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  1. The other age ranges as well. They are all off by two orders of magnitude. Or maybe the missing cases that neither died nor are living are Schroedinger Patients. They are simultaneously dead and alive until their pulse is measured.
  2. Premises, medical equipment, vets and other staff on payroll, awareness programs, construction of new buildings, food, medications, cars (they are mobile and drive around all of Phuket to pick up wounded/sick dogs). All of that costs money. And they are not a small organization anymore. As anyone who has run a company to a certain size knows the overhead will grow surprisingly. Now suddenly you need a full time accountant, HR, pay for lawyers etc etc. There are hundreds of people involved. It's not a small shack taking care of a few dozen dogs. We are talking thousands and thousands of dogs (p
  3. Yea I've mentioned it before and most people don't understand how suspensions work. And to be honest it took me a while too and there's a lot more to it also. Most springs are linear I think but I don't have hard numbers on this. The feeling that they are not linear comes probably from the fact that it indeed does take more and more force to squeeze it further. But that increase is linear. I guess it feels more than twice as hard to excert twice the force. There are progressive springs but it's a trade-off as hard hits will feel harder but soft hits softer and if one do
  4. I would call it "to its max" as it doesn't make the shock stiffer or harder. It affects sag and the geometry of the bike. https://lifeatlean.com/teach-me-suspension-everything-preload/ Yes Ducati was known for using dry clutches for much longer than other manufacturers. But even now you can get a brand new Panigale V4R with dry clutch. Dry clutches give a tiny bit more power as the losses from the oil friction are not there. Very noisy and usually not so nice to modulate as a wet clutch.
  5. 3BB in Phuket. When browsing websites I don't notice any big problems but for the past 1-2 weeks I am having intermittent problems during video calls to friends and family in Europe. They will see my video and audio stutter or simetimes completely freeze. Very annoying and sometimes makes the call nearly impossible. But I can see and hear them fine. A server there shows packetloss from me when these issues happen but interestingly when I ping it shows zero packetloss. Switched to going through Singapore and the problems went 100% away. Another friend with 3BB also confirmed he's having issues
  6. Pretty sure it's a thumper. You can see it in the pics and it also says air cooled single in the text. That'll also be why it's pretty low on power. You probably suspect right that it's for sturdiness and low octane fuel. Well, maybe for cost reasons as well. I agree with RE having a loyal following in India so it wont be easy for Honda. REs are so popular and widespread plus easy to work on so that they can be fixed by small shops everywhere.
  7. What Moto GP tech I'd like to see in street bikes is a seamless transmission. The rest is way above my skill level
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