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  1. Let the Lands Office handle this Government land leasing Get on & start running a decent train service which is what you are there for
  2. I see no threats to me living here at present. I should travel to 3 countries for business deals but at present I will not, Long term (after 30 years) I do not have a home anywhere else. Right now I could not be in a better country
  3. "National lockdown would do more harm than good" What Boris is trying to say in his bumbling is the Government does not want to take any responsibility for the fallout whatever happens, Similar to the other blonde clown across the pond
  4. The Company was probably set up to get around the laws of the land anyway as never traded anything.
  5. My mate who we got back to Sydney last Sunday was in a similar position of 56 day overstay He had gone to Immigration twice in Khon Kaen & they would not give hime a visa extension because he arrived before the Covid amnesty. At airport he presented PP & just said "Covid,sorry, stamped out without a mention of fine or overstay stamp in PP
  6. Where do you get the very high cost figure of Thailand from ? Sydney quarantine starts at 66,000 Bht
  7. The idea is not new here. Long ago trucks banned from 6am until 10am & then 5pm til 8pm. Great for the drive from & to home .
  8. I do not really care if GB falls to pieces but what I do know is that although the originally conceived idea may be good, from there it is a major problem, no expansion on the concept, lazy or inept Governments just basically putting off any proper planning or systems, with no real budgeted feasabilities on what the outcome will be for the man in the street .Would I call it a disaster, no, but for sure the general cost of living will go up possibly by 10% each year for 3 years. This will certainly increase the wedge between the rich & poor & with a ditherer at the
  9. Do not pay too much attention to these moaners re "O & AO" some of them get out the wrong side of the bed every morning. The answer to your question at this time is unknown which is why the Embassy cannot help you. Not married to a Thai by any chance ? If you are there are some guys being allowed back in Otherwise if your Visa expires before getting a chance to come back you will need to start again by the look of it
  10. I also heard the the lady in question is Thai, but married to a French dude. Maybe she travelled on her French PP but that in itself is strange as even if the Thai PP expired she would still be allowed entry. Some smoke & mirrors here methinks
  11. All I can tell you is that after applying through the Australiann Embassy for the 5th time I actually helped get my mate on a Thai flight to Sydney last night.($24,000 one way) He is in a quarantine hotel now (66,000 Bht) So Thai are flying them. His visa was 2 months overdue & he was unable to renew as he came here before March Just waved him through
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