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  1. ... it had break failure, so we had to chute it!
  2. I stick with old school... notice this is specific for the job, and notice there are No pointy bits at the sharp end no more tears from plucking... one think about powered pluckers - that you beware if it a battery model!! - for if you start plucking and the battery has gone low; the tears will return
  3. and here I was thinking it was all just about the glass floor with a view!!
  4. what cable models have you? - RG58 / RG59? - RG6? are you still using the original PAL connectors? - or the later model F Type ?
  5. if you are getting desired results with original cable, then why change it at all?
  6. well the poor mexican girl HAD to do 'something' newsworthy! - Salma Hayek and her Snake worship scene is a hard act to follow...
  7. Wonder if that is the actual vaccine or just a saline solution jab.? a quick dunking in the Sheeple Dip...
  8. There you are then, assault with a deadly teacup maybe he took a Pot shot?
  9. he is simply copying the current slowly expanding world trend of showing Leaders getting it... below is typical example of that... (OZ PM below) but the public reaction at the moment centres upon close scrutiny of the orange needle cap still being in place!!
  10. having a determined will to find some lateral thinking legitimacy for anything...
  11. so ol' Joe Blo thinks ahead, and Installs the App prior to leaving ones home country... Gets to his airport with only minutes to spare, and heads into the airport security gates to board. Now some airports around the world force you turn on ALL your electronic devices prior to boarding; to confirm the device is truely what it is, and not a bomb in a plastic shell. - so poor ol' Joe Blo is really down on his luck, as the silly phone won't fire up because he had just now flattened his battery trying to get the App Installed and working - and no time left to Charge it up
  12. who's to say the manufacturers haven't already embedded RFiD into the plastic of a phone body?? the mobile phones fractal antenna would be an ideal structure to somehow mount it into...
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