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  1. I was there in January, Angkor draft beer 50c/pint, cocktails $1/glass. Hard not to get falling down drunk every day, starting at breakfast.
  2. Booked a 4* riverside hotel (rooftop bar and pool) in PP for songkran next month, $30/night inc breakfast for two. My usual hotel in Siam Reap (24hr bar and swimming pool) is $10 fan, $12 aircon double rooms.
  3. I've always found it best to avoid talking to police or media. They're looking to pin something on you (regardless of any innocence or guilt or your part). Neither are your friend. As my brief used to say, "You weren't there, you don't know, you can't remember" In my days as a media person, when the police wanted to question someone without caution, they'd suggest a 'news conference', and give the 'friendly reporters' the questions they wanted answered. Some were designed to make someone (usually the dad) look bad to the public/court after the arrest.
  4. I'm thinking the only backing he needs is guns and tanks.
  5. Yes, it's not as if any Thai lady has ever left her family and disappeared before, no forwarding address. And it's not as if anyone whose Thai wife did a runner, ever came back to Thailand to pick out a new one.
  6. Both the bus stations have vans leaving every 20mins (or so), think it's 50bht and drops you at the Mae Sai bus station. Songtaw to the border is another 15bht.
  7. Is there a line for you? $2, walk away ....... how about $10, $50, $100, $1,000, $10,000 will you still walk away? Just wondering where you draw the 'walk away' line.
  8. My step-daughters dad got 25 years (car full of yaba tablets), he's done 20 and another 5 to go, no time off so far.
  9. The west produces brains, so India and China can make the stuff. The west (mostly the descendants of German tribes) actually invented everything that makes modern civilisation.
  10. I press the 'print screen' button on my keyboard (next to F12), then paste it into photoshop, or paint.
  11. You're joking, Chiang Mai is surrounded by jungle, you could walk in circles for weeks and never know if you were 1/2Km from a road..
  12. Wouldn't it make more sense to stay here until your current VISA/extension ends then go back to SF and get an O-A there? (Don't forget to get a medical in Thailand to take back for your O-A application)
  13. I know loads of guys who had an Ed VISA for learning Thai, none of them ended up speaking a word of Thai. They didn't want to learn Thai they only wanted the VISA, the teachers didn't even attempt to teach Thai in those classes.
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