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  1. So you named the BAD Guy! as easy as it can be, must be Prayut! The "brown" envelopes all go to his pocket as for the chemical industry producing these toxit things he is the hero!!!!!!!!!! Heros never die!
  2. I like so very much that Professor Parisa Musikakhama has named this so called government a military government and that's exactly what it is! A foulish elected government just based on military and police law enforcments, for from anything that a democracy has in their constitution. The so called constituiton is just made for mistreating their people living in thailand, fill up the pockets of the rich families and clans and sure their own pockets as well! Control freaks as they are soooo very scared to loose their powder. Intelectual and open minded peopel are dangerous for them so better make them mouth dead of kill them if necessary. Poor so called smiling Thaland!
  3. That's Thai democracy and parliament work: PM decides what is best for Him, ups no for the people of the country who elected him to keep on going with the military dominated fouls.!
  4. Well you can say easy: there would be no mafia in Thailand if police would be out of Thailand
  5. With this"computer act violating" this government can still control everyone and can make all the oppositions mouth dead as fight against any investigating journalists or private persons. That's the acting of a government ruled by the military and far from a democratic country.
  6. What does all these people have to do in an ER room at first, second these guys have to be taken to court with a very high penalty and prison to learn how to behave, maybe that teaches others a lesson! A rotten down society in Thailand meanwhile. Land of smile? Ages ago!
  7. It's as simple as it can be: cut off the high taxes on importet products, that boosts the sales and at the end a win win situation for the retailers as well for the government and yes, why should i buy brand products in Thailand if i can get them cheaper in my home country or any other place in the world!
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