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  1. Nice to see he got back to the UK and has someone to care for him there.
  2. I'd bet around 5% THC. You rub opium oil into the skins to make it stronger.
  3. Every night I prise the TV remote out of my sons hand and firmly tell him 'BED'. Then I remove the phone out of my gfs hand and tell her 'SLEEP'. My son complains less than my gf.
  4. I'll have to agree with you. Thai stick still widely available in Vietnam and Cambodia is fairly weak stuff, a whole joint for a mild buzz. Modern strains with high THC, 4 puffs is enough.
  5. I managed both of those too ...... but with only one English schoolteacher.
  6. The past 12 years in SE Asia have been the best sex in my life. With an assortment of the best looking women. Life began at 52!
  7. Too expensive compared to a Honda 150cc. They should be the same price (or near enough).
  8. The Thais in my moobaan (250 houses) don't seem that bothered either. They all sit around the village green at dusk, eating and drinking .... no masks. Only people going out of the gates wear a mask.
  9. Probably because the islands stopped all transport on or off.
  10. Not normally, as a Brit I didn't even touch my children. Just not done old boy!
  11. Liver flukes (also in Pla Ra) grow in the liver then progress to cysts, and finally liver failure. My MiL had to have all the lumps cut out of her liver a few years back. Immune system not better, just die younger.
  12. Don't care about 'citizens', how does it rate for middle-class expats? I'd probably rate it in the top 10!
  13. My friend says BS, but hasn't tried all strains.
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