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  1. Less than a battalion is small fish for any country little lone 'merica. Im not sure what your argument is but you've picked a bad hill to die on. How do you have a staged reduction of less than a battalion? Pull out a company or 2? Platoon at a time? What were the numbers before general trumps magnanimous decision to pull out? Look im all for the US getting out of every single country its invaded or the sovereign territory of other nations it shouldn't be in but this whole article is a nonsense.
  2. So hang on she borrowed money. And he had to bail up north with her and now he is paying rent and chose to stay with her. Knowingly leaving the house which I assume is in her name and did a runner with her, right? So what in the actual (deleted) is it in this situation do you think he is not aware of?
  3. Hang on .. so its a brand new "vintage" item that requires a service. Right.
  4. What pulling less than a 1000 troops out of some but not all of Somalia? what a strategy
  5. More trump double speak. So nearly all of what? 700 troops if the op can be believed. Not exactly a massive military withdrawal. And gonna pull most troops out of somalia but some will remain in Mogadishu. So some of nearly all will mostly be pulled out of some of somalia?what a ridiculous statement. Huge decision by the soon to be ex commander in chief.
  6. First sensible comment yet. I always laugh at how people that think they are so important to the Thai economy are so quick to whine about the price of everything. Clearly of 600 000 baht for 5 years is an issue for you get back on your bar stool and complain about the price of big bottles of Leo or chang or whatever it is bums whinge about the price of these days.
  7. They trying to get rid of cheap Charlie's not bring more here. 1 million baht for life? Hey big spender!
  8. 15 dollars a day is hardly elite. Thats like the pattaya bar bums regaling us with stories about how they prop up the Thai economy.
  9. Oh now dont get muddling all the conspiracy theories with common sense that just won't do and doesn't at all fit the narrative. Forget the US and Europe Thailand must be the number one virus hotspot in the world.
  10. Holy <deleted> then the country must be swamped with covid cases and the health services should be overwhelmed with the hundreds of thousands in intensive care and on ventilators right? Cos there is no way you would be able to cover a conspiracy of that magnitude right? And people get sick whether you test them or not right. People must literally dropping in the streets if they had so much exposure from people FROM WUHAN right?
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