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  1. So much for draining the swamp,Donald has built a moat around himself with people who swore to uphold the constitution and who upon taking office forgot their oath and immediately started to play politics to serve the master.
  2. Just more nonsense.Vietnam,Cambodia don't seem to have the problems Thailand has.OPPS sorry maybe they are on another planet?
  3. How dare people suggest the PM is incompetent.Keep talking like this and he will not write you anymore songs.Show respect to the appointed one.
  4. Until Thailand starts quoting real numbers of tourists,overnight change of flights, business visits and visa runs etc the country has absolutely no idea of real tourist numbers. Keep making up rosy numbers while the tourist industry goes down the drain.
  5. Nobodies friend. Would you please name the safe alternative for these three pesticides(two herbicide one insecticide.Not three herbicide as claimed. Don't know why Monsanto is mention they sold the rights to Bayer several years back.
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