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  1. Why on earth would you want to put that stuff on your body? It'll give you cancer (100% certain) but on the plus side, at least you'll have big muscles while you're undergoing cancer treatment.
  2. What makes you think you would be denied entry? Will you be wearing a red "Make America Great Again" cap when you get off the plane?
  3. Check Google. www.google.com or www.google.co.th
  4. On Nut is only for poor English teachers. Further out is only for very poor English teachers without any qualifications.
  5. Maybe I described you, but I'm certainly not overweight, nor do I ever have to pay money for the company of a lady.
  6. If you're a light sleeper, Thailand is definitely not the place for you. I recommend that you go back to live in your home country.
  7. He's American. Why would he want to take Thai nationality? He's given up his privileges to get the passport of a Third World country.
  8. Can't recommend anything. For a city of its size, Bangkok truly has a terrible nightlife. Clubs play terrible music and are filled with overweight middle-aged white men and "ladies of the night". Almost any other city in Asia (outside Thailand) has better nightlife.
  9. Coke? They probably meant fizzy drinks. But you, being a drug user, obviously misinterpreted it as illegal narcotics. No matter how much you protest, your r@$ism in starting this topic remains as clear as crystal. You sound like one of those typical guys who say "I'm not a r@$ist but..."
  10. But I bet most of them know how to write (and speak) English better than you can.
  11. "The city of Bangkok has a population of 8.3 million" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bangkok#Demography /closed
  12. It isn't a "super huge city" in any way whatsoever. Bangkok has a population of only 8.3 million, London has 8.9 million, and there are over 50 cities in China with a population larger than Bangkok. Bangkok just seems huge because it's so badly designed and organized and so difficult to get around. Third World cities always seem much bigger than developed ones, even when they're not.
  13. Definitely not "normal" at all. In 20 years of coming to Thailand, I've never been asked to pay that. It must be that they think you look like the kind of person who will try to remove the TV from the wall and steal it in your suitcase.
  14. How completely prejudiced of you to assume (quite wrongly) that all black people who happen to be around the streets of Sukhumvit must be drug dealers? Do you have any idea how ridiculous (and bigoted) you sound? How about if Thais saw you hanging around on Sukhumvit and assumed you're a white pervert looking for little kids to molest?
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