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  1. Having been to Cambodia and China a few times it was great to see police officers at many pedestrian crossings. In peak hour bumper to bumper traffic they would actually escort people across the road. Drivers stopped and I have not seen traffic ignore the crossings. Maybe Thailand should recruit a few police officers from China most other Thai imports come from there so a few thousand well trained police would be a great improvement.
  2. Only yesterday the PM said vaccinations would be delayed as the wrong envelope had been delivered with the vaccine. Opps sorry letter! Today up and away. How do this Government communicate ? everyday contradictions and miss information.
  3. To say there is no evidence of Trumps crooked actions is ludicrous. His own personal lawyer who was privy to the cheating and lies has sworn under oath that Trump was over valuing his assets for the banks and under stating them for the tax and insurance purposes. That is evidence enough to start an investigation and possible legal action. Also lets not forget the campaign finance violations in relation to his adulterous liaisons with porn stars. Proof has been presented look at the checks he signed if in doubt.
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