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  1. Bit of a waste of time and money if they never allow the tourists back. Who'd be mad enough to risk their money building it?
  2. Hardly anyone around Chiang Mai wearing face masks, they're just on for 7-11/Tesco/Malls and off the instant they're out. Me too.
  3. Yes, I agree it wasn't worthwhile, but I didn't know any better at the time.
  4. You can feel them tear ......... to put it bluntly. I had 3 maybe 4 ....... one of them the tear wasn't obvious, so she might have been lying ..... the other 3 were.
  5. I called it normal female behaviour. No woman wants a guy whose balls she carries in her purse. My current misses is exactly the same, I have to have a girl on the side, or she loses interest.
  6. Had COVID, wasn't that bad. I'm 65 now, totally ready for death, I'm completely happy giving my walking stick, Zimmer frame, gasping for breath days a miss. Bible says 70 ....... I don't feel too bothered about the next 5 years. How old do you feel you need? And how bad a quality of life are you prepared to endure to reach that age?
  7. I'm already here, been here 11 years, just put in an application for a 1 year family extension. Under consideration, no insurance required, I've never had any. Not my fault people are too stupid to enter at the right time, with the right VISA.
  8. I don't have any health insurance. Minor problems very cheap in government hospital. Major problems, I'm OK with death.
  9. I regret marrying a British schoolteacher ....... It cost me a fortune and the sex (what there was of it) was rubbish. Then when she divorced me she said I was a lousy lover ........"How do you know?", I asked, "You were a virgin when we got married".
  10. Rent on the ground floor if it worries you so much.
  11. The local population just don't care. I live in a middle class gated community surrounded by open fields. Many of the residents just throw plastic bags full of rubbish and builders rubble over the wall into the fields. They don't care what they do or who they affect, not my place to tell them how to behave.
  12. Nah, they won't care ........ the approval is just a rubber stamp. I don't know anyone who hasn't been 'approved'. She can phone them up and tell them she's coming with your passport, if you're worried.
  13. How fast do you can a person (fixed for JT) drive in reverse down a narrow soi? It seems to be unlikely he was speeding.
  14. I have Bangkok Bank Mastercard ......... online it doesn't work with Makro, I have to use my TMB card.
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