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  1. Born and bred in a penal colony thank you very much. Ned Kelly is worshipped just about for f...ks sake.
  2. Hahaha one pair of Tn's and 5 pairs of Vapormax and heaps of Jordan's that are "out of stock" yeah no thanks and terrible styles, colourways and not many big sizes. That's the problem...
  3. Eastbay, GOAT for me. You are able to return new stuff unworn but surely you know your shoe size as that will be an expensive endeavour. There may be heaps of stores but what style shoes. Also don't forget the 30% luxury tax and 7% vat that is calculated on the price of the shoes plus postage that you will be paying on every order. Also try and avoid fedex or DHL as they will attempt to extort money from you on top of what I've just mentioned as well.
  4. Well if your not living on the bread line and have a decent quid, rich guys hook up with younger women all over the world actually.
  5. Good luck mate! I've asked this question about krav maga and jiu jitsu many times this will get moved to the martial arts thread where it will sit unanswered forever. This forum is @80% grumbling <deleted> heads who can barely walk little lone dO any serious physical exercise
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