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  1. Can't see that myself, Beach and water isn't really infrastructure, it's there or it isn't. Never used a taxi, I take the bus, train or walk, same as everywhere else. eVisa, not required free VISA waiver for Brits. Didn't notice the roads were any better than any other Asian country, the more rural you go, the worse the roads (same as UK).
  2. Thailand's internet and mobile phone service is certainly better than Vietnam. The hospitals are supposedly better in Thailand. i wonder what infrastructure does Leaver think is better in Vietnam?
  3. Where was the option to say no government can control COVID. No need to bash the thai government.
  4. No, I'm admitting immigration have put a lot of BS in the way of me staying here. Why they need photocopies of the same documents year after year is beyond me. Why they try to pick faults with the documents they accepted last year is also beyond me. Did I mention the impossible queues art immigration in normal times? I don't expect Thailand to like me, but all the surrounding countries seem to like the foreign exchange I bring with me, so why not Thailand? If they want to attract retirees like me (I spent 200kbht this month), why make it so unpleasant t
  5. He was Greek, which is why he was known as 'Phil the Greek'.
  6. Exchange rate at the weekend is not really relevant, all the financial exchanges are closed. Although I've noticed a steep drop throughout many previous weekends, which instantly recover at open of international money markets on Monday.
  7. Anutin leads the second largest party of MPs. Prayut needs his support to have a clear majority.
  8. I've got 4-6 Burmese workers in my front yard every day. Same precautions, nobody cares. As an 'alright Jack boomer pensioner', I certainly don't want anything shut down.
  9. Maybe where you live, but not where i live outside Chiang Mai. almost nobody in the village wearing a mask (over their mouth and nose), just for entering 7-11/banks.
  10. What I was implying is that main stream scientists are more concerned with keeping their job and their status and the respect of their peers than actually taking a chance and discovering something new or possibly controversial.
  11. All new discovery is made by scientists dissenting from the main stream. World created in 7 days = main stream. Sun moves around the earth = main stream. World is flat = main stream. Men can't fly = main stream. If you sail to the west, you will fall off the earth = main stream. If you insist on going with the main stream, you stop all exploration and discovery. I suspect COVID will never be stopped, new variants will arise every few months, vaccines will prove ineffective, the world will remain in lock-down (on and off) for the foreseeable future. T
  12. Just hold your phone out to the QR, they don't know if it's working or not.
  13. 20bht from the local plastic (took) shop.
  14. No, I agree with him. accept death when it comes for you.
  15. I don't blame them. You'd have to me mad (as a foreigner) to risk quarantine/hospital at your own expense.
  16. I don't think they are, you end up either divorced or living in married misery (no sex in either case0.
  17. Foreign women can apply for citizenship after being married to a Thai male for 1 year, no need for extensions, no need to work. Their skin colour isn't relevant, all ethnic backgrounds welcome.
  18. First I had CAT, not good at all. Tried True as well, and it was truly awful. I've had 3bb for 8 years now, 590bht for 1,000/100 + 30bht for HBO (total 673bht/month inc). Never seems to be faster than 500/100 but the price is right. I have a large rodent problem, and my fibre cable has been chewed through 4x in the last 4 months, always fixed within 24hrs, no charge.
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