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  1. So he is still talking about "impossible " dreams" The EU see the Irish border as the UK's problem & May's acceptance of a lesser deal than she would have hoped paved the way for an orderly exit, That opportunity has now gone thanks to the "chicken farm " House of Commons members looking after their interests not their constituents nor the greater good of the country by rejecting the deal. October 31 will come & go & the PM of the UK will still have his head in the clouds smoking something. The UK needs a leader that understands the word "reality"
  2. With all due respect Sir,,, you need to talk seriously to your Government not only to enact laws but to ensure they are obeyed,,,, the latter being just about non existent in Thailand
  3. So the child has picked up his ball & gone home .... Incredulous !!
  4. Over 30 old ? ,, come on !!!! I have a question though Assume 10 high level diplomats travel from the Foreign Ministry BKK- London in Business class. Does Thai Airways invoice the particular Ministry & actually get paid or just has to absorb the cost ? If not there is your first problem
  5. Thai law requires a permit from your local Amphur for any permanent dwelling. Without it you will never have electricity connected these days
  6. Don't you just love em !! Now that he has lost the ability to kick paying passengers off a flight so he can travel FREE he wants the system overhauled
  7. These clowns are so far out of the circle they have NO idea what is going on. Pass a directive first that ALL Licenced premises are allowed to sell alcohol until 2 am. I refer to Chiang Mai where the local mafia make them close at midnight, And in Hua Hin where often they will not even let them open on many days
  8. If you are not on a Tourist Visa or visa on arrival the fine for driving without a Thai drivers licence is now 500 Bht. It is being enforced now. Go get one they are very cheap
  9. Did anyone tell this clown that the Chinese & Indians never darken pubs doors.
  10. Your beloved previous armed forces are moving away from you Sir ? Maybe they have bigger fish to fry ?
  11. Not yet Ubon Joe. The time will come when they figure out the 800 Bht is better in their pocket
  12. If he has an onward ticket for less than 28 days time he will be allowed in by air
  13. If you live in Thailand as an expat (age immaterial) & don"t have any health insurance you are walking a tightrope. As to those who complain that too expensive because I am old & have too many preexisting conditions ,,, did you not think this through before deciding to make Thailand your home? You can't have the chicken & the egg always. Scenario, get knocked over as an innocent streetwalker by a speeding bike going through a red light He has no money, nor a licence) & you need 2 operations & traction for 8 weeks cost 2.3 million With no so called health cover are you in a position to pay ? If not ,, think seriously if you should be living here. The above scenario did happen & was resolved by the Police Hospital accepting a 12 month pay off but what if not ?
  14. Until they bite the bullet & put mufti police on the roads with authority, fully equipped with speed radar & back up from the police (not just topping up the salary) this carnage will continue. All public vehicles must go over the pits every 6 months (take note Transport Dept) Maximum speed for public vehicles & trucks 100 KPH & special licences for drivers of public vehicles issued only after driving tests (physical) & checks for drugs & (or) alcohol taken seriously IE: one time caught licence suspended
  15. You would think TAT might really try & get the Government to do something about getting the Police & Transport Dept to do their job. This gets back to Italy another tourist source gone. It just goes on & on ,,,,,,,,
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