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  1. Because the US is so squeeky clean??? What a lot of rubbish !!!
  2. The place has been ruined by the Chnese & their casinos already. So why waste your money? Nicknamed by the farang locals who have just about all left is "Little Peking"
  3. And there are those that want to open borders for tourism now !! Not just yet , I say, but we can internally open up more businesses. Even small bars that are only going to serve their customers who have been here for the last 3 months anyway. Suck it & see internally first
  4. The new order has arrived. Get used to it. Freaking out just shows how shallow you are.
  5. It's a bit like the advert' "I bet you can't resist my pussy" Another dumb farang!!
  6. Anyone who did not see this coming in one form or another the moment Britain left is a slow learner. The preferential trade with HK was abused by China with "made in HK " stickes being applied. We & the HK locals just need to accept the fact that HK is now part of China & get on with it
  7. Why does "the goose" not shut them all down. It would go down as one of the only good things he achieved. Make the world a better place
  8. There is no such thing as an accurate test which just complicates things. In Wales 2 days ago they reported 47.? inaccurate from tests taken 12 days previously
  9. Use your KTB & try & minimize transactions. (Less for more) Their exchange rates alone are far better than Pay Pals
  10. In our area, with some great really crystal clear water ways I was fairly forcefully advised by the family to take a Thai with me always which I do (the 12 year old nephew) The fish never go to waste & it is good fun
  11. Trump has shied away from real issues that he should be looking into at home, but is poking his nose into Hong Kong which is now part of China (goose.). To me (& this is not confined to the US) the issue of going the not buy Chinese route is fine but the costs on many items will triple overnight. Are the general public going to accept this or are shop on line going to go through the roof ?
  12. Actually he is right & you are wrong, so give him a break. I have worked with swimming pools in 5 countries (hotels, not apartments) & a pool where the serviceman gets a bit slack can be lethal, in particular in warmer countries. Always check "available chlorine befor swimming. Beware of a pool where they chlorinate in the morning as the sun kills it at an alarming rate before it can do it's asigned work. Seen many salt water pools where the levels are downright dangerous in spite of the salt which often is also dangerously low, & they did not even have a PH test kit, along with the fuse being blown for 5 days on the chlorinator Without getting involved in the social distancing debate as again he is correct that people do congregate around pools (That is a condo management problem), running a safe swimming pool is a lot of work. The folks who complain about everthing that Thais do wrong are the same ones complaining about not being able to swim, Think about it ?
  13. Well, yes, they do need proper alcohol control. No public drinking, licence bottle shops, restaurants, bars only & stop selling at convenienc shops (it is just too convenient for them). Indonesia had great success with this.(Mr CP did not like though & picked up his ball & came home) The boys in blue will never work for this Government & will do as little as required to stay employed
  14. We will have the "human rights brigade" on here soon suggesting that they "sue the Headman" for demeaning unconstitutional demands. These are disturbing times & I think it is socially responsible to at least comply with well meaning fairly lighthearted sort of punishment. The "not law brigade, you cant make me do it" are in the wrong country & regrettably have this idea that they are better than anyone else..... Get over it
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