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  1. To update my situation.... I've spoken to Pro Language (locally and headquarters in Bangkok) and with them have made inquiries into their status with immigration. They ARE NOT blacklisted as I was informed in Savannakhet. So I don't know the reason I was told this there, other than the immigration officer taking it upon himself to not process the Visa. I've also been told that the best places to get an education Visa currently is either Penang or Ho Chi Min. So I think I'll give Penang a try. I do believe pro language is a good school, I used them previously several years ago and I enjoyed their classes. They have also been extremely helpful throughout this situation.
  2. I'm currently in Savannakhet to get a Non-O ED Visa for thai language and was denied because I'm told that my school and 12 others have just been blacklisted for issuing ED Visa. I was enrolled at pro language pattaya. Seems the crackdown on language schools is getting even tougher. Now I gotta figure out what I'm going to do.
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