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  1. Thanks. I prefer to buy a copy and read at my leisure. I visited Jungceylon but not every one of its nooks and crannies, and walked around many streets. One result is I have not seen a bookstore, which might sell newspapers and maps. There are many 7-Elevens and Family Marts, but the ones I tried did not sell a daily newspaper in English. Five-star hotels may have a lobby shop selling a daily newspaper in English, but such outlets tend to sell at double or more the stated price. Guess I am stuck with televised news: BBC, Fox News (mostly opinions), Al Jazeera, NHK World, ABC (Aussie), CGTN, and a Korean channel -- mainly relaying the same main news between many advertisements.
  2. Where can I buy newspapers in English on or near Bangla Road? My preference is The Nation. Thanks in advance.
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