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  1. If I were in your dire situation I would head to Cuba or any of the cheap islands down that direction. Lots of ladies for you. Wait for a vacinne for the China virus and the planes will be flying to Thailand. Come here then. Just take a few boxes of surgical masks and your fav condoms. All will be ok. Good luck and thank god Im not american.
  2. <deleted>.... 10km walking is heaps of exercise. What are you talking about
  3. duh. I knew I would have to explain to a member that the reason for the finger in the photo is to differentiate between the inside and exterior shots.
  4. We are doing reno's on a 4 level building. On the top floor there's a wall in the middle of the big lounge room. It has a crack in it (photos without my fingers in it). I've tried filling it with 'putty' and a few weeks later the crack appeared again. I used sandpaper and tried filling it with another product. That didnt work either... the crack appeared again. On the other side of the same wall (in the bedroom next to it) the crack is on that side as well. But that room faces the main street and I cant really see any cracks in that room facing the main road. But I climbed outside the window and on that exterior wall of the same area there are a few small cracks (with my skinny hand in the photo below). It looks like they patched things up and painted it before selling to us. One of our workers speculated that the building is moving or whatever. Should I be worried about any potential structural issues or is this common with 40 yr old buildings? We are on the corner of the row of buildings. thanks for any opinions
  5. so is that crocodile brand any good for filling the gap between an aluminium frame and a concrete edge
  6. I've had an issue with leaking windows in the past and thus wanted to purchase high quality silicon for the exterior side. I ended up purchasing 'crocodile poly U seal'. The proposed aluminium frame will fit in a hole of the concrete wall. On the lable of the silicon is says: 'adhere to conrete, fibre cement, stone, brick, roof tile, ceramic, wood, PVC and etc' Will this be ok for filling gaps to an aluminium frame/ concrete edge? For the interior I selected the 3m brand which was half the price of the above one. thanks
  7. We are putting in new wiring to our building and its quite a big job. I made them sign a contract. One clause was that I must be present when they install the grounding rod. I wanted to be sure that they did it (correctly). They banged the long copper rod into the soil and then put the round thing on top. I was standing away at this point doing something else and looked over when suddenly there was a minor fire issue- after he hooked up the wire to the white round thing on top of the rod. I was thinking jesus wept <deleted> is this and a few minutes later went to have a closer look. It was all burnt and the evidence is in the photo. The next day the boss says 'its ok'..... He said that actually it ended up being a good result bc that wire is now really connected to the rod. If anyone has experience with this can you please tell me if he is correct or should we just put another rod in close to it and get another round thing and try again?? Finally, is there anyway to test if its working. Please advise the method if possible. Pics attached. the photo of the A4 is what it should look like. I got it off crossy a few days ago thanks
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