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  1. And citizenship ...... Only available to male foreigners working here, I'm a pensioner so no forward options. Different rules for women.
  2. Or diabetes, or kidney problems, or urinary retention, or gout ........ there's a long list of stuff causing swollen feet/ankles.
  3. Gallstones = same symptoms. Just saying, you really need a doctor to diagnose the problem and the correct treatment.
  4. I don't really consider 500gm a big block. But a few slices go down well with a few 'Rosy' crackers.
  5. 555 ...... you're paying too much. 10kbt/month is enough for a live-in 'pretend wife', never send money if you aren't living with her. If mine ever suggests 'more', I just tell her I'll be sorry to see her go, but if she can get a better deal to go for it.
  6. I find most real wine unpalatable without adding a spoonful or two of sugar. Full Moon Dark wine coolers (25bht @ %7.5) are much nicer IMHO. .... just opening my second bottle ........
  7. Mainland Vintage Cheddar 265bht/500gm ........ used to be 185bht/250gm (Makro) Full Moon Dark wine cooler 7.5% 295bht/12 ......... used to be 305bht/12 (Makro) Perfecta grated pizza cheese 235bht/Kg ............ previous best was Makro own brand Mozzarella cheese 300bht/Kg (Makro). 2l Party Milk 79bht ....... before this year all 2l milk was 91bht (BigC Mini). TFM bread flour 32bht/Kg ....... same price since 2009 (Yok) These are a few of the 'foreigner' items I buy every month since I arrived in 2009. Same price or cheaper now.
  8. Cheese has been going down in price since I arrived in 2009. Wine coolers are the same price now as they were back then.
  9. Just move to Pattaya/Hua Hin/etc. Plenty of apartments to rent at great prices. Her village is no place for you to live if she doesn't want you any more. How long will it be before you have an accident? No point in risking your life. PS It isn't a Thai cultural type of thing, it's a woman banging another guy type of thing.
  10. 100 pack of course ........... senior moment.
  11. Odd that I hardly ever need my passport then, just immigration and international flights. Banking all on phone app, apart from mortgage repayments and they've never asked to see my passport.
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