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  1. Yep off ya go. Sure that "proper" country will welcome you with open arms. Don't worry you won't be missed.
  2. Yes and I'm sure it will change in the future as the cost of living goes up every year the amount you need to support yourself should not remain stagnant. Now if you have a Thai wife or children the funds you need to show are now halved. If you have a bar there are other visa options available to you. If you wish to stay here on a retirement visa you need to have 800k baht tied up for a while which is I admit inconvenient but if you can not afford that I seriously question your ability to live out your life in a foreign country. And yes yes I know all your millions are tied up in
  3. People like you couldn't have known about it 2 years ago cos it wasn't here 2 years ago. People like me believed another pandemic was coming because I know enough about the world to know that to be true. People like you should reserve making assumptions about people you know absolutely nothing about apart from reading one random post in an anonymous forum. People like you have about as much chance as people like me in predicting the future and what outcomes will be regarding travel and vaccination. People like you should take a deep breath and not make everything so personal.
  4. These aren't models mate. An according to your contradictory post most if not all these girls are fully aware they may have to deal with different levels of "interaction". There are so many variables as to make your post absurd. You have tried to turn into the bar girl/ expat scenario because that suits your narrative. What about girls that like hanging around hiso Thais? Or dream about being a mia noi? Again there are so many variables. In some cases the girls are victims in the vast majority they probably are not. And your assumption that there are plenty of men at partie
  5. 3 days and no side effects? Fantastic . Would this be considered a long term study? Also the use of the word "yet" is fairly ominous. Not one I would want used in conjunction with any vaccine tbh.
  6. Wasting ya breath mate. Anti vaxxers are a strange mob. Like flat earthers. Every doctor, scientist, pharmaceutical company in the world all sat down together and came up with this plan to kill us all allegedly. All these intelligent people leaders in their field all agreed to it.
  7. Pretty poor choice of options for a survey. Residents should be vaccinated, ideally all tourists should be vaccinated with a reputable vaccine. And in regards to people being exempt when "most" Thais are vaccinated well let's see how long it takes to achieve that but if Thailand wants to be in line as a tourist destination I honestly think vaccination "passports" for want of a better word will be required across the board from Airlines to tourism companies to host nations as well as some multi nationals. I imagine people working for airlines shipping companies offshore will all be getting vac
  8. Not really mate he could have just the photo op with a syringe full of nothing no one would of ever known. Too much face to be lost in doing what hs has just done there. Surprised any statement was made at all.
  9. Larb all day. Raw like a man not cooked that's for the womenfolk. And mixed properly with 2 cups of fresh pigs blood please. Sab lai lai khrup
  10. Do you own or have a mate with a Hi-Lux? Ford ranger etc? Toss it in the back it's an hours drive and should only cost you gas money. I'll do it for 500 baht
  11. That about McGowan? That ... locked WA down for 5 days because of 1 security guard.
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