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  1. Today I just opened up a bank account at the pink bank (government savings bank). She asked for my yellow book and asked if I had a pink card. On one of the forms the digits on that card was put on the form. To say that farang should not obtain a pink card is daft. Its daft not to have one if you're a foreigner living here
  2. I think you're full of it.... I show it all the time when they ask for 'passport'. As if anyone is going to carry around ones passport. I pay bills at many of the banks all the time and have to show it when depositing cash. Very useful thing to have. Once I forgot to take my passport when checking into a hotel. They accepted the pink card.
  3. I know that the 'vaccines for farang' topic is hot this week and thus I thought I would share this story. My wife runs a medical clinic and we have 5 staff. They were all inoculated with the Sinovac jab at the local public hospital 3 weeks ago. The nurses there knew my wife and staff. They asked if there was any chance I could get the jab. The nurse queried whether or not if I had a pink card and we gave them the number on the back of the card via LINE A week later she called my phone and said I was booked in 100% for the 6th May. This week I read online
  4. I will not name the clinic but its on facebook stating that the owner will be flying to America in early May and closing her clinic for 1 month. She said she is disappointed with the situation here in Thailand which seems to be getting worse and thus will shut her clinic to fly there and fly back immediately. She said the vaccines on offer here are not good enough for her. I respect her a lot for doing this but wonder if she knows the risks inherent with visiting airports, long haul flights, taxis and hotels. Quite a significant risk to take just to get a vaccine. Wha
  5. I confess to knowing very little about cars apart from turning it on and driving it. I purchased a high end 'luxury' car recently. Its a hybrid vechile but only gets around 30km after a full re-charge which I think is a bit of a joke... Anyways, to save having to charge it everyday I switch to 'power' mode which essentially utilizes the petrol engine and not the hybrid battery. I checked how many clicks I get on a full tank and it was 560km. Is this economical? How many km do you get on a full tank of your car? I recently filled up but forget to see how man
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