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  1. Actually I have a better solution. You can buy it at most small pharmacies in pattaya. Its called 'Ear Putty' and they say its the original silicone. Its in a blue small packet. Ive been using them for years. It says its snore proof and water proof.
  2. I relate to your whinge. I hate it how every restaurant we go to plays loud terrible music. I often ask them to turn it down. If in bkk try BASE gyms. Google them and you will find them. Its run by a farang (Jack). cheers
  3. Consider the course at university of Nottingham. It’s recognized by the MOE in Bkk. Can all be done online
  4. i couldnt disagree with you more. I sat in the brother in laws dmax for 3 hours once. had a sore butt. go and sit in the back seat for 3 hours
  5. I've had Toyota pickup truck for several yrs and told I can get 500k trade in. It was in the smash repair shop for a month getting a full re-spray. During this time I was driving a sporty BMW. The first day back in my pickup was horrible. I couldn't believe how unsafe I felt. Bouncing all over the place and so high up. It didnt feel right and now I want to change cars. I have finished doing renos on our building and now dont really need the pickup tray as much. Sometimes I do like driving to a lake area that has dirt roads. I suppose I could get away with an ALL wheel
  6. I read about the new M1 MCBpro laptop. https://www.smh.com.au/technology/a-new-era-as-apple-launches-mac-computers-with-m1-processor-20201111-p56dfi.html When does Thailand normally get the new models? Or can one assume that its available everywhere when buying online?
  7. I have been doing research into many companies re taking out private health insurance. My original interest was only in getting a policy to be covered in a private hospital should something happen to me in the coming years. The decision now comes down to 2 options: 1. A big name Thai insurer that has life insurance + the private health insurance (cost around 200k a yr for 10 yrs) 2. A policy that only offers health insurance in the event of sickness.... private health insurance with Aetena : around 100k a year. From what I can see online, it seems like this polic
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