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  1. "Married at Minburi, my brief experience." I took that to mean you were divorced a few days later, so I found your story quite disappointing.
  2. If you're living in Bangkok, you're living in the wrong city, PERIOD. It's absolutely a Third World horror city, nowadays with First World prices... The whole purpose of putting up with living in a hole like Bangkok was the low prices, now long gone... Soon to be 30-something baht to the pound (currently at 40.5 baht to the pound and falling), imported farang food costs 2 to 4+ times the price of the same food at home, rent not cheap nowadays either, pollution off the scale (comparable to India). Why would you want to pay First World prices to live in a Third World city? Bangkok is unique in that it's the only Third World capital that now has First World, or even higher, prices for almost everything. Once Brexit is done, you're going to be seeing 35 baht or less to the pound, which makes Bangkok completely unaffordable for "English teachers" earning 20,000 baht a month.
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