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  1. No HLover, it has been going on for thousands of years. They are just trying to make a living
  2. Get me a short 22 & a 16' knife . clear the beach & let me loose. Job done
  3. No more bleating hearts & yes I owned & bred dogs for years. Time for a cull now before this happens again & again & again & IT WILL
  4. Sorry Spidermike you are wrong. My Doctor actually writes down what I need & suggests to me I buy outside
  5. I have a great regular caddie ,,, paid her 500 Bht all last year & put it up to 600 Bht this year,,, no extras for birdies etc but sometimes buy a drink at halfway. But I am not Irish
  6. Some folks should read the article before yelling. Interesting to see that our neighbor is keeping an eye on Immigration as well They will be sharing data next
  7. I must admit, I have felt like doing the same to some taxi drivers
  8. If it takes 3 days to get a statement from UOB change banks. They will soon wake up
  9. Finished the rant ? The rule changes are designed to stop "borrowing" the money to obtain the visa & then giving it back.......which is against the law as you state that it is yours.Sounds reasonable to me. & yes, you are right they don't care if you stay or go & why should they ?
  10. Just pleased I did not go there that morning
  11. Ok, Unlicensed gun & 43 bullets he will get charged. But any dog that chases & bites people shoot the b.............
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