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  1. Actually not sure I'd agree to this overall. Considering the amounts of Ambulances I've seen/heard so far, many of them could use a volume up as I, listening to "normal volume" music, can barely hear them 10m behind me, I usually see them long before I can hear them while they are being slowed down by not way giving dip<deleted>s. Either way if an ambulance is tailing you with sirens and lights on for a while and you still don't make way asap, there shouldn't be any excuse that should save you. Not hearing it is one thing, not seeing it is a whole different one. I also don't know how prevalent it is for ambulances to just drive with lights on but sirens off just for the sake of it (otherwise still adhering to normal traffic rules). iirc they aren't allowed do just that, but I also wouldn't know if they are indeed having a patient in the car or not, as it's iirc not strictly required to use the siren to get emergency vehicle priority, either way I make way....but the sentiment is there, which is a problem. This is just one problem of a seemingly endless list in regards to driving here, but it would be nice if that list would get started being worked on at all, regardless of priority.
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