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  1. To paraphrase my teenage self. Well, durrrrr
  2. Going by the photo of mum I would call that description circumspect. Wishful thinking perhaps.
  3. I doubt many would get that reference. Certainly made me laugh though cheers.
  4. Oooooo bit defensive aren't we sweet heart? Lol yes the 23rd April so long in the distant past... The main reason there is so little covid is because no one is allowed in or out of the joint. Real progressive. https://www.wa.gov.au/government/announcements/perth-metro-and-peel-enter-3-day-lockdown
  5. Hahahaha from where? So vaccinated people can spend 14 days in quarantine before getting released into the third wave in Thailand, sounds awesome.
  6. Agreed no country has really sorted it out sensibly. Australia probably has some of the stupidest rules of all. You can go to a pub and sit down but you can't stand up. Cafes restaurants excetera closed for long periods but virtually unlimited people in supermarkets. You can have near capacity crowds at a football match but concerts are not allowed. Most recent Lockdown you could have 20 people in your house, 10 at a funeral and only 3 at a wedding? Beggars belief, especially considering the people at the funeral or the wedding would most likely be from the 20 people you would invite to
  7. Not one little bit. Work blew out this time got stuck in my old home state for 2 weeks made me realise how much I definitely don't ever want to come back.
  8. Lol. No reputable tattoo shop in the world would tattoo you whilst drunk and anyone that appreciate tattoos wouldn't get them done drunk either. All it does is thin your blood bleed out the ink and make your tatts look <deleted> house. Also <deleted> the outline as your bleeding all over the joint making it harder to see the outline and can effect the healing process. Case in point 95% of the tattoos people sport in SEA.
  9. Expects. Have ordered. Will receive. Are in discussion... another day another empty promise. How about just shutting up until you have something definite to offer?
  10. Soon I tells ya soon.....stay tuned could be as early as next week or something.
  11. Yes as of today. What about tomorrow and next week and a year from now...just to give some perspective HIV only killed a couple thousand people worldwide in the first 2 years now it has killed between 25 and 42 million at best estimates with a million more dying every year and still no cure......just for perspective.
  12. Another day of double digit deaths and we still have fools on here saying don't trust vaccines covid hardly killing anyone..... It's all a big conspiracy yeah right.
  13. I'd imagine it's that catfishing avatar your using.....ya reckon?
  14. Need to be more specific mate Isaan is a big place ...if you let us know where you are a local will be able to help. There are also a few foreign owned real estate agents but they normally deal with large properties not sure if I can post them here so won't. Pm if interested
  15. Yes but is it the news or this forum? Other than covid there's really nothing else of much substance at all ....by the way not implying in any way that all the covid news has much substance either tbh.
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