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  1. The Triumph Street Twin is pretty overpriced for what it is. The fit'n'finish is OK but nothing else is great about the bike that would justify that pricing imho. RE will eat a lot of Triumph sales even though their fit'n'finish isn't as nice but hey the styling isn't bad, the performance is about the same (and not super important) and all these bikes are devoid of tech features anyways so price is a very big factor and that's where they can win. In the end, you can have the same fun on either of the bikes.
  2. That's also wrong One is supposed to be able to renew it up to 3 months before expiry date though I can't find that written down anywhere right now. What they supposedly told you would mean they force people to either drive with an expired license or get a taxi/bus to the dlt after expiry.
  3. I had a 2 years license that was expired a few days and renewed it without problems. You can even renew if expired more than 1 year (but not older than 3) but you need to do the written test again. https://www.dlt.go.th/th/driving-license/view.php?_did=80 Which lists the official rules for license renewal from temporary to 5 years license says: which google translates to:
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