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  1. To be fair we're living in clown world, and everyone is electing clown rulers, although May was a serious contender for clown PM, BoJo is the undisputed clown king (in the UK).
  2. At 40 the exchange rate is about the same as all the other western currencies against the Baht. Canada, USA, Euro, AUS, NZ, GBP ..... all lost around 20% in the last 3 years.
  3. Dude, the 'senior officer' has been fired 3x in the last 10 years, and the new guy always does the same deal. I don't think they're being fired for being corrupt, I think they're fired for not passing enough money up the line. Cancelling customers extensions would just reduce/derail the gravy train for the bigger bosses, that's never going to happen.
  4. The 25k retirement extension I was talking about, the only document you submit is your passport. And you are taken along to sign the application form and have your photo taken at immigration.
  5. Loads of cows around ChiangMai, and pickups with milk churns in the back, and the Thai-Danish Dairy in HuayKew Rd opposite the zoo that sells raw milk.
  6. The visit I had a few years back, about 5 or 6 turned up and none of them could speak English. Didn't matter as they totally ignored me and just sat talking with the misses, MiL, kids and the next door neighbours. No advance notice of the visit.
  7. Marriage extension doesn't prohibit you from working. (you'd need a work permit of course, but that isn't the business of immigration)
  8. My gfs pal is a lawyer who does the occasional VISA. Retirement extension costs 25k, the lawyer keeps 5k and gives 20k to immigration. You just need a valid passport.
  9. I just got 39.2, appeared in my bank account from Transferwise in 15 minutes, but as SMART not FTT.
  10. I only watched it for the bedroom scenes with the lead detective. Sadly no point in watching after episode 1.
  11. Thought it was poop. Enhanced super soldier had trouble defeating a fat old doctor, couldn't fight off a little girl, then couldn't jump further or run faster over the rooftops than two army grunts.
  12. If 'pretty woman' was real, they would have married, then 2 years later she would have divorced him and claimed half his assets.
  13. I think it's more to do with countries that provide no welfare for single moms.
  14. Sure they do appeals, costs 25k to a VISA agent, then you'll get your extension. Probably won't need any cash in the bank or health insurance.
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