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  1. Whenever one of my teenage kids wants to go out in a t-shirt I check to see what it says and if it's not obscene or controversial I ask them if they know what it actually means. Often when they don't know if the picture or words actually have some meaning I explain it to them. All part of education
  2. Teamwork:- An engineering manager was once asked his definition of "Teamwork." He said "Teamwork is where everyone in the department is doing what I tell them without whining. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- A ladies purse:- An elderly woman was walking her dog when a young man grabbed her purse and ran away. I asked if she was OK and she smiled and said it was no big deal because she carries her old purse to put her dog’s poop in it until she gets home to dispose of it. ----------------------------------------------------------------- A Dream:- I dreamt I was getting attacked by a bike repeatedly... It was a vicious cycle ------------------------------------------------------- I tried:- I yelled "COW!!" at a woman riding by on a bike. She gave me the finger. Then she plowed right into that cow........................... I tried! ----------------------------------------------------------- I was not a smart kid:- When I was in the 3 rd grade, I was in love with a girl I saw. I was shy so I asked my older brother how to impress her to make her notice me. He said to put a potato in my pants. I did and went off to school. Thinking she would adore me, I was met with laughter and ridicule from her and all the children. The teacher also suspended me. Later I learned that my brother meant to put the potato in the front of my pants, not the back. ---------------------------------------------------
  3. The tickets are virtually identical and at first glance you would not notice any difference. It's only if you look closely at the top left corner you will notice the difference. Yes tickets priced same at 80Bt, but sold usually at 100bt. Managed to attach images this time
  4. What's the difference between a Thai Charity Lottery ticket and a Thai Government Lottery ticket? Been buying the occasional odd ticket but only recently noticed there were there were two different types Tried to upload examples but didn't work for me Anyway you can see the difference on the top left of the ticket. ?
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