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  1. maybe TA owns that other airline? - that made the Business class cheap seat ticket mistake? - and are stealthily clawing it back?
  2. looks more like some Chinese freeloaders came for the food! and then leave by the quickest means...
  3. I reckon it was a set up by the chinese! - the way he openly flailed the notes around, making sure the camera captured it!
  4. but then... he'll almost starve, on just a basic clerical level pay unless he continues doing the same, when off duty!
  5. the wife keeps making these bird impressions! - like now, she is watching me like a hawk...
  6. couldn't resist it... and it's strange that Google cannot recognise a VF Valiant Regal! - a bit more comfy than our old VF Safari wagon.. also may years past...
  7. in tHis day and age - it needs a Corgi and Scaletrix to the rescue... the only safe travel option left...
  8. well it was a popular R&R venue during the Vietnam era itself, and a decade later the new jab of life was in full swing again by 1984... best food 1981, was the Number 4 restaurant, as usual one of the places on the sand foreshore; the live food was crawling about in the wet trays, but outnumbered by the hermit? crabs in the sand around your feet
  9. jeeez! I dream to wish we could wind Patong's clock back , to 1981! - thatched hut restaurants, right on the sandy foreshore of the beach itself - just a couple of bars along Teewanong Rd, plus only one side street of others. I recall the Deutcher bar near the main corner, and the Kanga bar across the side road a bit further up. - the katoeys had their own separate little ghetto, way ways down the South end of the main road - the only foreigners to compete against were our fellow military type up from Butterworth, a few Dutch and Austrians - Not yet a full blown US Navy R&R jaunt, to ruin the prices for the rest of us - The only 'large' resort, was ways down, further than the Katoeys; on that far hill jutting out to sea, and only accessible by a big white flimsy suspension walk bridge - no Multi storey hotels...at all! our 'motel' was the Phuket cabanas. Cabins were thatch topped affairs, under the palm, also right on the foreshore. later overtaken 1984 by Phuket Beach Bungalows; and of course all swept away years later
  10. tifino

    Recommend A Book For Our Thai Class

    get the complete series of Asterix and Obelix One set in Thai: Google: (asterix and obelix Thai) and another set in your home language combines features out of: villagelife humour, drama modern and older style grammar even from here, for in e-book form: https://issuu.com/search?q=asterix obelix
  11. so she's traumatized! (picturing the world's smallest ) getting claustrophobic goes hand in hand with her associations... probably trying for mitigating? ... - like being buried even before she is killed... crocodile tears
  12. but, if she doesn't pay any fee at all; then she doesn't actually have her own bin at all?