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  1. I read somewhere, that once the Non-B is canceled, you have 24 hrs to leave the country, unless you apply for a 7 day extension. Correct? If true, then plan your schedule carefully.
  2. This is all normal for Thailand. But compare this to the U.S. You got a total exam, doctor consultation with results, all the same day. That would never happen in the West.
  3. Here lies the problem People are not capable and mature enough to manage this themselves. So, big brother must do it. I am from California when the strict plastic bags laws came into place. We adapted quickly and easily (after much groveling and complaining). This is really a no-brainer and nothing that should require so much debate.
  4. The LTF Fund allows a tax deduction from your Thailand employment income for the year you contribute. 2019 will be the last year you can invest in the LTF. However, all your capital gains earned from that investment, and the original contribution, will be tax free, if you wait the 7 year vesting period. If you sell before 7 years, then you will need to pay taxes on those gains, as well as pay taxes on the original contribution.
  5. I highly recommend TaxesForExpats.com Google them. I have been using them for years and give them very high regards. I too was hesitant to use an online tax preparer and wanted someone who can sit next to me, but they have never let me down. They will email you and give you all the help and advice you need. Extremely friendly and fast service. Their online questionnaire is very good and gets easier every year.
  6. I did some Googling, and it seems that your fears are true. I have been maxing out my LTF investments for a long time, so I appreciate your post. Bangkok Post had a really good article about it, I would post the link, but I was not sure if it breaks TV rules, so better you search yourself. It appears that another scheme is being proposed with a 10 year vesting. Anyone close to retirement would not be interested.
  7. The title is misleading (aka, click-bait). The article didn't say that hotels have lowered their prices. The article said that travelers are paying less on average, that means more are staying in cheaper hotels. More travelers on a budget...Chinese, Indians, etc. "There are lies, d*&^med lies, and statistics" -Mark Twain.
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