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  1. Because any soldiers who stood up fot the "people" would be shot. Does that answer your question?
  2. Nothing is fake , everything is real, until you label it !!!
  3. I do not understand why posters are again knocking Thailand on this subject. The requirements are "normal" & actually less than NZ, Aust, Malaysia, Singapore & now the UK Pray tell, what would you suggest ?
  4. The grass is always greener ,,,,,,,,,,,, You want your cake & eat it too Going through change of life,,, are we ?
  5. The quality of the roads in Thailand are pretty good just about which ever way you go. Just give way to the local drivers who I must say have got better over the years at driving skills. Motorbikes are another story
  6. I gotta say, I do not have a problem eating dog meat. The major problem for me is the inhumane way they keep them before
  7. Last year as a result of my not updating my passbook every month they wanted 12 monthly bank statements. No problem, just a nuisance for the bank
  8. Ask one of the friendly staff at the hotel to put some stock aside for you from 7/11 A generous tip will ensure this can happen See you for a drink on Saturday
  9. So you see, it is not only Thailand that has a "misunderstanding
  10. My Embassy kindly sends me one. Less hassle than Immigration
  11. Red lights are for "Farang" To a Thai it means nothing
  12. That is why the Visa & extension is clearly marked "Non" We are just a guest in their country, get over it Even being a taxpayer for 27 years I realize that will need to pay for it
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