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  1. 700,000 doctors in Thailand? Did I read that correctly? According to the World Bank, there are only about 56,000.
  2. I submitted an application for a new UK passport this morning and I was told that I would have to wait eleven weeks for it to be delivered. That could be a conservative estimation, of course, and it may come earlier.
  3. You're right. I made an inference based on a careless reading of what I thought was a response to my question.
  4. I try to avoid unhealthy quantities of salt and, despite what the research might say, MSG seems to have a negative effect on me. When I eat in Fuji, See Fah, or the 'Cheap and Good' restaurants attached to Foodland stores, I never have a headache afterwards or a raging thirst. Can anyone recommend restaurant chains that are suitable for old people? My wife would like a change, though, in truth, she has plenty of other people to eat with. With thanks.
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