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  1. I'd be living in my prepper bunker hidden in the forests of North Dakota surrounded by guns and ammo.
  2. My 65 year old butt is still smooth and white. Those 20 year old girls often express a wish to have one just as white!
  3. Let's just hope she doesn't make an asset grab and run when she's in the UK and has a lot more entitlement, and a lot more options.
  4. ^^^ I'm gonna try the Typhoo 80 bags for 135bht. That's about the same price as the Tesco Original I was buying before they stopped stocking it.
  5. 2Mbht, It's nothing special but I'm happy enough in it.
  6. Helendiv English Breakfast Tea, 190bht for 100 bags. I use every bag 3x.
  7. Don't pay the $900. If you still use the card just leave the $900 outstanding, if they charge you interest, bin the card and don't pay any more bills from them. Credit card debt is a gentlemans agreement between you and the card issuer, you don't have to pay (even if you really owe the money).
  8. My current house, we did the transfer at the land office, they gave me the keys, and I drove right over. My last house in the UK, everyone in the chain moved in on the day of completion.
  9. I've never been outright opposed to vaccines. If there were a disease around with a 25% death rate, that I hadn't already caught, I'd take the vaccine. But COVID, that I've already had, and a death rate of 0.15%, with an experimental vaccine not a chance.
  10. Me neither, but they still hunted me down and captured me within 3 days of my entering the country. I've had one in my bed most nights for the past 12 years (not always the same one) If you've managed to resist, you've way more will power (or way less testosterone) than me.
  11. Not true, polio is listed in every medical document as mainly fecal-oral transmission by people sharing unsanitary living conditions.
  12. I quite like my woman and 2 kids. Everyone else is outside my fence with the gate locked, same as it was in England. I don't speak to the locals beyond, "how much is that?", then holding out the money, again same as in the UK. I've never understood people who want to trust everyone, normally you can't even trust the woman you are sleeping with, as many of us have learned to our cost in both Thailand and our home countries.
  13. Polio and tetanus I believe. And polio was no longer a threat at that time in the UK, as our drinking water wasn't contaminated with human feces.
  14. In Thailand the outcomes of any investigations are always suspect. But if you believe reports from nurses aren't to be trusted, I'm prepared to go along with that.
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