfield unless having permission from the airport or airfields operators;
    8. Must not fly over 90 meters above the ground;
    9. Must not fly over cities, villages, communities or areas where people are gathered;
    10. Must not fly near other aircraft that have pilots;
    11. Must not violate the privacy rights of others;
    12. Must not cause a nuisance to others;
    13. Must not deliver or carry dangerous items or lasers on the Unmanned Aircraft; and
    14. Must not fly horizontally closer than 50 meters (150 feet) to people, vehicles, constructions or buildings
    15. When there is an accident access, pilot or controller must contract officer immediately for 18  months  now



    But SAFETY is paramount.

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