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  1. The only thing I knew about Trump before he was made president was the way he tried to intimidate some man into selling his house in Scotland, so he could build a bigger golf course. There were several programs on tv about how nasty he was being to this chap that was living there on his own. No idea weather he did sell to him or if trump just built around him
  2. Some great tips here to help stop so I thought I would add mine.. Make a pact with a close friend to both stop together Think of a different reason every day why you want to stop. There are hundreds when you start to think. Also this is a way to really reinforce your reasons for stopping. Really want to stop. Think what it costs per year to smoke let alone a lifetime. OK so the tax man benefits from smokers but why should we help them . If you do stop for a year or so then start again (i did) people say it will be harder to stop. I found that as I stopped for a year I also knew I could stop again, and this seemed to help me stop permanently .
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