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  1. The Thai Government have no commitment to reducing the road toll as there is no kickbacks or brown envelopes. Thai Goverment needs to bite the bullet, and set up a review and implementation commitee to review the complete structure of the police force.This commitee should be made up of senior or retired police officers from some of the best policed countries in the world.eg.Uk,Germany,Switzerland to name a few.The lack of education and nepatism of the Thai Police is but the tip of the iceberg, promotion by paying the officers above the vacancy for the candidate to be promoted is just one rotten branch of the whole rotten tree.This of course will never happen as too many "elite" will miss out on their "tea money" and secondly Thais cannot stand losing face by admitting they are wrong or incapable.
  2. No problems POTUS will put sanctions on Turkish Delight and Rose Water. This will bring the Turkish economy crashing. Trade wars are easy to win.
  3. TAT still do not define what they class as a tourist.The magical numbers they keep burping up consist of any one who comes over the boarder or through the airport. I was on a 30 day ocean cruise and we stopped for 6 hours at Lam Chabang. Most passengers got off the ship and either went on a bus tour or walked around the port area.The 3-4 thousand passengers no doubt are put into the system as tourist the same as overnight transit passengers.TAT is only fooling themselves and helping the propaganda machine to pat the Thai bureacrats on the back and tell everyone how good they are and what a wonderful job they are doing. No concern about real revenue just polish the mirrors.
  4. Another wish list to be used as window dressing to tell the people aren't we doing a great job.
  5. Vested interests will keep the cost of alcohol high,they are not interested in tourists only their own self gain.I visit Thailand 3-4 times a year,the regular cry I hear from non asian tourists is the ridiculous price of alcohol. Quality spirits and wine prices are way above what the market value is or what the neighbouring countries charge.The regular chant from these european tourists is go to Vietnam or Cambodia. Myanmar and Loa are coming up fast.The singular self interests of the Thai moguls is we must get richer and the best way is rip off tourists.My future plans is now one trip a year to Thailand to catch up with inlaws and family and that will be a quick trip on our way to one of the other inviting asian countries.
  6. Don't worry Donald will fix the trade war and its associated economic debarcle.This stable genius states trade wars are easy to win.Please show us how its done so the rest of the world can get on with free trade and open markets.
  7. An Aus $7 bottle of Jacobs Creek (A low end wine in Australia) sells in Thailand for Aus $ 30-40 After paying for the wine bill a person probably couldn't afford the gym fees.
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