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  1. Some folks should read the article before yelling. Interesting to see that our neighbor is keeping an eye on Immigration as well They will be sharing data next
  2. I must admit, I have felt like doing the same to some taxi drivers
  3. If it takes 3 days to get a statement from UOB change banks. They will soon wake up
  4. Finished the rant ? The rule changes are designed to stop "borrowing" the money to obtain the visa & then giving it back.......which is against the law as you state that it is yours.Sounds reasonable to me. & yes, you are right they don't care if you stay or go & why should they ?
  5. Just pleased I did not go there that morning
  6. Ok, Unlicensed gun & 43 bullets he will get charged. But any dog that chases & bites people shoot the b.............
  7. Why do you not go home.....?. If you are lucky enough to come from a "Nanny " state they will take care of you
  8. Interesting post. You can be very alone here in Thailand without the right friends, not just the gold diggers. I am too old now to make the change but if I am frugal we should be OK. Some of your topics are valid but I sense an underlying bit of Thai resentment between the lines. The money required for an extension of stay is to me acceptable. (Have a look at immigration requirements in your country or Oz, NZ or the UK) & 70% of expats here would not even be able to consider. Best of luck,,,, enjoy
  9. More importantly, please make it go up when it should go up & down when & where it should go down
  10. No way they police cars going the wrong way up a one way street, motorbikes on the pavement , jumping a red light etc at normal times, what makes one think that this "law" would be enforced at a time when the BIB are trying to celebrate the New Year themselves. Maybe alcohol police like Saudi Arabia (God forbid)
  11. Crazy idea as the booze is purchased before in the villages anyway. Very few tourists in bars even have access to a vehicle. Damaging tourism again
  12. Good idea, at least they are still there .& working My cable TV gone after after Sukhumvit clean out
  13. One of my pet hates & one reason I avoid travelling on budget airlines. It is time that all airlines started enforcing the IATA guidelines & checking size & weight (7 Kg) of cabin baggage. Apart from the inconvenience of disembarking it is very dangerous. In the event of heavy turbulence the overhead lockers open & a 20 Kg bag becomes a lethal weapon & before you say "rubbish" I witnessed it on a short flight Bangkok/Singapore where heavy turbulence did just that... 2 hostesses taken to hospital & a guy with a broken neck who had been hit by a flying bag stowed in the overhead lockers. Also an aborted take off can cause worse damage
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