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  1. get someone Thai to report to someoene they know in uniform, that there are illegal Burmese coming and going from working there... better still - report they are processing Burmese thing is though, that they could simply be eBay type onselling!! or heavens forbid... Tupperware or Avon!
  2. might have to awaiten the autopsy results... to confirm/not the 2 were actually still alive from the initial crumpled impact! - the no doubt 'loud' sqwarking of the initially surviving 1000s of chickens versus 2 humans squashed in a sardine can inbetween the bulk of two 10wheelers rammed into each other, like two locomotives
  3. well, they are hangeronerers, tugging onto ASEANs apron strings, suckling for all that it's worth; a sort of 6th and 7th Amendments clauses, operating under the special case banner AANZFTA
  4. 1st Arrivals? or Returning to LOS from malaysia? Repeated trips? Anything untoward happen during the flight? ID'd by the crew for something? now that you're safe (wherever you are now) take a good photo or scans of relevant page(s) from your Passport(s). Once there are enough pieces of the puzzle...someone might be then able here to venture forward with constructive opinion? Try to recount here what the questions were made towards you both? Brainstorm yourselves what you both heard...
  5. it is just that in this OP case alone; it was through-traffic... trying to create a 'new' lane. I reckon her using the mobile phone, 'keying it created a good bluff... as if she was recording number plates the other virtually faultless 'bluff' was that, as a visiting japanese; any recalcitrant rider's attempt to verbally 'reason' with her, would be falling upon 'virtually' deaf ears
  6. Ah!! (o)(o)7 And to suit... maybe the evil bod will be a nasty tranny? And imagine what their Bond(s) adverts will be like from now on!
  7. Uh oh! ... now they know. you just spilled the beans on yourself. Still; it's a scary thought, that the UK deals their Pension, using the mechanics similar to Retail Super!
  8. well ummm Thai gets a more favorable berth gate at swampy, than Qantas gets.. suits the lazy breed of passengers; not wanting to walk so far
  9. a tanker, that big, would cost the Gleeks more than their GNP I can see some ship borne problem, in port, requiring it all to be offloaded... and then it disappears overland, to their intended target but jeez the Icranians must be thick to expect anyone to believe one of their tanker is bringing Oil 'into' the Med Sea, instead of it going outwards. Importing it... duh!!
  10. no doubt a common occurance, and it took only a little time for a simple deduction: as to 'which' incident they came from?
  11. one step closer for the coffin nail industry, to go up in a puff of smoke
  12. when mrs says it, though there's a sort of L in there - b'l'eur (in a drenchish sounding sort of way) - I am made to take that reaction, as a sort of deeper level of exertion of emotion, than 'bababaor'
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