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  1. This policy is <deleted>. You will still need normal travel insurance for many other claimable items. EG. Flight problems, travel to and from airport, accident, accommodation problems, dental. theft, loss of baggage, hire car excess and above all sickness as this policy only covers Covid 19.
  2. Don't cry Donald you have taken your bat and ball and gone home, Fox and your friend there will fix it for you and say the other team didn't play by your rules. Don't cry every thing will look good when Fox show the sixty minute video, and your tame clowns sorry supporter will still adore you.
  3. After January the Democrats have every right to increase the number of judges on the bench to put some equality back on the bench. Trump and the Republicans should take an adult approach to the appointments of judges on the bench. But no they want to politicise the judicial system and will call "foul" when the Democrats negate their efforts.
  4. Never knew that skeletal remains would float. A body normally floats because it is full of gas. Would have thought bones would sink
  5. Thee biggest problem in the US is not the Corona Virus its the total ignorance of at least 30% of the population who listen to Trumps bulls!!t. The other problem is the idiots who believe the numbers are fictitious. Amazingly they believe other numbers put out by the President which are obviously propaganda and far from the truth. They must live in total isolation as 225,000+ dead cannot be hidden, the only way the will comes to terms with the facts is if they or their family fall victims to the virus. We would not wish that on anybody but even Trump with all his protection fell to the D
  6. With the large numbers of Catholics and Christians in the world it is great to see the Vatican moving into the 21st century. With modern science showing the universe is maybe a billion years old this is putting a lot of pressure on all religions. To Skeptic 7 for the record there are well over 1.6 Billion who care, probably a larger number than there are atheists.
  7. Does anyone know what happens if a developer goes bankrupt and a small percentage of units in a block are sold what happens financially to the private owners in the complex?. There are ongoing costs to maintain the block of units this raises further questions?
  8. Trump really is the lowest of the low. America and the world would be better of without this moron. You cannot blame senility for Trumps totally uneducated and ignorant behaviour. It did not take long for the rest of the worlds leaders to wake up to him. The democratic elected leaders ignore him and laugh at him, the dictators play him for the fool he is.
  9. Trump should be selling his bottled bullsh!! as a miracle cure for the virus. There is an ample supply and they will never run out of stock. Everything else he does in the WH is to make him money this may be his best ripoff yet.
  10. TAT& Gov. KEEP TRYING Eventually the pandemic will pass and things will go back to normal. That will probably be before TAT& Gov. come up with a feasible sensible proposal.
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