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  1. If she cares enough to come stay with you as she thinks you are bored, ask her !!! Ensure the internet is paid up & batteries changed. Have fun !!!
  2. You should be fine. just remember to have your pin number ready. Does your bank know where yu are ? Better tell them if not.
  3. Some of you guys have lost the plot !!! Why should Thais not come first ? As a farang in Thailand & you really think that you deserve special treatment before Thais,,,,,, go home or have a major rethink about your status. By then Hospitals will have stock anyway & you can go & get innoculated. It is not about how much but when ?
  4. If it was a max vax of 14,000,000 it would be newsworthy When is this local Company going to start rolling out these vaccines. It seems to be taking forever
  5. If you have been living away from a country for 15 years you will have little idea on voting for the right choices, so I believe NZ has got it right. Over 3 years out of the country no vote, over 5 years of living & working overseas, no Universal pension payments. On your return 2 years after pension reinstated. The "Nanny State" has to end
  6. How many "high rollers" are allowed free access to the borders to go to the casinos?
  7. NZ & Australia are not breaking any vaccination records
  8. All this palava by the boss when the local Company have yet to produce any vaccines at all. Crack the whip Sir at Siam Bioscience to start producing even 5 million a month. I have faith in the Thai peoples ability to transport & vaccinate this many people a month easily as they have an amazing knack of "getting this sort of thing done BUT, BUT, please shut up until you have the vaccines available
  9. Again, all cart before the horse stuff. The only next bit of news that I want to hear is "Thailand roll out first 10,000,000 doses of locally produced vaccine" Until then please respect my level of intelligence
  10. They should have all been closed anyway !!! But had they closed they would have had to give massive rent reductions. It is the Governments way of looking after their wealthy landlords
  11. Wake me up when they stop talking about it & the vaccines are actually here. I have no doubt that when available the community has the ability to actually administer these vaccnes in these numbers, they can do things like this very well when push comes to shove
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