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  1. pity you didn't maintain your old POP eMail address Account... Remembering the old Dial Up days, I for example, even though don't have that dinsaur Dial Up connection any more- I kept the actual original account alive... simply for the continued existence of a domestic (home country) POP eMail! since then been LOS, Malaysia, UK, Germany and a few others and as such, no matter where I am, it comes out that I am always seen as domicile in my home country (In my case Australia) fortunately at the time the account was created, back in 1989; evolution passes by... dial up fade away... -but the same POP email lives on, courtesy of the NBN maybe you still have relatives, or even your original UK household? if so, why not create an alias (eMail User Identity)on that domestic UK POP Email connection back home?. - and then go through all your (affected) banking/Financial/ or whatever accounts, to use that UK POP Email ID Set up This all assuming you are prepared to also add your Contact Address, to match that UK one. Do they 'really' need to know you are in LOS? -as in, do you expect a need for snail mail addresses to match? for hardcopy mail...
  2. Still, an extremely windy storm will be handy! to blow all that rice burn smoke back over to ChM's neighbours
  3. don't worry BJ about 'them' they are not deadly romance scammers!
  4. Maybe this will eventually rate as a viewing episode on 'Cold Case'?
  5. just wait, until, either he's Stopped, or at least has both hands back on the wheel!
  6. it's the Control Tower' (for want of a better term) of the Island's Port sadly? not derelict... yet
  7. tifino

    ว= v

    so, what results if they are to say VolksWagon? or even just, VW? Appen (for apple, which is even transliterated in the book, with the 'n' not 'l') is still my favorite one to see them get around. or when I reply I'd like a sa(r)llutt (salad) for lunch Mrs does try though... if she 'smells' something 'chemical' she'll say 'smell mechanical'
  8. I wouldn't give him any benefit of the doubt - about calling it 'multitasking' - not one little bit! I am pretty divided on multiplexing an already divided half a brain, into even smaller chunks. Hope the BiB give no quarter to shredding the idiot!
  9. whatever it was? - it went away overnight... still between 40 to 50 secs between page refreshes... with the only displayed messages (bottom left) showing 'waiting for cache' followed by that 'tabcoola' thing!
  10. He knew the Feature, and agreed to, but not really comprehended the implications...
  11. Maybe finally tracked down & grabbed back all the monies, that those planted sleeper agent Public Servants kept from the farmers to derail yingluck...
  12. all they had to do, was be resourceful...' what with all that available fuel... to smoke it out - or at least more easily calm it
  13. the only critic needing to be listened to, would be a Dentist...
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