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  1. In Siam Reap the hotel I stayed at had a 24/7 pool bar serving beer for 50c a pint. Half the tables had joints, grinders, and bags of weed on open display with everyone partaking. Didn't see any police the entire time I was there. They know how to make tourists welcome!
  2. Most of their traditions were created in the early 1900's by the dictator Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram.
  3. They provide prostitutes for the entire world. I certainly appreciate that.
  4. They will usually answer such questions with aggression, best not to test primitive people too much.
  5. Get another bar girl to give your misses a ride.
  6. Get a bar girl to take you home on the back of her scooter. Costs about 1,500bht.
  7. I hope the Thais were breathalysed and piss tested.
  8. I had some bell peppers from my local market, after reading this thread thought I'd plant some of seeds from them (15 red seeds, 15 yellow seeds). Planted 30 seeds in an egg tray and put it near the window, 7 days later 5 have sprouted.
  9. I don't bother, in fact I often pretend I can't understand a Thai that speaks reasonable English, just as they pretend they can't understand me speaking Thai.
  10. 1 year for the PGCE PLUS 1 year working in a high school to get QTS.
  11. That wasn't what was written, try quoting the original text.
  12. Yes, I though white people created our modern society, and everything it uses.
  13. I always preferred a sword, I always have a couple lying around. Much more useful for the Zombie Apocalypse.
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