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  1. the island of sirry lankas at first came to mind...
  2. Probably forgot his name did he ever say his friend was human??
  3. How??? well... she did say she was a Dr!!
  4. or; since retired military electronics students, dittying (over a certain age) at the bar after work... "BBROYGBVGW"
  5. I cannot resist it! - to keep going back to stare at his salute
  6. one more old fella, to soon further clog the dutch prison system...
  7. doesn't appear to be the same body shell just typical 'world car' likenesses
  8. just think of the possibilites!! - retrofit a Pedelec system, into...
  9. from what I have learnt in the past; any AntiFreeze/Coolant product can effectively become a corrosion inducer; if it exceeds the 50/50 also can be if diluted below about 20%... With that always in mind, one needs to be aware that even if you remove all bungs, all hoses etc - that there will always be quite a quzantity of fluid left in the system aftere you thing it has been drained. So; one needs to know the actual capacity of the system, overflows included. If you use that 50/50 struff to refill the system; you can be assured the final percentage has been diluted somewhat from your expected 50/50. My own system works out to be about 7 L including overflows. To Initially refill, I simply decant all 2.5L of the Undiluted Concentrate, then complete the Refill, using Distilled/DeMioneralised water only. Awaiting the expected bubbles and levelling... I then later complete the Refill process; using same brand stuff, using the 50/50 premixed (I buy 2 bottles; one Concentrate, one 50/50) later topups with the 50/50
  10. there was a couple of years ago, a US based project; that you convert say your car into a Hybrid instead. It was basically a 'fit 2 washing motors' system. For a FWD car, you would be placing these hub style motors to the rear wheels only. A tight fit between the wheel and it's hub All powered only while the IC was turning and burning Can see many downfalls, if one considers someone trying to further retrofit this concept to run on battery alone - considering Auto trans damage if running off batts whilst the IC Off
  11. yeah they're just asian version of a grid girl versus Western
  12. Trying that excuse might exhaust his list of alibis...
  13. Why cannot the victims simply Sue them? - for in the Thai system this what is everywhere else in the world is a civil case; is a criminal one in Los. .. (no pay up = go to gaol) If they cannot pay due to hiding assets... same result.
  14. What i'd see as more pleasing, was that the perp was a pretty bad shot...
  15. ... just a random volley of CurveBalls... Strange that the only Mbike in the video at the time was a little Plastic rangadangaling along. He'd certainly get an ego boost, to be blamed for the racing...
  16. it was screaming within itself 'save yourself?" - and like a lizard loses it's tail... discards the owner
  17. so he commits what, in one case, was almost a manslaughter... can see his excuse was that "he used an air rifle because no one can die from that!"
  18. self inflicted or more wild Ukrainians, setting the Russians up again?
  19. Here is a complete Index Searchable breakdown, courtesy of the CWGC; of who is buried where, and where they were from: CWGC Haifa
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