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  1. always fall back to the Vegemite expert.. Paul Hogan... https://www.facebook.com/WSFM1017/videos/451337349170050
  2. unless they are the SCN Forces, which Aust Fed Law has already been put in place to give Immunity
  3. you know how hungry you get sitting all the way thru a Cooking Programme on the telly... well you need a distraction or two Bang for your Buck ,Risotto
  4. OP possibly copped the Reduced Salt version?? barcoded 9352042000304 on a side note... for anyone who finds Vegemite unpalatable: - only ever use a minimal amount... never plop too much on your toast - did you know that by having a half'n'half of Honey with Vegemite, does 2 things... The honey takes away the 'sharpness' of the vegemite, and the vegemite takes away the 'sharpness' of the honey; and 2; that mixing Vegemite with stiff (out of the fridge) honey somehow instantly makes that honey 'spreadable'
  5. ... rookie pilot does a ground loop in a tail dragger... ?!
  6. well that's right, At Federal level there is only a recommendation... Up to the States to individually do whatever they want... Some Won, some didn't
  7. I reckon the only way to clarify, would be for a Covid Committee; to comprise the posse of State Governors - Not just a group under the VP sitting inside the White House.... This is basically how Australia handles the covid... The gameplay is discussed, and then it is up to each State to implement what the respective State wants to do...
  8. But; covid measure are and have always been handled at State level not Federal... even down to Mayoral level in some Precincts. If Federal did have any direct physical day to day control over covid, then everyone would have got their HCQ doses No? I guess it was the individual respective States that failed at the tasks at hand...? Blocking at Federal level would therefore have nil effect upon viral outcomes.
  9. so some backyard level TISI stamp is now superior to CE... ASA...ISO... some big pig trough wallower has a brother in law trying to make it big as a powerbank recycler!!
  10. the tiktoker is merely trying to mimic the concept behind the actual Vertical Griller... which (at least down in OZ) is a legitimate commercial retail product. made by Sunbeam
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