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  1. More likely the extinction of the old and the weak ..............
  2. I dismissed the 'single market' as not important. Plenty of other 'cheaper' countries to trade with.
  3. Should have had more daughters. Relying on just one to look after you in your old age is a bad bet.
  4. My drinking isn't so out of control that I have to have alcohol wherever I am. Glass of water with my meal is good enough. I can wait until I'm somewhere else to have a drink, on the beach, on the balcony, or outside 7-11 is just fine.
  5. 6,000bht for one night, 500bht corkage. I wouldn't be staying there, far too expensive for me to pay. ........ and then arrested and put in jail ........... far better to stay at a 500bht/night hotel where they don't care what you do, or with whom IMHO.
  6. Ticks, leeches, snakes can all bite without you feeling. Here's one, didn't notice the bite ....... https://www.northernstar.com.au/news/kyogle-snake-bite-victim-didnt-feel-thing/54163/ Loads of stories like it to be found.
  7. I don't care one way or the other ....... I'm just trying to save money. If I live another 3 years I've saved money, if I die before then I've wasted money.
  8. Red Cock Vodka 150bht/bottle in Tesco. Black Cock Whiskey 130Bht/bottle Tesco. Hong Thong Rum 300bht/bottle everywhere. Which western countries can you buy cheaper than that?
  9. Last year (not much monsoon) without panels I was using around 300 units/month costing 1,200bht+ This year (too much monsoon) with 5 x 330w panels numbers are down to around 210/month units costing 800bht+. Still waiting for a month of 'clear sky' results. I'm hoping they'll be down around 160 units/month from the PEA.
  10. No need to buy seed, just pick them out of whatever you're eating. I did tomatoes and chilli, they all grew ......... insects ate the lot ...... growing outside here needs significant pesticides. Aphids, Leaf miners, White-fly ..... and plenty of them.
  11. Already happened, Thai lady signed up for some cannabis grow at home scheme last year (Chiang Mai), received 5 seeds, hasn't bothered to plant them. Have no idea what the scheme was, she just mentioned it in passing.
  12. About 250bht, plus another 100bht for 25 cutting disks ...... those disks don't last long. Another 100bht for the leather gloves, extra careful with your toes when cutting while wearing flip flops and standing on the box to hold it steady..
  13. Snake bite ...... 3 strikes. 2 straight on, then 1 at an angle as you moved away. Let's hope it wasn't venomous, or if it was they were 'dry' strikes.
  14. Why not let everyone generate their own and feed back to the grid without restrictions? No you only want to sell 'approved' equipment, where the manufactures give you kickbacks. No you only want to use 'approved' fitters, where they all pay you kickbacks. No the electric company, only wants to pay people 1bht/unit for electricity they generate. If you really want green energy, stop blocking everyone from producing it.
  15. Chiang Mai, I wear it entering the bank, 7-11 and Tesco, off the moment I exit the stores ......... same as the Thais. Apart from Bangkok there isn't any 'public transportation'.
  16. Only managed 20Km today ........ getting old.
  17. Had assets over $1GBP just before my divorce in the UK. After the divorce, I only had 1/3 of that left, which wasn't enough for my retirement plans in the west. But was plenty for living in a 3rd world country like Thailand. I'd have never considered coming here before that.
  18. It is if you've got 12 months of 40k+ to show. But if you missed a month, or dropped below 40k 1 month, or the bank didn't list 1 month as a foreign transfer, you'll be refused.
  19. Belgium as a place to move ........ it's right up there with Syria, Somalia and Iran/Iraq IMHO. I'm betting the refugees from those countries give it a miss as well.
  20. Dog will take your front wheel right out from under you. Been there, done that ..... dog died, me and the misses survived with road rash.
  21. Tell that to the Somalis and Syrians that just crossed the channel to the UK. ...... and the Mexicans and Venezuelans that creep into the USA.
  22. I'm very glad to be with both my women, the one I wake up with, and the one I visit later in the 'love hotel'. Would I feel the same way in the UK, not a chance, I couldn't even afford one back there. As for the police, they seem to have given up collecting donations in Chiang Mai for the moment.
  23. As a boozer I can definitely say Thailand is really cheap. You just have to modify what booze you drink. Less bottles of wine, More bottles of 'Red Cock' Vodka (Tesco, 150bht/750ml bottle) You find me a bottle of Vodka in the UK for under 4 quid!
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