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  1. Yes, I saw that. He could have gone straight into the middle lane and no problem, yet he edges almost half into the 3rd lane though and I've seen this so many times, regardless of driver, age, car model, speed, attitudes, etc....especially on right turn intersections with 2 lanes going right. As I mentioned, I simply cannot drive side by side with another car around an intersection without being at high risk of them running into my lane because they can't, for the live of theirs, do a clean turn in and into their own lane.
  2. I've always wondered....why is it so painfully difficult for people to turn (properly) into the (close) lane without taking 1/2 of the next lane or 1.5 in this case? It doesn't even appear from simply cutting the corner too short, just plain unable to turn the wheel the another round it seems. I got these 2 big intersections on my way home and for the life of mine I need to make sure I am either far ahead or decently far behind the car to my right hand side as I have no idea just how far they need to push me off my lane.
  3. What a great thing Thailand is such a great role model in terms of safety and safe enviroments to learn from. Can't possibly understand how they aren't the safest country in the world.
  4. You should check if you can get 1 of them waived. Argument in line of "I got my ticket of the day already and thus have immunity for the rest of the day", as it is with helmet checks etc
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