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  1. Hmmm true, I did not consider breaking lights. I guess I'd need to actually be colorblind to experience it, currently my understanding is they can see "a color" just fine, being it green and/or red appearing to be yellow, but I wouldn't know if they also have problems interpreting the intensity of said color as well. Signal/Emeergency signal can be understood from context of the situation I'd believe, breaking light (intensity) I'd would be the only thing left, or am I missing something else? Who is (whichever) colorblind and can chime in?
  2. To be perfectly honest... - Automatic car, you are pretty much fine driving with 1 arm/1 leg/whatever. Manual, well...quite a bit more hassle. - You are deaf. Bit harder but kind of irrelevant. Chances are you are listening to music anyway and your windows are closed, although I keep my ears open, I don't need them to drive. Ambulances are hit or miss, I usually seem them before I can hear them, for whatever reason, Ambulances here seem to transmit their sirens at whisper volume. - Colorblind also doesn't matter. Traffic lights are (even for Thais) standardized, red on top, green on the bottom. Traffic signs are unique with a meaning, colors don't matter, though a helpful reminder. - 1 eye. That's a tough one due to losing depth perception, can be managed but needs a working brain along with drivings most important skill, situational awareness. - Blind. Get a taxi.
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